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    8/6/11 - 23rd LD: Possible DEILD

    by , 09-18-2011 at 07:29 PM (364 Views)
    This was really cool. I may have not set my alarm last night, but as I was falling back to sleep at around 5:30 a.m., I was daydreaming. Eventually, that daydream turned into a dream! Then I realized, wait, I'm not imagining this, my mind is doing it for me! So I "pretended" to RC. I "thought" about RCing. (I didn't want to actually do the movement, because I was afraid that I was still awake)

    So I started daydreaming about something I can't really remember, then it turned into a dream. There was this cat like person who had a "time out" outside on a dock with a humongous shark! I remember sitting at a window about 15 feet above her. The dock was floating on the water, and she was able to escape, but she could not. She didn't mind the shark, she actually talked to it. The shark was as big as the dock.

    I turned around from the window and saw two nerds playing a game or something. Can't remember. I turned back to the window and wanted to go save my friend on the dock, so I jumped from the window (stupid thing to do, I know) and lounded on the dock. It hurt my legs. I stood there for a second with a weird expression on my face. I said, "Ow."

    Then some more people ran ahead out from the house to the cat girl on the docks. This time, more docks appeared. Sometime during the dream, I thought, "I think I'm dreaming now. Let's RC!" So I thought about the feeling of RCing. I thought about how it felt to breathe through your nose. I think I did it, but I can't be sure. I don't really remember what I did next.

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