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    False Awakenings

    by , 09-25-2011 at 01:26 PM (566 Views)
    I was Skywarp, the Decepticon Seeker in War For Cybertron and Megatron had ordered me to defend somehting against the Autobots. I accessed a turret and then was changed into a Decepticon Brute when I ripped out the turret. I started shooting Autobots and they fled.

    I was in my home and one of my friends from college was there. He said that I would never geta girlfriend and that all my friends were "taking out bets on me not to get one".

    I was watching TV I think it was 106 & Park (even though I stopped watching it) there was a rapper named Roxxy and he was topless and had tattoos. He looked like The Game.

    I was rolling through the channels and went to "400" which is Sky Sports. Although it normally would've displayed red it still went to the channel. The strange thing is that some rock band was playing when it was supposed to be some sport being played.

    Side Notes
    I'm pretty sure it was all one dream as it happened one straight after the other.

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