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    Side Notes

    1. DEILD Fail

      by , 01-02-2012 at 10:41 AM
      Side Notes
      I attempted to use Yuppie's DEILD techique to go lucid. I failed as I woke up out of the dream as I thought it was morning. Turned out it was 2am and I didn't get back to sleep well. This dream felt so long.

      I walked out as Randy Orton on the stage of RAW. I almost looked like a videogame version of Orton. I started speaking about equal chances for wrestlers to get shots at titles and I think Trish Stratus came out behind as I was speaking.

      The dream then cuts to a travel bus with WWE Divas doing each others hair in front of mirrors like it was a salon. Hornswoggle came out of the floor (more or less) and scared them all.

      Then it cut back to me and then to the Divas.
    2. On Set with Megan Fox

      by , 01-01-2012 at 01:51 PM
      Megan Fox was acting on set and I was a cameraman. Now I'm guessing my infatuation with Megan Fox made my dream character want to be with her.

      So when it came time for Megan Fox to ship out to her new movie, Mack 10, I was sad but I still stayed until the first movie project finished. We then met up on the set of Mack 10. The scene was in a museum with maroon walls and a chequered floor. (Funny how I'm filming on set and a Illuminati floor is there.)

      I also remember her being at an airport on arriving on a jet probably Michael Bay's.

      Side Notes
      I incubated this dream but didn't realise the theme while in the dream. So I didn't go lucid but you know what still prety cool.
    3. Basketball and Hunting Bounty

      by , 12-26-2011 at 12:20 PM
      Dream 1
      I was playing basketball in a two-on-two match. The match took place in an arena I don't know which one but Ron Artest was taking the mick. He kept saying stuff like "Not in my house!" and he was always blocking my shots,since he's tall I couldn't do anything nor could my partner, I don't know who Artest's partner was.

      After the match Ron Artest was like "No hard feelings" and drove us home in a blue chevrolet captiva. A dream sign occured when we started driving through a supermarket like Westfield. I still didn't go lucid.

      Dream 2
      I was in college and I left my classroom. I turned into Jango Fett and had to hunt bounty. I decided alive would be best. The bounty was a smart kid who probably skipped detention or something.

      When I found him I didn't taze him but I did shoot some blue thing from the top of my wrist that made him freeze in his position. I tied him up and carried him to the teacher.

      Side Notes
      I had an hypnagogic image. Something happened, I think my Dad read something that didn't make any sense. I made a face like "WUT!" I felt my eyebrows go up and mu face scrunch up. I think I could've gone lucid.
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    4. Humanoids

      by , 12-17-2011 at 12:00 PM
      I was driving on a highway, it was night time and I was with my family. There was an exit I took and it was very damaged and I saw someone else get out of their car. Then some "people" I'll call them "humanoids" touch the other drivers ad changed them, they were noe doing what the humanoids told them.

      I drove back to the city and tried to tell everyone, but it seems the humanoids are like the Transformers and had been hiding there a long time. I decided to leave with my family we were on the way to the train station while I started thinking "What if they're not bad?". My Dad dissapeared from the dream. I continued with my Mum and Sister tobanquet-type place with bronze walls it was a really high-end place. It had rows of tables with people eating one guy said something racist and my Mum retaliated, I just moved her along and kept going. I also remember seeing police come out of a van they were pretty futuristic.

      I saw the tunnel leading to the station as me and my family ran. I saw one guy jump over the stairs because the stairs were long, like a ramp for a wheelchair user. I ran down and around. I remember seeing a guy with glasses, a tattoo (I think) and a guitar gig bag he saw an old lady with two shopping bags and said "Can I help you with that?".

      As soon as he touched it he turned. It turns out the old lady was a humanoid.

      In Eastenders, Lauren was naked and so was her mother Tanya but she was covering up. Lauren was spraying stuff onto Tanya. Then Ian Beale came in with a sick and I mean SICK-looking grin on his face and started spraying the stuff on Lauren.

      Side Notes
      It was a mix between a dream and a nightmare. I think it would make a good film, if you could stretch out the plot. Or a book, I'd buy it.
    5. Low-Recall Lucid

      by , 12-16-2011 at 12:18 PM
      Lucid Fragment
      I became lucid after more or less chaining some dreams together. I did a hadouken and a shoryuken on some guy. I remember the hadouken blowing him away but I don't think I connected with the shoryuken that well. Or maybe I did. This was a dream goal so not bad.

      I'm with two people, one about the same age as me and the other is a small child(I think they were a girl). I was in the future the landscape was almost Tron-like a definite mix between Legacy and the original.

      I'm Batman Beyond aswell, but I'm trying to keep undercover. I save the girl from some woman and her crony, she was old and her henchman was a big brute. Like Ma Mayhem from the Batman Beyond episode "The Egg Baby".

      At one point I nearly blew my cover because of the way Batman punched and I said that "I've seen that before". My other friend there said "How? He hasn't been here before."
      To which I replied "I've seen it on the show" demolishing the 4th wall.

      I ran with the two people to a squash court and then finished the lady and her guy. I think, probably anyway.
      I also remember seeing Terry McGuiness doing poses in his Batman costume.
    6. Lots of Fighting

      by , 11-29-2011 at 06:38 PM
      Dream 1
      I remember being on a long train open flat trucks I spoke to a girl I knew "Do you remember when we had a thing". There were loads of people fighting for no reason and I spotted an old guy he was black and wearing a shirt with a really small mohican. I started fighting him and loads of people started fighting, it was really dark and the train was at the station.

      False Awakening
      I was at the gate to college and one of the guards was checking my ID.

      Side Notes
      I've been wanting to fight in my dreams for a while so I'm glad I got this one.

      I was lucid at one point and told someone. "I'm dreaming right now."

      "No you're not."

      "Yeah I am, look I can change my clothes."
      I changed my shirt but I don't know if I was legitly Lucid or I was unlucidly? saying it.
    7. WILD is the Technique for Me

      by , 11-16-2011 at 11:59 AM
      False Awakening
      I was in my bathroom having a bath and it was really hot. I went into the kitchen and I was still hot. When I woke up and realised that it was a dream, I felt so stupid.

      Dream 1
      There were four Homer Simpsons. There each appeared behind each other and fanned out. Then out of nowhere Ramenmen from Kinnikuman came and beat up all of them, they started wearing different suits but each had a black tie anyway they got banged by Ramenman.

      Dream 2
      I'm in a house that I've never seen before and the GSE from Green Street is there. My hot media teacher is there and I ask her if I can have a hug, she gives my one. I ask her if I could have a kiss, she gave me one on the cheek then I ask for one on the lips she said no but I did it anyway tongue halfway through my lips and all for 0.3 secs.

      She got upset and left, then Pete Dunham (Charlie Hunnam) got angry and chased me as I looked for my teacher. Now I'm lucid (I don't know how I didn't RC or anything) I run out of the unfamilliar house and onto my street that must be where I gained lucidity. I see a guy and tell him to get in the car it was a 2006 BMW some of it was blue while the rest was brownish. I remembered my current dream task and tried to eavesdrop on a DC phone conversation, for some reason WWE wrestler Sheamus popped into my head. Not that it mattered cos all I got was static and jumbled rubbish in my earphone.

      Strangley I drove on the left side instead of right anyway I drove to an area I know well it was over-run with foreingners (here me out!) The foreigners were led by Sheamus as I drove the car and got out I saw him and 2 others in hooded cloaks. He came up to me and I said "You did it, I can't stop now though" and left in the car that other guy disappeared.

      I went to the Westfield center and continued to look for the teacher as well as run away from Dunham. I entered a shop and used a green lantern ring to make a motorbike I rode it really fast in the shopping center.


      I'm parachuting down onto some snowy mountains, my voice sounds different and there is an enemy base located there. I land on top of the base and link up with a soldier,dream fades. I remember my officer saying "Once there you will have to link up with a squad".

      Side Notes
      WILDing is definitely for me. I also remember jumping over the escalators at the shopping center and doing a parkour roll while feeling the contact of the ground. I also remember flying at one point in the dream.
    8. College,Recurring Buses and an FA

      by , 10-27-2011 at 10:12 AM
      Dream 1
      I was in a room at college with my friend who was checking something on a computer. A girl I know was there she said that her cousin was going to straighten her hair. Also and I dry humped her. When I went to leave the college the gate looked like my old school gate and a bus was stopped outside.
      We were then walking near a park another bus went past and I saw an advertisement with JLS on it 2 of them were wearing Michael Jackson’s thriller jacket. There were loads of roofs, I jumped on them and started running across.

      A woman punched a man, but the haymaker she trhough was so sick that she floored him in one punch.

      False Awakening
      I went down stairs and turned on the computer, it was much closer to the edge of the platform. I went onto youtube and clicked a video that had nudity, but it wasn't blocked.

      When I went to search for a rapper named K Koke youtube tried to finish my search so it had stuff like K Kai and some charcter from Bakugan was in the corner next to the youtube logo which was on the right instead of the left. I exited the application and when I saw the other window it had loads of tabs full of some useless stuff.

      I heard my sister upstairs and I quickly tried to X all of them.

      Side Notes

      I woke up and went back to sleep atleast three times, when I RC'd I kept plugging my real nose instead of the one in the dream. I saw a load of images like Robert Downey Jr and such.
    9. 2 Dreams and half a Lucid

      by , 10-13-2011 at 09:31 AM
      Dream 1
      I was in The Wire chilling with Chris Partlow for a drug delivery/ waiting to get picked upby Marlo. It was dark and there were 2 street lights as we stood in a corner waiting.

      Dream 2

      I was boarding a plane to Hawaii (sweet right?) and there was some turbulence. It was dark and stormy outside we had to do an emergency landing.

      We went outside and some alien monsters were attacking us we had to fight them off. The natives there were brainwashed or fooled, because the aliens made themselves to seem like heroes protecting the island when they were actually killing off the population.

      It seemed it was all a plan to get us to be fed to the aliens from the emergency landing even the air hosts were brainwashed and serving the aliens.

      I tried to escaped to a plane on the island a few times but everytime they caught me and made me retreat. Eventually I got to the plane and when I ran through the doors I was in my house, once again I ran through the doors and was outside. I was being chased by the aliens.

      I saw a British Gas van and ran in to the passenger seat. I saw one of my media teachers run out of my house too. I waited 3 seconds but thought forget it I wanna live so I drove away. I could feel the steering wheel and the cramped space of the van. I drove to a motorway and told myself I was lucid and "when I open my eyes I will be in a futuristic city".

      When I opened my eyes I was there the surroundings where white and bright almost pristine clean. I then wanted to fly so my van turned into a bike and it had rockets on the back, I flew up and then the dream fades.

      Side Notes

      I'm sure it's a WILD as my mum told me to wake up but I went back to sleep.
    10. Finding my friend

      by , 10-11-2011 at 06:22 PM
      Dream 1

      I was in Central London, the streets were busy and so were the roads. There cars everywhere it was really bustling. I saw my friend near a bus and went up to him. His hair was shorter than real life he's got a more or less mane like a lion but in perspective. The dream had it very short, clean cut and he was wearing a read cap and read belt on his jeans.

      We talked but I can't remember anything else.

      Side Notes

      I am beggining to notice certain things in dreams and become lucid or atleast semi-lucid.

      I kept seeing Kevin Mask from Kinnikuman/Ultimate Muscle.
      I'm sure I had a dream about Kinnikuman but I can't remember.
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    11. False Awakenings

      by , 09-25-2011 at 01:26 PM
      I was Skywarp, the Decepticon Seeker in War For Cybertron and Megatron had ordered me to defend somehting against the Autobots. I accessed a turret and then was changed into a Decepticon Brute when I ripped out the turret. I started shooting Autobots and they fled.

      I was in my home and one of my friends from college was there. He said that I would never geta girlfriend and that all my friends were "taking out bets on me not to get one".

      I was watching TV I think it was 106 & Park (even though I stopped watching it) there was a rapper named Roxxy and he was topless and had tattoos. He looked like The Game.

      I was rolling through the channels and went to "400" which is Sky Sports. Although it normally would've displayed red it still went to the channel. The strange thing is that some rock band was playing when it was supposed to be some sport being played.

      Side Notes
      I'm pretty sure it was all one dream as it happened one straight after the other.
    12. A bunch of dreams send em to the moon

      by , 09-21-2011 at 08:37 AM
      Fragment 1
      Bruce Lee did his patented side kick to a guy in a wrestling ring. It went in slow-motion.

      Fragment 2
      I was making Vimto and I was pouring water into it. It was full to the brim but then it all turned to ice.

      Dream 1
      I was playing a Transformers Video Game and I was Armada Optimus Prime facing off against Cybertron Sideways on a bridge with lots of people climbing up the side of the bridge. I was flying to the left and shooting him, then to the right. In the end I got bored and Transformed into a truck and drove away.

      False Awakening/Side Notes
      I woke up and started writing one of the dreams I forgot on DV but I didn't really it was an FA.

      I went to sleep at 9pm since I promised my body I would.
    13. Justice League in clouds

      by , 09-03-2011 at 01:00 PM
      I was Batman in the Justice League and we were all in the sky really high up on platforms. My suit kept changing from the normal suit to Batman Beyond just like this.

      There was a huge villain (I can't remember what he looked like) but there was a shape-shifting clone of sorts and DeadPool. Me and Superman and 'Pool went to the center of Cybertron for some reason, saved the day and walked away through a tunnel.

      Side Notes
      Throughout the dream Transformers War For Cybertron images kept popping up.
    14. Barely Dream Fragments

      by , 08-26-2011 at 11:00 AM
      I was in a warehouse (some kind of storage building).
      I saw Mordecai and Rigby.
      I was fighting some guy.
      He ran out onto the street.

      Side Notes
      Its like Memento, I can't remember anything. I need to piece together the fragments.
    15. Fragments and Dreams

      by , 08-05-2011 at 04:27 AM
      A van, some guys lasers and brown stuff. Like sand or something.

      Kat Slater from EastEnders was arguing with Megan Fox on the Square.

      My Mum made me some pie. It looked like cherry pie and it was kinda cartoony which led to this dream. She doesn't usually make pie.

      I was in college and my friend was there and one of my least favourite friends was there.

      Dream 1

      I was somewhere in a forest or something and my mum was there and she had been kdnapped along with the families or friends and it was up to me and my squad to get them back (my squad had family members and friends in that group that they wanted to save) It kinda turned into Call Of Duty as I started shooting bad guys. I eventually found the people and then woke up.

      Dream 2
      A family was watching as a father and his sons entered the formers car.
      I think they were high ranking people so the other family let them take there car. The Dad thought that the other family would damage his car when they got in but they were really careful. The odd thing was this family was white and I hadn't seen any of the before.

      Side Notes

      I was attempting Sleep Paralysis and I kind of got there. I felt my arms shutdown and my face went numb and it kinda felt weird as if someone's hand was on it. So I opened my eyes and nothing was there. I was ignoring the need to move and roll over into another position but I couldn't keep it up and moved.

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