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    Type 1a: Dreams in Space

    I'm finally really getting serious about this again. After missing a couple days in my physical DJ, I figured if I'm really serious about this, then starting one online would be a good way to motivate myself. So here it is. A detailed inventory of little glimpses into whatever my subconscious happens to be doing at the time. Hope it's not doing anything private...

    1. Fragments (Sep 24 2011)

      by , 09-24-2011 at 03:06 PM (Type 1a: Dreams in Space)
      I remember being in the car with several friends. We were just driving down a road that led away from our area (a sort of dream that i get from time to time). Eventually, I had to reply to a text from my dad, but something about the area we had just entered caused my phone to automatically switch to spanish (i.e. everything I typed automatically changed to Spanish, as well as all the UI) o_0. We were parked at a spot which resembles closely a spot in my actual town (which we pointed out in the dream), and I told them what happened with my phone, and said we needed to get back so i could reply to that text. A different friend drove back, and said he knew some back roads (sort of a scenic route).

      Later on, I remember looking in a mirror, and I had tattoos . I almost caught that one, I thought something about how there must have been some circumstance where I didn't really have the tattoos, but It didn't quite click that that meant i was dreaming and should RC.
    2. Fragments (Sep 2 2011)

      by , 09-02-2011 at 04:12 PM (Type 1a: Dreams in Space)
      Most of what I recall pertains to a long dream involving me being on a vacation in North Carolina (I just returned from there a week ago).

      First thing I remember was before, I was in some sort of video game scenario, fighting a boss of some sort. After I killed him, I had to go around and collect a bunch of...something, from the area.

      Later, I was in a shopping mall, and I had some sort of superhuman abilities (mostly movement). The mall was being attacked (or something), one of the "bad guys" had placed a bomb in one of the stores. I was working with a couple other people, and we did something to screw up their plot.

      Later, it was back to the vacation theme. We were going down a highway approaching a bridge (on the left side wtf), and we were worried that they were going to close the bridge for some reason before we could get to it.

      Last, we were at some place with a bunch of houses/condos, and in front of them, rather than a beach, was a park-like area. I did a bunch of different things here. Last I remember, I came out of our house, and a bunch of people were hanging around there, and someone was playing Skrillex. Further from the houses in a lower area, a group of college-age guys had built some sort of giant ice luge which ended at a hot tub. It was leaking into the hot tub, which pissed some guy off. We all started craking up at the whole scene, and I went to take a picture.
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