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    by , 01-19-2014 at 07:56 AM (392 Views)
    I've been dreaming a lot lately, just haven't gotten around to recording much on DV. There is always that little hesitance I get when I have a bunch of recordings of dreams I've spoken to my .mp3 player throughout the night, then I have to go type them all out. I have however had at least 3 lucid dreams since I last posted and things are going quite well. I really wish someone would invent something that records your dreams as a video or something so there isn't the issue of typing out your recordings anymore. Oh well, things are still going quite well
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    1. Sospiro's Avatar
      maybe in the future, man.
    2. SuperSonicFan's Avatar

      I actually did some research last night and found this:
      Researchers in Kyoto Successfully Record Visual Data from Dreams - IGN

      Looks very promising