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    First Day At College (DILD) 7/2/15

    by , 07-02-2015 at 01:29 PM (819 Views)

    We had just arrived at our college, and our first day of classes would be held the next day. I remember walking through what looked like a small town inside the campus, with a giant jumbotron reminding us about our first day of classes that would take place the next day.

    The scene shifted. I was now in what seemed like a large dorm building, but it was only one floor, and there could be three or four people to a room. The kitchen was in the middle of the whole dorm. We had our own bathrooms, though.

    I shared an open dorm (it wasn't fully closed off with four walls) with J, L, and Sam. I remember we were all sitting on our beds, which were side by side and across from eachother, watching the little TV that was perched on the wall to the left. L was sitting on my bed, which was the closest to the TV. Somehow, I kept hitting her in the face with my elbow or my hand. She quietly just shrugged it off. I felt really bad, so I didn't move around or talk much anymore.

    Time went forward.

    I had just woken up in my bed and looked at the clock, it was about 6 AM. Everyone was starting to stir around me. I thought I had better get up, because classes were going to start soon.

    But my heart sank. I didn't have a map or anything, and I didn't even have my class schedule printed out.

    Sam was awake. I asked her if she had a map. She told me she didn't either. I then remembered my dad saying something about using your GPS for the campus. I assumed that could work, so I didn't worry about it further. However, I was still upset about my class schedule.

    People were moving about now, taking showers, getting dressed.

    I got out of my bed, kneeled on the floor by my bed, and used my bed as a desk for my laptop. I opened my laptop, and was about to look for my class schedule.

    Suddenly, I fell asleep on my closed laptop.

    I woke up later. Apparently some people had fallen asleep again, too. All was quiet. It was still a little dark outside. I rubbed my face and wished I hadn't fallen asleep on the laptop because I might have drooled on it or something. Picking it up, however, I noticed the laptop had bent at an angle almost as easily as a piece of cardboard.

    I thought this was odd. Just in case, I RCed just to make sure. I plugged my nose and breathed in, and sure enough, I
    was dreaming! However, I never really believe the nose plug RC sometimes because the result of it feels so weird, so I did it a second time. Yep, I was dreaming!

    A thought hit me. 'Oh no, but don't I have class in a couple of hours? Maybe I'll make this quick and get my goals done...'
    (So I thought that I fell asleep and had a lucid dream there, and that I wasn't actually just dreaming the whole time)

    I got up from the floor. As soon as I did, my right sock fell off. I remembered feeling it, but I thought I would just keep walking with it off. The sensation felt odd, but it didn't bother me too much.

    I started to fast walk down our hallway. I reached an open doorway on my left that looked like it led into an empty room, and I tried to go through. But as soon as I did, a powerful force or wind that seemed to be eminating from that room knocked me back and I hit the wall behind me. It didn't hurt, but it stunned me. I decided I wouldn't go that way.

    I went back up through where I came, and turned right into a larger hallway that opened up into the kitchen. It was dark, and I was worried about seeing someone in the shadows. But I did, like I was expecting, but it didn't scare me. I saw Sim sitting on one of the kitchen counters, and E was sitting at an island chair.

    I thought about my goal of eating a chocolate bar (I heard that everything tastes a lot better sometimes in dreams).

    "Sim," I asked. "Do we have any chocolate bars in here?"

    To my surprise, she said, "No, I don't think so, I haven't seen any."

    I thought about what I should do. 'I'll just look in random cabinets, I'm bound to find something then.' I went over to the sink that was in the middle of the kitchen and bent down. I moved over to the right, and opened the cabinet on my right, with the intent of finding a chocolate bar. All I saw were toppings to put on cookies, like peanut butter M&M's, shredded peanuts, pecans, and the like, but no pure chocolate.

    So I gave up on that idea.
    (I'm surprised, I should have asked her again, or tried to summon one again) I went to the outskirts of the kitchen. I then yelled, "Boyyys!" (I have no idea where that came from) I then heard a chorus of deep hey's coming from the opposite side of the house.

    I went back to the room that ejected me earlier. Before I went in, I imagined that I could get through it, and sure enough, I did without any problems. The room was small with a small window showing light outside now. To my left looked like the front door. I opened the door and peered outside. Immediately, the song "You Ain't Nuthin' but a Hound Dog" by Elvis filled my ears. I walked out onto the very small front porch. In front of me was a hedge that led out to the main road. I could see some people walking past our dorm house.

    I was second guessing if I really was dreaming right here. If I wasn't, I didn't want to make a fool of myself by going outside and running around in my pajamas. So I did the nose plug RC again, and yep, still dreaming! The music got a bit louder, and I began to walk to the beat out into the road. I was so overcome with emotion that I began to practically dance in the road. There were little crowds of people that were scattered around the place. I really wanted to fly. I ran and jumped but nothing happened, my feet pounded the pavement as I landed back onto the ground, as if in real life.

    Then, my alarm rang.

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