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    1. A dream, yay.

      by , 05-28-2011 at 08:27 PM
      Okay, I did pretty good today. The first time I woke up I remember I was in my in-laws basement. I was talking to my brother-in-law about ping pong balls or something. (we had been playing beer pong last night over there, so... yea.)

      Then I went back to sleep and had a few dreams that I cannot seem to put in order at the moment. I remember I had traveled somewhere, Florida, I think. I was thinking of picking someone up that was there, well, that I thought was there. Then I told someone I was heading to Canada to hang out with someone. I think I was talking about the member and a very good friend, Seroquel. =)

      Anyway, I had also been with a bunch of people in this house that seemed to be in a woodsy-type area. I remember my husband standing across from me and I was wearing my swimsuit and dancing. One of his friends had come up beside me and had his hands on my hips and I kept dancing. It pissed T off pretty bad and he called me a name and told me to leave. I got upset and tried to hold him. I didn't mean anything by it, I was just dancing, those were my thoughts. He didn't want me, and I threw a few punches at him for some reason. Then I went to leave.

      Well, my brain doesn't seem to remember more, it might flash at me later, because I know I probably do know more. OH well, I'm happy to have remembered something.

      Just edititing because I remembered another part. Yay.

      I was driving in my car with my son in the backseat. We were heading to Island Park. I got there and was excited to go play with him. I was getting ready to get him out of the car when I realized the weather had went from nice and sunny to a bit cloudy and chilly, like it was going to storm. I was disappointed and got back into the car to leave.

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    2. Longest Lucid

      by , 05-03-2011 at 06:39 PM
      Ok, so hopefully as I'm typing I remember more. I woke up at like 5:30ish and just thought about lucid dreaming as I fell asleep. I became lucid in a dream later, it was strange how I did because I was in a bedroom and was about to go see someone and I was thinking in my mind, well this is a dream so it shouldn't be hard to find them, and that's when I realized what I had just thought and was like hey... I don't have to do anything, I'm dreaming!

      I'm surprised I remembered reading the Task of the Month for May, but I could only remember the basic task and I could remember the catch a ghost task from last month? I think. Anyway, there was a light in the bedroom, two of them actually. They were hanging on the walls and I decided to try to move it with my mind but it wasn't working. I was squinting and focusing as hard as I could but it wouldn't move. Finally I told it to move in a very commanding voice, and I tried to believe it would move. Then it started hovering towards me.

      I got bored with it after that though and I can't remember how I got out of the house, but I was walking down the street and I saw this graveyard and a house in the middle of it. I remembered the catch a ghost task and realized that one was over so I didn't even try. A lot of the dream is vague to me now. Ohhhh, and I made sure to feel everything like constantly so the dream wouldn't fade. The walls, the carpet that was in the house, and my favorite was the grass.

      I decided to find a man. I got in my car for some reason, didn't even think of flying. I drove out to this house and there was a man, who looked a lot like this actor that I can't think of his name. The guy who played Ferris Bueler in Ferris Bueler's Day Off, but he also looked different, and a lot less scrawny very attractive. The thing was, I didn't wanna just force myself upon my DC because in the past, that has led me to very disturbing sex stories... I decided to sort of court him like get him to like me first.

      I had first seen him in a truck with, I assumed, his little sister and he was pulling into his family's driveway. It was strange because the house was back a ways from the street and there was this sign with weird electrical wiring, like some paranoid freaks lived there. Thats when I realized it was his parents house and his dad might be in the military. I walked up to him as he got out of the truck and asked if we could talk. He told me he had to go to work, but I insisted and so he invited me inside to meet his folks. I go inside and I realize the house is freaking adorable. There was the living room and a small opening/hallway to the kitchen and in that opening on each side a small hallway that leads to a bedroom. At first I tried to get the guy to show me to his bedroom, lol. But he's still in a hurry and so his dad, who sounded really hoarse like he smoked to much, was barely a whisper, decided to show me the house.

      He showed me one hallway and I pretended to be interested but I didn't wanna lose the guy. I listened to his dad, but I can't remember what he was saying, when I heard another car pull up outside. I got outside to find a woman sitting in the car, waiting on the guy. Apparently it was his girlfriend. Somehow I convinced the guy to let me drive him to work and he finally said ok. The girl seemed pretty pissed off at me. The guy eventualy turned into my husband at one point on the way there and I looked over and told him I really liked him. He seemed flattered. When I got him to his work, he let me hug him but that was it.

      I realized that I had wasted too much time trying to get laid. So I got in my car and was about to drive, when I decided to fly instead. I got out of the car and woke up.