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    this isn't a dream

    by , 05-03-2018 at 03:23 AM (242 Views)
    apparently i haven't been on here since Before I Left For College
    oh boy have things changed

    a lot of my experiences since i started college have shaped my dream life into something far different than it used to be. more and more often i find myself both dwelling on the past and jumping far into the future. because of a rough first couple of years at university i had long periods of short, sharp nightmares that come back to me sometimes even now. because of a lot of soul-searching and self-reflection many of my dreams deal with fears i have only recently realized i have. because of an abusive relationship my dreams sometimes bring me back to a time and mindset i am still trying hard to overcome.

    i am so different now, and seeing my posts from so long ago i can't help smiling at who i was before. i'm like, twenty years old. i turn twenty one in two weeks, but sometimes i feel pretty ancient. my dream journey is beginning again, and this time it is with purpose. initially my interest was just that; an interest. now i think i would like to utilize my dreams in order to overcome my fears. i haven't been vigilant about reality checking, or about dream journals, or about anything non-academic, to be honest, but i think that this new dream goal is important and will help in my efforts to begin living a healthier life, mentally, emotionally, and physically. wish me luck.
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    1. Charles3's Avatar
      Hi sugarpeaches welcome back to dream views. I joined the forum in february.