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    1. lucidity?? and my first dream journal entry!

      by , 06-23-2015 at 07:22 PM
      It started in a strange town that I had to get away from, so I got in a car with a few friends (none of whom are people I've actually met in real life) and we went to a Wendy's outside the town.
      At this point I "woke up," an obvious false awakening now that I think about it. But I decided to go back to "sleep" into the same dream, and told myself that I would become lucid. I went back into the dream, to the Wendy's, but was now on a bus and wanted to get out, so I opened a window. But, suddenly realizing I was dreaming, I didn't climb out the window, I simply made the bus vanish. Then I played around with the gravity of the dream universe and made food levitate and stuff until having another false awakening and finally having a real awakening.

      This is an old dream; more are coming soon!