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    Another FA (DILD) 7/16/15

    by , 07-16-2015 at 12:46 PM (714 Views)

    I remember being in my room at my mom's house. My older sister was asleep on my bed, while Sam was under my bed (the bed was slightly taller) on her laptop. I walked into my bathroom. My sister had woken up and followed me in there. "I'm about to take a nap." she told me.

    She then made to go back into my room, but then I became annoyed. "Go to sleep in your bed.." I growled. She gave me a pissy look. I looked on the floor. Percy, my bearded dragon, was looking up at me.

    Suddenly, I wasn't in the dream anymore. I was back in my bed.

    'This had happened to me last night,' I thought. 'I woke up from a very short dream and I had a false awakening. Maybe it's happening again. Nah, maybe not...'

    I was laying on my side with my left arm under the pillow. I heard my family downstairs, talking low; 'probably getting ready for breakfast,' I thought.

    'That can't be right, though. my step mom has work, and my brother wouldn't be up at this time...'

    I slipped my hand up through the covers, clasped my nose, and breathed in just to make sure.

    Sure enough, it was like my fingers weren't even there.

    Before I moved, I remembered where I was. 'You're in a dream. Hang on..' I tried to prop myself up on my elbow, but was having a very difficult time doing so, like I was stuck to my bed by a very large wad of chewing gum. So I tried to take it slowly. I still had my 'eye mask' on, and I didn't move to take it off yet. I remember feeling the coolness of my pillow as I was trying to get my arm out from under it.

    I reached out my right arm with much difficulty, and felt for my bedside table. The cool corner of the table brushed my fingertips. At first, I was grabbing on for support, but then I just placed my hand fully on it, trying to ground myself and increase my sense of touch. To test it, I wanted to see if I could 'break' the corner with expectation, but before I could finish expecting it,
    I was back in my regular bed in RL.

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