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    12/8/11 3 Fragments and 1 dream

    by , 12-08-2011 at 01:34 PM (547 Views)
    Fragment 1: I remember being in a dark living room. I was standing behind a couch facing a TV.

    Fragment 2: I was in a classroom with a couple of other girl. We were looking around for something - I think it was a poster. We found a poster in a closet that had Japenese faces on it.

    Fragment 3: My mom and I were walking through a house unknown to me. We exited through the front porch and heard builders overhead. A girl ran down the stairs inside and yelled, "Wait!" We turned around. "Oh, I thought you guys were burglers." She panted. We talked for a while.


    My friends and I were in the mall. I was walking throughout all the stores, I guess window shopping. There were dogs everywhere. They were spread out in a weird formation. They may have been police dogs, looking for drugs or something. They were big, really big. Like bigger than a Great Dance. They had white coats that looked like a Golden Sheperd's, but they were scary, showing their teeth at me. I cowered away in fear. But I kept walking. I saw some guards in what looked like a men's clothing store.

    Now I was on a side balcony in the mall with my friends. I don't exactly know what we were doing. We sat down on the ground. I carried a binder for some reason. I dropped it off the balcony. As soon as I did, my mom appeared and picked it up.

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