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    Type 1a: Dreams in Space

    D's hunting trip

    by , 08-13-2011 at 02:11 PM (668 Views)
    Fairly short dream, but more than a fragment.

    I was standing in the backyard of D's house, but it looked a little more like mine. We were talking, and he told me that he had a family hunting trip coming up soon (like they were going to go camping and hunt from there, or something). He said that he was dreading having to go, because he didn't like hunting. I remember saying something about he just had to learn to get over being bothered by it (not like me). by the side of the house next to the fence there was, appropriately, some dead small animal, and these really big bugs were buzzing around it. One in particular made a really loud strange buzzing noise. This bothered me because I had no clue what they were, so I walked towards the back of the house, and D followed. I said that I thought that hunting would be better if you used a bow instead of a gun (referring to the simple medieval-style bow, not the high-tech ones they have today). After that I remember we saw one of his cats (a black cat, though neither of his are black) lying on the small fishing boat (flipped over, aluminum flat-bottom, which would have been in my backyard); I went over to pet it, and I noticed a sprinkler was running behind the boat. That's the last I remember.

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