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    3/14/12 Small lucid - due to my laziness?

    by , 03-14-2012 at 12:29 PM (310 Views)
    I set my alarm for 5:30 to wake up for the day. It went off, I turned it off, then set it for 5:45. Then I went back to sleep. Awoken at 5:45 by my alarm, I just shut it off completely, and said that I would rest for a bit. You know that feeling where your bed is just so comfy and you just can't get up? Yeah, I had that feeling. It was like my head was glued to the pillow. I "fell asleep" I think, and triggered either a very real daydream (which either led me to a dream) or I entered a dream completely. I'm not sure if this was DEILD, because I don't remember the transition. I just remember darkness, then the dream.

    But anyway here it is:

    I was lucid from the start. I didn't really know what to do, because I knew I had little time. Once again, I wasn't completely aware, so I just decided to look around. I was standing in a bedroom at my dad's house, only, everything was cleaned out. The bed remained, with some PJ's on it. I walked into the closets, nothing. I knew this wasn't my room, and I knew the person who lived in it. But it was a really familiar name. I heard her mom come up behind me. I asked where the girl was. She said that the girl was feeling a bit sad lately. That didn't answer my question, but whatever.
    Somehow, I was teleported.

    I ended up on a plane. This plan was very wide, and it didn't have a ceiling. (wth?) It looked more like a carnival ride to me. There were at least a dozen seats in one row. I found the girl sitting on the last seat in one row, looking out the window. I sat beside her.

    "Hey, what's your last name?" I asked her.
    She turned to me. "Molly."
    Shouldn't that have been reversed? "Okay, what's your first name?"
    The heck?
    "Oh, did you get your name backwards?" I asked.
    "Um... I don't think so?"
    Awkwardly, I turned to my left. Half of my class from school has just appeared and is now sitting next to me.

    Then I was rudely awakened by someone else's alarm.
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    Tags: dad' house, plane
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    1. nito89's Avatar
      Haha - weird lucid But cool!
    2. Sydney's Avatar
      Lol, thanks.