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    Dark Storms (DILD) 1/1/15

    by , 01-01-2015 at 08:12 PM (506 Views)
    Dark Storms (DILD)


    I remember being at my school. It was dark outside, and I was standing in the lobby. Only a couple lamps illuminated the lobby and elementary hall to my left. Suddenly, I felt aware.. Wasn't I just asleep in my bed? I did the nose plug RC. Sure enough, I could breathe through my nose!

    I proceeded to run down the hall to my left, and for some reason, that caused me to teleport.

    I wound up in my mom's house. It was still nighttime. (I had lost some lucidity here) Some of my classmates (mainly boys) were in my living room with me. We were sitting on two couches. I was in between two of them, Mike on my right and I think it was WL on my left. I think we were watching a movie on a very dim TV screen in front of us. Here, I just kind of let the dream go (I didn't have that much control).

    Mike was talking to me and suddenly he placed his hand on my right leg. He smiled at me kind of oddly. I noticed he didn't have the best intentions, so surprisingly, I was aware enough (I'm really surprised I did this) to move his hand off of my leg. He then began nudging me with his shoulder, playfully.

    We ended up "falling asleep".
    (There was a period of time where it was darkness for a couple seconds) We all woke up at the same time, still in the same place on the couch. "Did we fall asleep?" I heard myself say sheepishly. "I guess so." Mike said.

    The living room was dark. I heard something outside. I turned around and looked towards the front door. I could see through the windows on the door
    (not blurry and distorted like they are in real life). I saw what looked like a police car pulling out of the next-door-neighors-who lived-across-from-us's front yard. "Is that the police?" I asked out loud. I got up from the couch and walked towards the front door and opened it. I saw that it was raining, much like a monsoon. The guys followed me to the door. Across the road, I saw the police car, and a badly wrecked car beside it in the yard.

    "Oooh." said someone.

    Suddenly, they disappeared. Having little control and awareness, I assumed that they went to go look at the wreckage. I closed the front door. I found my glasses on me somewhere
    (probably in my pocket). As I was handling them, I noticed they were broken. The frames had snapped in two. "Maybe I could use some sort of magic to repair these", I thought.

    I never tried. I walked to the back door, and looked out onto the back porch. It was dark of course. I could see my great dane staring at me through the window. He looked oddly deformed. I opened the door to get a better look.

    Instead of a normally shaped dog; his body looked like a balloon. His head was normal sized, and his legs were very thin and long. His tail was nonexistant.

    When he walked around, it was creepy.

    Creeped out, I went back inside and closed the door.

    Suddenly, I heard a loud clap of thunder. It sounded more like glass breaking, but then a very bright flash of light illuminated my vision. The house was as dark as ever. A very loud clap of thunder again. A flash of light. A bit scared, I opened the front door again. It was barely raining now. Pieces of the wrecked car were still there.

    I then woke up naturally.

    Vividity: 7.5
    Awareness: 8
    Dream Length: 4-5 mins.

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