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    One of my more Adventurous dreams

    by , 12-27-2011 at 11:16 AM (2760 Views)
    Dream 1
    I was watching WWE Smackdown where Wade Barrett was facing Randy Orton. They fought to the stage and then Wade Barrett went too far, he started beating down Randy Orton and then hit him with a back suplex on the metal stage as referees tried to seperate the two. I thought that Barrett would be suspended.

    Dream 2
    I was in college with my friends, talking about Hispanics in the WWE. I said that they're mostly grouped together recently. Such as Hunico and Epico and then Hunico and that guy on the bike. See WWE and you'll understand.

    Dream 3
    I was outside a bank near college with a teacher. I started flirting with her even though I don't find her attractive in real life. I went on the street of my college and students were there just walking around then I went to a high-rise tower and remembered when I used to fight a guy in armour.

    I always give the guy more power till I get and upgrade during my fighting. I then got an upgrade(more armour) and defeated the warrior.

    I then talked to my companion and we both left, as I was still asleep I decided to go back and do it again but I couldn't be bothered to go through it again.

    I was shooting The Deckers in Row:The Third.

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    1. maboroshi's Avatar
      Cool dreams as always, Superchaz. I really like both of the pictures, too.

      I wonder -- with that Deckers screenshot. I mean, I know it's computer graphics, but... It looks like some of the people have a lock of their hair dyed so that the hair lights up in black lights.

      I wonder if anybody does that in real life? It seems like it would be a really cool idea. But maybe those black light chemicals are a bunch of poisonous crap that you wouldn't want anywhere near your hair.
    2. superchaz's Avatar

      I wouldn't. It probably is poisonous with those chemicals. There probably just extensions or highlights.
      maboroshi likes this.