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    3/8/12 Dirty Hotel, Queen of the Zombies

    by , 03-08-2012 at 01:26 PM (504 Views)
    Dirty Hotel
    I was in this old hotel. I had the bottom floor, while my sisters occupied one of the higher rooms. On the bottom floor, it was almost like a garage. There was stuff kept in storage there, and then a space secluded off by half walls for my room (HALF walls.. seriously? how creepy is that). I looked around a bit, nothing was really here in my room. Just an old bed and an old chair. I found the door that could close my bedroom from other people. It looked like it was splintered in half, so when I tried to close the door, it was very hard. But I finally did and locked it.

    I walked up the stairs to Sam's room. I would probably sleep there for the night.
    Once I came into the room, I found my friend Mike and my cousin standing there. They were talking about playing with some kind of toy. After a while, they brought out this shiny thing and told me to come into the bathroom. Once I did, they showed me what it was. It was weird.

    Queen of the Zombies
    I dove into the floor. Realizing I just jumped into an abandoned hotel, I was about to go back out. But then I heard a scream.
    My friends needed help in here, and I wasn't sure this was the hotel they were supposed to meet me in. But I guess it was.
    I stood up and looked around for them. After a couple of steps, my friends, AG, Erin, Erica, and Kat all came running around the corner. "Thank the Lord your here!" Erin whispers.
    "What's happening?" I said.
    "There's something in this hotel. It's spawning a ton of nasty zombie looking things." Kat answered.
    "Why did you guys come here, then?" I said.
    "Because we were just going to come here to search, but then we found the zombies, so we wanted to take a closer look."
    We heard large footsteps coming down the hall. "Quick, hide!" Kat whispered.

    We all ran to a small room close to the lobby. It had a couch and a fireplace in it. We hid behind the couch.
    AG was trying to jump over the couch to get to where we were. She missed twice. She wasn't very agile like we were. "Hurry!!" We half screamed. I saw a knife that was stuck through the back of a couch, its blade visible from the back.
    "Watch out for the knife." I whispered.
    This time AG got over safely. Now we all hid behind the couch, barely breathing.
    The footsteps could be heard once more, and they were extremely close now. I looked up to see what it was. I saw huge tentacles coming through the door. I quickly got back down into a little ball, wishing that it would end.
    The footsteps came closer to where the couch was. Once it stood right next to the couch near Kat, she stood up and punched whatever it was in the face. I heard a demonized scream. We all stood up, prepared to do whatever it took to defeat it. Looking at it, it was an ugly tan skinned zombie looking thing. She had tentacles popping out from all around her. Now that I think about it, some had bright bulbs on them, like Christmas lights, only they stung you.

    Looking at her in the face, her eyes were popping out of her head, I'm pretty sure her nose was missing too. It didn't even look like she had hair, it looked like someone painted the top of her head. I suspect this to be the queen of the zombies in that hotel. She must have "spawned" them.

    She screamed once more. I cringed. I got up the strength and jumped over the couch, barely missing her tentacles, and managed to slap her on the back of her neck. It was cold, clammy, and slimy. I jumped back over the couch, heart pounding.
    Erica was now standing in front of this monster for some reason. The queen screamed again, and reached one of its tentacles up to Erica's face. She didn't try to move either. Once the tentacle made contact with her face, nothing happened. What about on top of her head? Nope. Around her body? Nope. No shock.

    The demon zombie thing was taken aback. "What. . .why won't they shock you!?"
    She turned to AG. "Here, you try." the queen said. (The queen wanted her to try out her tentacles to see if they would shock Erica... is this weird or what?) AG was given the tentacles, but she was just standing there, blank, having no idea what to do.
    "Ugh, give them to me!" Kat yelled. She grabbed the tentacles from AG, yanked them out of the queen, and unplugged the power cord from the wall (what the heck?).
    Everything went dark. I jumped up from the couch and gave the queen the biggest smacking I have ever done in a dream. Everyone joined in. Haha. The lights came back on, and it revealed what looked like pieces of a waxed figure on the floor. She was really a waxed figure, or manikin, with electricity in her. I guess the hotel was giving her power.
    Right then I woke up.

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