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    3/27/12 3 From parties...to driving...to hiding?

    by , 03-27-2012 at 03:26 PM (321 Views)
    Dream 1: Dinner Party
    I remember being around our small town. A party was happening all over the place, it was some kind of dinner party. I was walking with my friends, when all of a sudden we saw some people running in front of us as fast as they could. Looking ahead of them, they were trying to catch some weird guy. We decided to follow them, wanting to see what would happen.

    When we got there, out of breath, we saw that it was some sort of crackhead, or autistic person that they were chasing. He was acting weird. We walked away from the scene.

    Looking around for a spot to eat, I saw these weird flat trees all around me. They kind of looked like Minecraft trees, but with flat tops.

    At the end of the dream I vaguely remember the crack head coming up to Sam and licking her. (ewÖ)

    Dream 2: Driving... Again?
    I was driving a car on the highway. Of course I was scared, it was almost night time and for some reason I was swerving violently. I was unsure of what to do. No parent was in the passenger seat, or in the car for that matter. I had, I think, two other people my age in the car.

    I would make sudden stops at the stop signs or cars in front of me, because I failed to break earlier. My way of driving seems like I would have been intoxicated.

    The dream just went on like this for a while.

    Dream 3: Shh.. I'm hiding!
    I donít know why, but I was hiding from someone. One of my friends. I was at my momís house. Sam was with me. For some reason, there was a crack in the floor that I was able to fit through that ran along the wall. I squeezed myself into the fetal position, checking in the corner (where my back was) for spiders. Sam stood above the crack, watching for the friend.

    He came up towards Sam, looking for me. Sam smiled, and then he looked down, and noticed me. Busted.

    Then the dream ended.

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