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    3/9/12 CC's pizza

    by , 03-09-2012 at 04:18 PM (482 Views)
    I remember being in my mom's car. She was driving my sister and I to school, and we stopped by a gas station to fuel up. I sat in the car and looked around. There was a CC's pizza place attached to this gas station. As I looked closer, the heading on the building read: CC's pizza: Now has a LOOP! (Meaning that there was a road from this gas station that looped back around to come back to the gas station, I don't really know why they needed that there, though) While my mom was still pumping gas, Sam and I decided to walk into CC's to get a fountain drink before school. The inside of CC's had a reddish tone to it; the walls were red, the counter was red, and the floor was some kind of red and grey. Plants sat in every corner. We walked up and ordered. We ordered a large so that we could share. We debated on the flavor though, and finally got Dr. Pepper. Even though we got a large to share, Sam wouldn't let me drink it for some reason. She just said I could have one sip. I kind of said something that made the clerk call over to us. "Is everything okay?"
    "Ah yes - sorry." I said.
    We got back into the car and arrived to school. I sat in the corner of the lunchroom, as we always do before class starts.
    Someone in my class said he wanted to pretend like he was new, I overheard, so he came up to our group (we had a pretty large group going, which was weird because I am never in them) and started shaking our hands. He went to each person and either said "Hello." or "BB strawberry." (I have no idea how it's spelled. This is a game that some of the guys play in our class. If you say a word that starts with a 'B' to one of them, they get to punch you in the shoulder, unless you realized what you said, then you have to say "BB Strawberry" before they can get to) The guy was coming closer to me, and was about to shake my hand, but then I woke up.

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