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    Night To Day

    by , 10-09-2014 at 08:31 AM (295 Views)
    It was the middle of night outside my house. I realised i was dreaming when i had to get to Amy, who was in mum and dads car. I found her phone in my pocket so i couldnt contact her. I thought, 'Well if this is a dream ill just jump in my car.' I was struggling to drive at all, it just span and jolted. I decided to look at my hands to gain control and stabalize. I had trouble staying lucid and my hands were just spinning round and round. I snapped out of it and was sat back in the car exactly as i was before. I took a moment to look around and realised how dark and alone i was. No street lamps on, and i panicked slightly as id had difficulty controlling the dream so far. Thats when i had bad thoughts - 'What if theres soneone behind me when i turn round?' And because i imagined it, i turned round and there was a white face sat staring at me above the headrest. An entirely white face, white eyes, with no hair or body. It made me jump and as i kept turning my head i noticed there was now more white heads sitting in each seat of my car. Pretty freaky actually. This all happened fast and i was very close to waking myself up, but i took a second to compose myself and remind myself i was dreaming and i was perfectly safe. I turned back to the head poking over my headrest, looked it dead in the eye and said "See you later lads," before putting my hand up to give his nose a little wiggle and getting out. As i opened the door all the heads gave me a smile to say goodbye. Now i was walking along the side of Sompting rec in the dark still. I decided the darkness didnt match my nightmare conquering good mood. So i looked up and could see the glow of the sun right down under the horizon. Using my hands and my mind i pulled the blazing sun across the night sky. It moved fairly fast for its size! The huge ball of fire replacing the stars with light. The sun was now directly above me with steam visibly coming off it into a big blue sky. I looked down again and it was just like a normal daytime dream again. Even the air smelt fresher, and i could see and hear kids now playing in the playground.
    Everything was much more homely. I took a minute to stabalize the dream again, running my hands down the bushes at the side of the school. As i was watching my hands touch each fern and leaf poking out of the fence i could feel the dream become more vivid again. I even ran my hands over a wet glistening spiders web within the bushes, ever so gently to avoid breaking it, but enough to feel the damp silk clinging to my fingers. When i turned round young Andy was there, and i was stood just outside Jamie's shed. Apparently Andy had seen me move the sun with my bare hands and was understandably amazed. He guided me in towards he shed, which now had a pool table in the middle of the room. He asked to see what else i could do, he snapped a pool cue in half over his knee and handed it to me. I held a half in both hands. Holding the bottom still in my right and running my left along the cue from the top towards the break. As my left hand past halfway and covered the break i imagined it being fixed. I pulled my hand off, and the cue was as good as new again. Andy was again impressed.

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