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    Gang Fight

    by , 07-08-2011 at 11:27 AM (577 Views)
    This dream happened in October 2010.

    I realised that I was dreaming but it wasn't lucid.

    I was walking with my friend down the street around the park when I saw this girl who went to Saint Angela's Secondary and she was hot.

    I tried a move and she rejected me. meh.

    Then me and my friend walked around to a bank when 3 guys stole my hat and started throwing it around like it was piggie in the middle.

    I got angry and started beating them up. There was a fat kid laughing and my mate that I was with choked him out, he was choking on his blood. LOL that fat kid made me laugh.

    The other guys ran away and said they wanted to fight at 1am. So me and my mate got two more guys to make it 4 on 4.

    We lined up against the other guys and ran at them I got one in a full mount,one of my other mates threw one through a window, and bin was used by my droogy and the friend I was with the first time went Muay Thai and kneed them into submission.

    They ran away. It was awesome I knew I had to got to school so I woke up.

    I think I had that dream becuase I wanted to have a street fight it remined me of A Clockwork Orange.

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