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    07/09-11/10 (Unsure Date) WILD camp, Dream FILDing

    by , 07-12-2010 at 07:35 PM (630 Views)
    Note: These were just fuzzy dreams, I failed to write them down because they were so small. I am not sure what day I had these on, I'm not sure if those are even in the dates up above.

    -WILD Camp-
    I had this fuzzy clip I remembered after a day or two, which seemed to be a dream. I was in this room with a ton of DreamViews members, or so it seemed. Most of the people seemed unfamiliar. There was a bed in my line of vision. Someone was laying down on it, like attempting to WILD I'm guessing. Someone was bending over them; either whispering to them or examining them. The room was a little dim. A saw a few more beds behind the first one, but they were blurry.

    -Dream FILDing-
    I saw this image in my head a few hours later after waking up. It was like I was walking past a guy lying on his stomach in his bed. He had his right hand under his pillow, and it looked like it had made a small cave under it. He apparently was FILDing.

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