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    Messed up Dreams

    by , 10-01-2011 at 10:01 AM (6726 Views)
    Dream 1
    Tom Welling as Spider-man gave his powers to some jealous guy who then got really emotional and started replicating his DNA into rain. Which fell and turned everybody in to Spider-Zombies. This dream was so scary, man, everywhere I went zombies were trying to attack me. It ended when Spider-Man killed that guy after a chase through New York.

    MJ was distraught she was calling Spider-Man an "Idiot!".
    The last thought I had before this dream was that Spider-Man should get a Smallville-like TV show, along with Batman Beyond.

    Dream 2

    The South Park team was unhappy with a Transformer toy they had. Kyle, Cartman and Stan's girlfriend had gone to a shop that looked like a house to get it repaired, meanwhile somewhere else the Transformer Seekers were unhappy with working conditions and left. ThunderCracker and Skywarp were there and met up with the kids. I start to forget from there.

    Dream 3

    I was Optimus Prime and I was with Wheeljack. It was pretty cool as I was in my old school's music department and I was playing Bass but the guitar was weird, it was more of a gunguitar because it had tabs and the knobs you twist on one side, the strings on the other, man it was just confusing. I played it ok but then it just went bad. Then I picked up a banjo and started playing "Party Tonight" from Regular Show. You guys should check this out:


    It sounded like that and then me and WheelJack had to chase Megatron I assume round floors of an apartment of flats. I suggested that we jump out the window and and climb but WheelJack said "It's not the Matrix".

    When we rendezvous with other Autobots, movie Ironhide rolled out along with WheelJack who transformed into his Cybertronian mode.

    Then we continued our chase.

    Side Notes

    At one point I had an FA. Basically I was lying in bed (probably in SP) and my mum woke me up I tried to move my mouth and say "Hello" but I couldn't till I tried so hard I woke up.

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