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    1. Picking eyebrows

      by , 08-08-2013 at 02:57 PM
      At Mike M's house. Looking at his red ipod, turns out it has my name on it, it's my ipod. Looking through my closet as his house for clothes. There's my blue jacket and bruins jacket. Part of my clothes fall off the hanger. On bed, Sophia there, looking at me. Go outside, at Avon. Riding scooter to auditroium that's in the cafeteria. Campbell gets a ride from me. Get to auditorium, go up the stairs, climb over railing, jump through window, in auditorium. Climb down, sittinng. Go to bathroom to fix hair. Looking in mirror. Pizza/sausage all over my face. Be there a long time, start to think is this a dream. Not sure if did a reality check but know it's a dream. Quickly come out of lucid. Wake up.
    2. Playing CS. At a baseball game.

      by , 08-06-2013 at 11:25 AM
      Playing CS with Sean C. Smoking weed, bottom of pipe falls out along with dust/dirt. See broccoli.

      At a baseball game, at half time we moved seats, but there is a boat in the way so we can't see anything. People in front of us keep falling asleep. We decide to move seats, climb up stairs. Move past friend Coffee. With dad in intro to music class. We're screwing around and he's getting pissed off. Friends Gonzales, Artem, and a couple others there. Dad plays drums on piece of paper with pencil. Won't show me how to do it. Staring contest, kid pushes over drum set. Dad gets angry, picks up camera to take videos of what's going on, I snag it from him and give it back to its owner. Lady yells "this is my home", think "oh shit dad's gonna get us in trouble". Looking through old pictures of ipod touch. Go on computer to search for picture, internet browser pops up and starts scrolling through a bunch of pages of what looks like a survey, think the computer is getting a virus. Wake up.
    3. Chained Lucids

      by , 04-22-2013 at 03:58 PM
      I just got my Remee sleeping mask yesterday so I tried it out last night and I think it worked, really well.

      I can't remember too much but I know I chained like 5 lucids last night. I kept doing a RC on my hands and then having a false awakening, then doing it again.

      I remember telling a DC he was dreaming, which he refused to believe. He thought it was "just a humble suburban home". I started screaming it at him but he still wouldn't believe it.

      I saw my brother playing on a futuristic keyboard. I tried to use the computer next to him to go on the internet, but it didn't work.

      I thought about doing the task of the month but I couldn't remember what it was. Maybe tomorrow I'll get it.
    4. Weirdness

      by , 04-18-2013 at 10:45 PM
      I'm in a dorm room drinking with one of those plastic cups you can scratch your name into. I start spinning trying to throw my cup in the trash but I fall down, I must be too drunk.

      From my nap today:
      I'm at a hotel, some men dressed as rabbits pretend to rob the place and one of them throws me to the ground.

      A friend is picking up weed at another friend's house, but instead he starts throwing whip cream pies everywhere. I'm with about 6-7 people including one friend's mom. They all come back to my house and we're sitting in the living room watching tv. My mom comes down and tells us to turn off the tv and go home. My friend's mom rats us out to my mom and tells her we were trying to smoke weed, I say "No me and D decided we didn't want to smoke". Mom then in basement stairwell (which turned into a bathroom) with pink ink all over the floor and a needle and skateboard. She's pissed.
    5. Bonnaroo Trip

      by , 04-18-2013 at 02:35 AM
      I'm in a car, Ben H is driving. He runs into a wall and crumples the front of the car because a gang of kids are approacing. An oil truck reverses in front of the gang to stop them from doing anything.

      In a lower end school, everyone is a jerk. I'm walking down the stairs and some kid pushes into me knocking me down the stairs.

      I go to my mom and tell her that the school is horrible and she should take me out, or something.

      Some girl in a parking lot asks if she can marry me, I say yes. She gives me a ring.

      Mrs. R is looking to find a place for play props, she finds a spot and some kid picks it up and she goes "Oh wow" because he seems really strong.

      I'm outside at bonnaroo (music festival), it starts snowing. I walk into a tent and ask why I'm seeing so funny (this is actually one of my dream signs, but I didn't catch it). Some man walks in the tent and tells me to dress up like a movie character, I say "we'll watch it later".

      Me and a film crew are trying to film some dirt bikes going down hill but we have to be stealth about it. They throw their equipment across the room and crawl over.
    6. Tried to WILD

      by , 04-16-2013 at 05:08 PM
      So tonight I tried to WILD for the first time. I woke up after 6 hours of sleep then just laid in my bed invisioning a dreamscape I'd like to go to. I could feel the sleep paralysis coming on, it was like a big lead blanket over me.

      I didn't have a LD from this but I did have a few dreams. I don't care that I didn't have a LD though because I was really close, next time I'll get it.

      In a hotel-like building. Zombies are on the loose. I enter a room, it's full of zombies. I run outside, climb the ladder to the roof, but the exploding enemy in minecraft knocks me down, I climb back up again.

      I'm in a theater watching some new movie. The theater turns into a swimming pool and we're all swimming around in it. There is a little toy submarine that is actually really powerful and I grab on and it drags me around the pool with such force that I can barely breathe between the splashing waves.

      I'm in a bedroom, someone is playing two tapedecks at the same time. Then I'm outside, I say to my mom "I can do drugs in my dreams", but I'm thinking I'm awake.

      A man comes into my house, the whole family is home. I go tell my mom that there is a man waiting for her. She talks to him. Turns out he needed sponsors to play hockey on fox news.
    7. Dual Deagles

      by , 04-16-2013 at 05:02 PM
      This is from the night of 4/14.

      I'm shipping off to war in a crowd of soldiers, but I left my guns so I go back through the crowd to get them. It's dual deagles in one of those cop-like gun holsters near your armpits. I save someones life by shooting an enemy. Then I lose my deagles. I go AWOL for a few hours, seeing a girl from my school. In a basement, tying to get out through a hole, I go out the back door. See buddy running back to base, I join him. Stand at attention in front of sergeant, he says nothinh.
    8. Second LD

      by , 03-28-2013 at 03:05 PM
      I was back in my highschool, trying to join the football team. The team captain said they don't have enough kids for a team.

      Now I'm outside, there is something flying I want to catch so I get a running start and jump, nothing. I jump off a small hill, nothing. Then I notice my hands and I say "I must be dreaming". I counted my fingers and I counted 6 on the left then 7 on the right. I rubbed my hands together but I was getting pushed by the wind into some trees, then I woke up.

      I'm desperate to have a long LD.
    9. Drinking Wine

      by , 03-26-2013 at 02:28 PM
      I was getting ready to go to some ferrari event. I was going to drive down with my dad but I was late. I was gathering my things in a backpack. We were driving an F1 car down, I got in and the floor of the car touched the ground. My backpack spilled some wrenches and my dad asked why would I need those.

      We are at the ferrari event and I don't remember too much but we are about to leave and take with us a bunch of standing billboards of video game characters.

      We are at home now, I'm in the family room making my bed, and drinking wine. I was chewing on ice I think but i could still taste the wine. I was setting up the billboards.
    10. Breaking Bad

      by , 03-21-2013 at 03:44 PM
      I was with Jessie Pinkman from Breaking Bad. We were driving the RV on a highway, I nearly cut three people off. Then we're in someone's basement, someone like Tukko. They were insane and didn't want us to leave. I accidentally broke a vase. The Tukko man then stabbed me with a knife, I tried to fight him off though.
    11. Stupid Little Kids

      by , 03-20-2013 at 05:58 PM
      I don't remember too much from last night but I didn't LD (well, sort of).

      I remember being at a gun range shooting 3d printed guns, then a whole bunch of kids started shooting paintball guns at the range I was at so I had to wait my turn. One stupid little black kid though decided to fuck with me and was somehow messing with me, don't exactly remember how. But I remember getting in his face and telling him to cut the shit. That just made him mad though and he made a plan to make me fail a drug test for some hospital I was working for. He had a friend get urine with drugs in it to hand into my boss. But I followed this kid and stopped him before it happened. I was following him and he didn't notice me even though he turned around a few times. But I stopped their evil plot.

      I think I woke up then went back to sleep. In this dream I remember being in a small shop, the lights were blue. I was standing there and thought "oh, this is a dream", but for some reason I didn't do a reality check or rub my hands together, so I quickly lost lucidity. But I did manage to pull magazines out of the rack and throw them on the ground, the manager said "Try not be a dick", or something like that.
    12. Did a RC but didn't notice anything wrong

      by , 03-19-2013 at 01:53 PM
      Last night I dreamed of being back in school with friends. I was sitting at a desk at an after school program where we play games. We were running around a gym. There was something about race involved in the game, like only people from one race would run at a time.

      Then all of a sudden I see my friend Daichi, he's staying at my house. My parents go to walk our dog outside. I tell Daichi "I don't know what's real anymore", as I do a RC. I somehow didn't catch it was a dream though and thought it was real. I need to work on doing a better RC. Anyway Daichi and I were just moving his stuff around using a rolling platform when we saw spiders on it and they jumped on me. Scary stuff. Then me and Daichi were at one of those gaming restaurants like Dave and Busters, we were in a pit of change and we loaded it all into a box and struggled to get it out of the pit, when we did everyone cheered.

      Then I woke up.
    13. Did a RC but didn't notice anything wrong

      by , 03-19-2013 at 01:52 PM
      This dream is from last night, I forgot to do my DJ.

      I was in a river of shit with Walt and Sky from breaking bad. Sky was behind a fence and Walt was throwing her some keys. Next thing I know I'm on a bridge above the river and a dragon hologram appears. A voice a says "If you accept it will change your life forever". I enter the dragon and a white light appears. I start floating around being shown different things. Then I'm in a french club wearing a horizontal striped black and white shirt, an air tube shoots me up to the second floor. I'm dancing like mad when I see girls there, and I can see sweat everywhere. The club ends and I go to a girl "You know where I want to end up", or something like that. We start going to her place, climbing over a sculpture. She says "France gets 2-6 week pay ahead of time". I slide down the sculpture, she sits back with me, then I see images of someone using human flesh for a pumpkin heater.

    14. Success!!

      by , 03-17-2013 at 03:14 PM
      I was attempting to WILD last night, so I set my alarm for 7:45 am (lied down to bed at like 2:00 am). But I woke up naturally at 7:30. I remember I was having a dream about me being in prison. I had stolen some credit cards or something, and I was locked away wearing a black t-shirt with gray sweatpants. There was a prison fight going on, we were all crowded around a laptop watching it. Then I was sitting with a friend Kevin D, we had similar shoes on. Now I was walking into prison HR, and the guard on duty was scanning me with something that was disguised as a newspaper. I was complaining about not having a comfy bed, and the staff. Now I'm on the hood of my dad's mercedes, it's whinnying like a horse, meaning it's only on it's back two wheels, and I'm driving it around the prison doing revving the engine to show off for my prison mates. All of a sudden something from space swoops down and takes the car up. I see my friends Mark M and Ben B, I'm surprised to see them. I'm telling them about how there is a low orbit ion cannon in deep space, and how space x had their deep space craft, so it must have been something like that that took the car. We drive around and Ben B starts crying on my shoulder because he doesn't get to play some video game anymore cause he's in prison. We end up at a grocery store, lyrics are being sung "Let me lose my mind".

      That is all I remember from when I woke up to WILD. I slept for probably 5.5 hours so it was really hard to fall back asleep. I'll try to WILD after 4 hours next time, and I'm going to take a nap today so we'll see if I can LD them too.

      But anyway! On to the lucid dream.

      I'm walking through a school with my backpack on, all of a sudden I get an idea "Am I dreaming?". I count my fingers and I count six fingers, I go "No, can't be, if I was dreaming I would be flying", and all of a sudden I lift off the ground! I start flying in the school, but I try not to get too excited. I rub my hands together to solidify the lucid dream, AND IT WORKED! I was clear minded and flying around the school hallway. I wanted to go outside so I imagined a door on the wall and it magically appeared, I thought "That's using your noggin". I struggled to get out the door because I was still flying, but when I got out I shot off into the sky. It looked to be 5 miles high. I started falling a little bit though, but I wasn't scared I knew I was in a dream and nothing could hurt me. I fell hard on the ground but no pain, I just shot back up into the sky, spread my arms out, and started flying like a plane. I could feel the weight of my backpack though so I landed, took it off, and was off flying again. The next time I landed on the ground though I put my ear to the ground and started knocking on the grass (it felt like astroturf), listening to it. It didn't sound special. But all of a sudden I get an itch on my crotch so I scratch it and BOOM I wake up It was 9:45 now and I didn't feel tired at all, I had gone through REM sleep it seems.

      I'm staying up now until I can take a nap and try DILD again, I'm addicted now, it only takes one time and you're absolutely addicted.
    15. No luck last night

      by , 03-16-2013 at 06:14 PM
      I didn't LD last night, I can barely remember any of my dreams.

      I was first-person in a halo-like game shooting lasers out of a gun at enemies. Then one of the enemies started attacking my dog (I don't have a dog).

      Second dream was me looking for munchies at my friends' house, which turned into my house. I opened the refrigerator and pretzel sticks rolled out on the floor.

      Sadly that's about it, I did eat some chocolate before I went to sleep so maybe that ruined my dream recall. I'm going to try the apple juice tonight before sleeping to see if it helps with LDing.

      That's all for now!
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