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    4/30/12 Gore alert! Guinea Pig Haven

    by , 04-30-2012 at 12:18 PM (529 Views)
    Gore alert!
    I remember sitting somewhere with a woman who looked like she was in her 30ís. She was telling me stories from her childhood. I remember she told me a story that sounded like this: (itís kinda gory, in the dream I even gagged when I thought about it)

    ďA long time ago, I cut my fingers to the bone. The blood that was trying to escape couldnít go through my tiny blood vessels, so immediately my friends had to rip those out for me.Ē


    Thatís all I remember.

    Guinea Pig Haven
    I remember coming across a small house with my friends. The walls were see through, and there was no door, only a flap. And there were no windows. Looking inside, on the floor we discovered paper shavings - hamster/guinea pig bedding. We looked closer and found some abnormally large guinea pigs running around in there.

    We found a pretty large one who was brown all over and fuzzy. He came up to me, sniffed me, and just stood there. I petted it. It was quite friendly.

    At the end of the dream I remember my brother Tom was riding the guinea pig somewhere.

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