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    Belly Repeat

    by , 05-10-2022 at 09:03 PM (57 Views)
    Bedtime: 8pm
    Awakening: 1am
    Return to bed: 1.05am
    Awakening: 8am


    I'm sharing a large tent with a group of people and they are asleep. There is rice and meat cooking on a steel frame on the floor. I start eating all the food with my hands and it is delicious. I exit the tent and see a lot of schoolchildren hanging around a field and a nearby block. It feels like I'm in a school playground. Someone from the tent runs up behind me to tell me that rats are trying to get to the food. Scene shift: Me and my former friend Darragh meet Raj (local butcher) and some of his mates at a pub. We have a philosophical conversation about Hindu gods and suddenly Darragh engages in a drug deal while I sit on a stool by the bar.


    I wake up feeling tired and use the loo. I note the unusual situation of camping and finding food cooking on a weird contraption. There is also the social contradiction of fraternising with Darragh and Raj. I return to bed and fall asleep pretty quickly.


    I wade sewage under a bridge and worry about encountering rodents. I'm concerned with rats again. Something very familiar about this theme. Where am I? Why am I here? I'm dreaming!


    I look around as I walk along a road and everything comes gradually into focus. (Realism: 90%) There are characters trudging on the pavements like zombies. Glancing at the tarmac road, I spot some rainwater next to the kerb; not far, over the narrow stone channel, a drain comes into view. The grating is fuzzy at first but it soon becomes clear with my approach. (Realism: 100%) I remember that I have an experiment to perform. What is it? The insertion experiment! I begin to push against my belly with my right hand but I'm unable to go past the skin barrier—there is too much resistance! My stomach appears to be impenetrable. Why can't I do it?

    The zombie people are getting closer and soon I'm surrounded. They start gripping my arms and I get scared so I wrestle them off me. More come out from under the bridge and I run down the road. They give chase and mock me with hoots of laughter. I stop running when I realise there is no need to run because this is a dream. I try my belly again but the mob continue to grab me. 'Leave off!' I shout whilst wrestling them off me. Catching a break and with enough space, I try a different tactic to break through my tummy by using my nails to bore through the skin and rip it open. As I tear my stomach open, I feel pain—it's not excruciating but it's enough to make me stop in case it gets worse. I look at my torso and see two holes and something weird poking through them like two black organs ballooning out. I wake up.


    I realise I executed the wrong test, remembering that it was supposed to be the guitar experiment. I wonder if the zombie mob was my subconscious mind attempting to impede my mistake as, theoretically speaking, a 'part of me' knew that I had already performed the insertion task on a previous occasion. The conscious me, however, didn't have access to the memory of that previous lucid dream. It is also possible that the mob attacked me because I initially thought the people walked like zombies.

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