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    8/19/11 - 24th LD: First WILD

    by , 09-18-2011 at 07:33 PM (497 Views)
    I was in my room. I sat up in bed and RCed, just to make sure that it was a dream. It was! I tried not to get too excited. My room was dark (since it was nighttime), and I tried to "turn on" the lights. I yelled, "Light!" Didn't work. I closed my eyes, pointed at the light, and said, "Light!" Still didn't work. So I gave up, and walked around in the dark. As I walked down my living room stairs, I saw these weird bomb-omb looking animal things. They were different colors. I assumed that my mom made them.

    Where my kitchen was, there was a tropical bar; and in front of that were little pools of clear water, with candles and lily pads and flowers on top of the water. It was pretty. I saw my sister and told her that I was dreaming, but she didn't think anything about it. I walked into the little bar place and tried to summon.. guess who.. Taylor Lautner.

    I looked up at him. He was ugly. So I tried again. This time I closed my eyes and thought of his face, then summoned him. He was just a tad cuter this time; but still not good looking. So, I summoned a chocolate bar instead, which kind of looked like Hershey's, but had a yellow wrapper.

    I looked at the words and entertained myself by looking back and looking at it again. I eventually ended up throwing the chocolate bar away for some reason Lol. My mom was outside, and she was talking with my friend's Aunt. They looked a ton alike, except she had longer hair than my friend.

    I wanted to fly out in the same spot; which I noticed we were on our church's sidewalk. The Aunt stood by me and yelled, "You can do it!" So I ran, closed my eyes, and jumped. I felt gravity flip me over in the air as I hovered. It was awesome. I didn't open my eyes which was a bummer.

    Somehow, I had flown back into my own bed. Or transported there. My "dream" bed that is. I looked out my window, to see lights in a circle like fireworks, and I wanted so bad to go out there. I was thinking of breaking through my window, but I got sleepy.. and lost some of my lucidity. I sat there thinking about it and eventually "fell asleep" and found myself awake in my real bed.

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