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    The Amputation Experiment

    by , 02-19-2022 at 08:35 PM (357 Views)
    Date: 18/02/2022
    Bedtime: 3am
    Awakening: 10.40am
    Return to bed: 10.50am
    Method of entry: dream consciousness
    Attempt: successful
    Awakening: 12pm
    DILD: The Amputation Experiment


    I'm roaming over a beach with a group of lucid dreaming enthusiasts and cross over to an adjacent train station platform, making for a weird landscape juxtaposition where the sea abruptly ends and a railway begins. Both contrasting sceneries are deemed to be 'lucid dreaming workshops' to be used for practice. The platform is sealed by ultramarine blinds on both ends which are lifted by porters whenever someone wants to enter or leave the premises. A couple of trains zoom past the station and beyond the sealed platform I am suddenly in a wheelchair, moving through a park with children running around and alongside a row of houses with dark alleys. A particular alley has a deep but narrow gap in the ground—a potential deathtrap reminding of the series '911' because of the danger scenarios depicted on the show.


    I use record the dreaming experience and use the loo. I return to bed just before eleven o'clock in the morning and attempt to enter the phase directly but end up falling asleep next to my sleeping wife.


    I'm dining at a restaurant with my mother and she steps outside to smoke a cigarette (she doesn't smoke in real life). Eventually I say goodbye to her as I spot my eldest son and wife looking for me a few tables away and they exit the restaurant prematurely so I rush after them so we can all go home together. Now I'm an observer (rather than a participant) and a short man is facing me like I'm a camera and talking about how most people get freaked out by oversized hands. He attempts to shake hands with random members of the public like he is the star of a prank show. Most people avoid the little man's disproportionately big hands but an old man grips his wrist and points out that his fingers have skin-coloured extensions attached to them, revealing the hands to be a lot smaller.

    As a participant, I'm trying to avoid an acquaintance who keeps following me in a strange town. I go through an alley and squeeze into an aperture of a building in need of repairs in order to lose the individual on my trail. I keep running straight until I exit the building from the other side and now I'm flying, finding myself gliding through a beautiful garden. 'I'm dreaming!'


    I glide through a garden path with brightly coloured, conifer leaves on either side, displaying unusually vivid orange and yellow hues. As I move through the garden I hit the narrow foliage with my hands and hear the realistic sound of clashing. There is no green in sight but I feel like I'm in the most beautiful autumn scenario as the warm colours of the plants and trees around me are exquisitely vibrant. The garden, under a clear blue sky, feels like a labyrinth. As I try to contain my excitement and think of a plan of action on the spot without hesitation, I remember Project Elijah's task. I see a gap in warm-coloured shrubbery with crimson tinges and go through it (hoping to find a blade), coming upon a vast playground with slides, swings, see-saws, spring riders and jungle gyms. A few feet away rests a wooden merry-go-round with a few tools on it.

    The first tool I pick up is a pair of pliers which is discarded in favour of what resembles a small tenon saw with a bizarre blade that appears to be sharp enough for the job. With this strange tool I sever my right index finger with in one fell swoop. There is no pain, no feeling of any kind, and no blood. I look at my hand and see a stub of a finger with an edge that seems to have healed instantly; I can also move all my digits including the stub. Then, I look at the surface of the merry-go-round to see the rest of my index twitching slightly until it stops dead. I try to remotely move it on the wooden surface but I can't even feel it let alone control it. The severed half of my finger that is now completely separate from me won't even move telekinetically. It is nothing but a dead piece of meat that no longer belongs to me.

    As I move away from the merry-go-round to explore the environment, I feel a jolt and wake up as my sleeping wife bumps into me.
    Duration: 25 seconds


    I jot down my dream recall and reflect on my fabulously unreal experience at the oneiric playground. I had absolutely no idea what would happen before the test and no expectations as far as I can tell. Next time I plan to induce a lucid dream, I must return to a separate bed so as to not be disturbed and that way I will have time to execute other steps in my plan of action.

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