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    Bonnaroo Trip

    by , 04-18-2013 at 02:35 AM (306 Views)
    I'm in a car, Ben H is driving. He runs into a wall and crumples the front of the car because a gang of kids are approacing. An oil truck reverses in front of the gang to stop them from doing anything.

    In a lower end school, everyone is a jerk. I'm walking down the stairs and some kid pushes into me knocking me down the stairs.

    I go to my mom and tell her that the school is horrible and she should take me out, or something.

    Some girl in a parking lot asks if she can marry me, I say yes. She gives me a ring.

    Mrs. R is looking to find a place for play props, she finds a spot and some kid picks it up and she goes "Oh wow" because he seems really strong.

    I'm outside at bonnaroo (music festival), it starts snowing. I walk into a tent and ask why I'm seeing so funny (this is actually one of my dream signs, but I didn't catch it). Some man walks in the tent and tells me to dress up like a movie character, I say "we'll watch it later".

    Me and a film crew are trying to film some dirt bikes going down hill but we have to be stealth about it. They throw their equipment across the room and crawl over.

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