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    07/30/10 Another Nightmare?

    by , 08-06-2010 at 07:30 PM (446 Views)
    Me, Sam, and Ken were all in the "living room" (it was supposed to be but we were in my mom's room) of my mom's house. All of a sudden, it got totally dark. I tried turning on some lights put some of the switches wouldn't work. I happened to look out of a window and I saw a guy walking down his driveway dressed up as Santa Claus. It was storming by now. Ken said, "Quick! Go to the basement! There is a creep outside!" So we all ran down our longer than usual hall and proceeded down our longer than usual basement steps. Halfway down, the phone rang. I yelled, "Ken! Go get the phone and the flashlight!" So she ran back upstairs.

    Sam and I were too scared to go anywhere, so we waited. About a few minutes later I heard a loud bloodcurdling scream followed by a deep laugh. I told Sam to stay there, and I ran up the stairs and turned the corner to find the multi-purpose room (taken from my dad's house) steps. The laugh was coming from up there. I tried everything to shouting and yelling "hey!" to even throwing pillows to get the guy's attention. Nothing seemed to work. I can still hear his laugh today. *shudder*

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