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    12/6/11 My ah-mazing hotel room!

    by , 12-06-2011 at 01:26 PM (448 Views)
    I remember being in our school's gym. It was weird, because where our weight room used to be is where there were some flights of stairs that went up to very big suites. I "lived" in one of those suites while I was in the dream, but by myself. I was now sitting on the bleachers in the gym. For some reason, I was getting dressed. I had only my underwear on when a flood of people from my school came down the stairs. I quickly ran to the bleachers, covered myself up with my jacket and pants, and sat there. Everyone sat on the bleachers where I sat, but they didn't notice that I was unclothed.

    One of my coaches asked me from below, "Sydney, can you come do blah blah blah?" (can't remember what he said) I replied, "Um no. (Then I noticed it sounded rude) I'm about to leave." He nodded, and walked out the open gym doors.

    Oh yeah, as I looked outside from where I was sitting, there was no sun shining, it was just cloudy and bright.

    Most of the people were still sitting there from my school sitting on the bleachers with me. As I looked at all of them, I noticed they were wearing costumes. As if it was a special day and they had to dress up or something like that.

    A few seconds later, someone said, "Okay, lets go!" and jumped off of the bleachers. The others did so as well. As soon as the gym was empty, I slowly tried to pull the jacket around me and zip it up, but I noticed that it was already around me halfway zipped up, and that my pants were on. Confused, I zipped up the rest of my jacket and climbed down off the bleachers.

    I headed towards where the weight rooms used to be, and was welcomed by a huge "old Egyptian pyramid like" set of stairs. I sauntered up them, all the while looking around at the bright lights that looked like they were coming from nowhere.

    Once I reached the top, I saw two sets of stairs. Confused once again, I went to the left set to try first. Once I finished those, I looked to my right and found my suite! I entered and found my mom standing there. I have no idea why she was there, probably to welcome me or something. We looked around for a bit in the kitchen. Once we opened the fridge (or pantry, I'm not sure what it was), I was greeted by delicious delicacies. Or, what I thought was. I saw at the bottom a couple of candy bars. And maybe a coke or two. At the top, there was a small bag of Aerated Hershey Kisses, my favorite. I held them out to my mom, my face bright. She nodded and smiled. "Don't eat everything though," she said, "They might get angry."

    I didn't know what she meant by they, but I didn't care. I put the Kisses back into the fridge and closed it. I told my mom I would look around some more. She said okay, and went back downstairs to the gym. I remember searching my room, but finding nothing interesting (or I just couldn't remember it). For some reason, I ran out of the suite, maybe in an effort to catch my mom for something. Ran down the stairs without falling, and asking her something. Then I sped back up the stairs to the suite. Now I would check out another room. I always wanted to look at this room. It was full of cool things! When I first walked in, I was greeted to a rack of dolls. There was one doll that you could press on and it would make noise. This doll looked like a little boy. I pressed on his hand. He started singing a song, it sounded familiar, but only in the dream. He was singing a very hard song, and there was white noise behind it, so it sounded a little distorted. Once it finished, I looked around some more.

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