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    My 8th Lucid Dream, Got Stuck Again...

    by , 06-23-2013 at 12:52 PM (395 Views)
    Saturday Morning 22nd June 2013

    I have lay-ins at weekends and Saturday mornings are an ideal time for me to Lucid Dream. I've been struggling for results during the week still as I'm just too tired and waking up early for work.

    Anyway, I started with a false awakening, completely and utterly unaware that I was dreaming. I was in my house walking down the stairs, I would say about 6am. I was so convinced it was real I remember tip toeing down the stairs to avoid waking me parents up! As I got to the bottom of the stairs and looked into the kitchen I could see bags of shopping all over the floor. I knew this couldn't be right because mum always packs it away as soon as she gets it. I did the holding nose reality check, (my personal favourite,) dreaming!

    I walked to the bottom of the stairs, and suddenly I was stuck against the wall to the side of me. I was in like a crucified position flat against the wall, arms out. As much as I tried to free myself, I just couldn't.

    I've had this problem before in - Part Two - Following On From My Fourth Lucid Dream / False Awakenings! - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views - but I don't know why its happening, or what is actually happening, maybe you can help?

    However, remembering back to when this last happened to me, I know that struggling gets me nowhere. I leaned back against the wall, closed my eyes, and calmed my mind. I told myself when I open my eyes I would just walk away from the wall. I open my eyes and slowly part with the wall.

    Once I'm free, I run fast out the front door to avoid that happening again. It's a unbelievably windy day outside, I could feel the wind against my face. I jump up high and fly above my house, I stay hovering above my road. In one of my previous Lucid Dreams I was making fire in my hands, but manage to wake myself up accidently. So whilst hovering, I put my hands out in front of me, palms down, and quickly twist my hands upwards. As I do so I have two burning balls of fire in my hands. Once I have them I take a second to look around and it dawns on m that there is no-one whatsoever around. I decide for a scene change, close my eyes and spin around.

    I am back in my bed, dammit use your imagination man! So I get up out of bed, and just as I walk a couple of steps towards the window....Robbie's alarm goes off, (in real life,) and wake me up! F***s sake!
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