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    1. My Second Lucid Dream

      by , 05-16-2013 at 11:54 AM
      Thursday Morning 16th May 2013

      I decided to use the Wake Back To Bed technique as that was how i achieved my previous Lucid Dream, and suits my schedule at the moment.

      I can't remember exactly what it was i noticed to know i was in the dream, but it was a struggle to stop myself slipping back out. I kept saying 'This is a dream,' followed by rubbing my hands, and it was still fuzzy. I then said,

      "Improve dream quality" (which i'd seen somewhere else)

      After that demand the quality was incredible, so good i almost thought id woken up again, thanks to a quick reality check i knew i hadn't.

      I had arrived in a busy market square on a lovely sunny day, the detail and colour was amazing! I decided to start again by practicing my flying, again like Sunfire (see previous entry.) My skills had improved a little, but i thought i'd try something different. I'd read flapping is quite effective, it didn't feel as cool but it worked so hey!

      The next scene i remember i was in a Bank, somewhere in the market square. I was looking around when suddenly i remembered the Task Of The Month. I thought my best friend Jamie would be most appropriate for the 'Prank A DC' task. So i thought of him, turned around and there he was bless him.
      When he wasn't looking i bent down and started tying his laces together. Unfortunately he spotted me and said,

      "Stop that!"

      I thought i might as well test my powers to force the issue. Still crouching down, with my left hand i used my mind to hold him slightly off the ground but completely still, with my right hand i used my mind to tie both his laces together with just movements of the fingers. I put him back down but he was being stubborn and refusing to move! I signaled to some guy behind him to just give him a push. He obliged, with Jamie tripping over himself and face-planting the floor.

      As funny as it was, i'm not gonna count that abysmal attempt, need to think of something smarter next time!

      After that i took a wonder outside, it was night time now, a nice clear night. Outside there was a big wooden table, with a parasol, like the ones in a pub beer garden. There where two girls stood there doing a BBQ. They had sausages on sticks, the stick was going right through the sausage like a kebab. For some reason they were holding the sausages over the BBQ until they caught a purpley/yellow fire, then eating them.

      I approached the girls and asked them,

      "Can i show you something?"

      They agreed. I took one of the sausages on a stick which was still on fire. I held it upright infront of my face, pointing towards the sky.

      I knew what i wanted to do but didn't know if i could pull it off as a novice.

      I then flicked the bottom of the sausage as hard as i could, off the stick. It went flying miles into the night sky, a trail of small yellow flames behind it. As the sausage was going out of sight, i expanded my hand, all five fingers as wide as i could, the sausage exploded into a huge purple and gold firework lighting the dark, followed by a loud bang, BEAUTIFUL!

      They were very impressed, as was i! The next thing i remember it was daytime again, still sitting round this table.

      A guy called Lee came out, who i'm friends with in real life. Turns out the girls i tried to impress were already taken! It was apparent the trouble was just between me and Lee. He stood up and tried to shove the table at me,

      (Baring in mind the size of it, a human probably couldn't even move it in real life.)

      I was quite angry at that point and i flipped. I stood up and put all my effort into shoving the big old table back at him (as if i was pushing a broken down car.) It took a lot of force to get the movement started but i built up speed and ran the table, with him sat on the other side, right across the road! I tried to ram it into a wall but he managed to jump off and run away.

      I tried to chase him round some housing estate but he disappeared pretty quick. I spent a bit of time practicing my flying whilst looking over the gardens, but to no avail.

      I tried to wander back towards the previous scene but this is where i lost my lucidity.

      I was so happy with my second Lucid Dream particularly the firework bit, that bit was really a incredible moment!

      Thank you for reading, feedback appreciated.
    2. My First Lucid Dream

      by , 05-15-2013 at 12:18 AM
      This is my first Lucid Dream since I've been researching techniques etc.

      (I think i experienced more when i was younger but never really knew)

      I started writing my Dream Journal about three days after researching very thoroughly on Friday Night 10th May 2013

      Tuesday Morning 14th May 2013

      I found myself standing outside a train station somewhere, a random one. Out the front i was stood on a fairly high platform overlooking a courtyard type area. I took my time to look at my surroundings and that's when it hit me!

      "Wait a minute...This is a dream!"

      Now i had done my research, and i knew i had to be confident..

      I took a step forward, followed by a dive off the platform! I went free falling towards the courtyard, but before i hit the ground i managed to pull up with the force from my hands!

      This is how I'd been planning to fly. My inspiration randomly came from an X-men character called Sunfire, hence the name. He can fly by shooting like a flame jet out his hands (see profile picture), similar to Iron Man i suppose.

      I was delighted. I then headed to the local park to practice my hovering and flying. Flying was a bit tricky trying to get my hands to aim properly, but i will work on that.

      I then had the pleasure of meeting Simon Cowell who was strolling past

      I caught up with him and asked him proudly,

      "How does it feel to be in my dream?"

      To which he gave me a shrug of the shoulders,

      "It's alright."

      I then proceeded to have fun with this character and asked him to sing me a song (expecting probably a pop song or something.) He obliged with..

      "Dum Dee Dee Dum Dum Dum Dum Dee" (roughly) (whilst doing like a conductor thing with his arms!)

      I thought this was most amusing!

      After that entertaining episode i saw my sister Jodie running towards me across the park, not in an aggressive way, probably just to say hello. As she got within a few meters i couldn't resist it..I stuck my hand out (like in Star Wars) and 'Force Pushed' her back the way she came, very effective!

      The next scene is where i lost my lucidity, i was trying to make my brother stand still so i could do something painful to him, Haha. Unfortunately he refused. Now i'm not an experienced Lucid Dreamer so so if anyone knows the answer to the next bit i'd be very grateful..

      Did i lose my Lucidity because he said no and i was concentrating to hard?
      Or had i probably already lost my Lucidity hence why he said no, because i no longer had any control? (i think probably the latter)

      Anyway, thank you for reading, i hoped you enjoyed it! I sure enjoyed me Lucid virginity and look forward to dreaming and posting more in the future.