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    Recent Dream fragments

    by , 02-04-2021 at 07:24 PM (451 Views)
    Date: 02/02/2021
    Bedtime: 3.30am
    Awakening: 6.50am
    Return to bed: 7.10am
    Recall: reversed

    *Ozzy Osbourne is a lone hero seeking to exact revenge upon the forces of evil that, through witchcraft and black magic, have victimised people with rape, torture and murder. The demonic dark shadow is on the prowl and its crimes are literally sketchy—ranging from cartoon images to fully-fledged film-like scenes. A song that appears to be sung by David Bowie plays as Ozzy hunts the demon. I wake up a few minutes before 7am to use the loo.

    *Three people around a table summon a dark demon as tall as a tree constantly whispering the unspeakable. This demon possesses through their feet if they are dirty and touch the floor, cursing them forever. I am one of the three, but I remove my feet from the floor at the last minute as I watch the other two get devoured by supernatural evil. I run away.

    Date: 03/02/2021
    Bedtime: 3.40am
    Awakening: 8am
    Return to bed: 8.05am
    Awakening: 10.30am
    Recall: sequential

    *An armed terrorist is plotting to blow up a church run by unpleasant people. I know about this when I befriend him. Eventually, the dream plot turns into the set of a film where we are playing our roles. Drunk Barry is now the armed terrorist ad-libbing off-script which upsets the other actors. He is also shooting characters when he's not supposed to and for some reason the director cannot cut. He shoots me which means I have to pretend to be injured. Then he tries to do it again to kill but I grab the gun as he wields it and make him miss. He gives up on me and sets his attention on other victims playing their roles. Channing Tatum is the next target.

    *In London which resembles a Dickensian era and streets have French names. I work for a company in an office job with geeky colleagues who resemble the comedians from the Triggernometry podcast. One of them is trying to impress a female co-worker by getting naked and walking past her workspace. We are all laughing at him because she is clearly not interested. We go to a pub and I see a man that looks like porn star Ron Jeremy, wearing an unbuttoned shirt revealing a hairy chest, ordering a beer.

    Date: 04/02/2021
    Bedtime: 1.15am
    Awakening: 2.30am
    Return to bed: 2.35am
    Awakening: 5.30am
    Return to bed:
    Recall: sequential

    *Hitmen are after me and try to kill me. I'm a great fighter and manage to murder them and disguise myself in order to evade authorities. I am tracked down to a public swimming pool with a massive slide which I end up using during a fight. Massive muscular men come after me and I continue to fight them. A colossal Mexican man who works as a chef is defeated and I make fun of him afterwards. Suddenly, Zanguief from Street Fighter—who happens to be the strongest man in the world—challenges me.

    *I'm walking through a desert and I start filming a fast-moving UFO darting across the sky towards the horizon. Suddenly, I notice a peculiar saucer-shaped drone apparently observing me and subsequently bumps into my camera. Looming over the horizon, I notice a huge mothership. I feel like the world has been invaded by aliens and hordes of frightened people are running away from the spaceship. But I notice that they are running from military men on the ground who begin to capture some of them and enslave them—as though they are forming a dictatorship on the go. They come after me, too, and they get pretty close. They look like cartoons that escaped from an arcade game. The situation feels nightmarish and I wake up.

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    1. RelicWraith's Avatar
      Heh. When you mentioned those cartoon soldiers in the last dream, I immediately thought of these guys:

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    2. Summerlander's Avatar
      F**k me! It's them! ^^
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