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    Fly Me To The Moon - DILD - 1/10/2015

    by , 01-10-2015 at 05:15 PM (821 Views)
    Fly Me To The Moon (DILD)


    I think I was lucid from the start. My bedroom was dark, and I was standing in the middle of the room. I wasn't scared like I usually was - of the dark in dreams, because I knew I could change it - I was aware enough to realize that I needed to turn on the lights and stabilize the dream, one of my goals.

    I remember saying out loud, "Why does it have to be so dark?"

    The lights slowly came on in my room (my lamp and my main light), as well as the light outside.

    I thought again to stabilize the dream. I walked over to the right where my mirror would have been (it wasn't), and gently touched the wall. It felt cold, but not too cold. I noticed my hand was slightly deformed, and a very light, glowing outline was around it. My touch sense improved a bit. I backed away from the wall and shouted, "Clarity now!" However, it didn't really help.

    I saw a small end table up against my wall. A book was lying there, it looked like a Webster's Dictionary for kids (it was that thick, and it had many colors on it). I walked over and picked it up. I turned it over onto the back, where the summary/sneak peek of the book usually was. As I looked at all the words on the book, they constantly kept changing. There were a lot of one sylable words, like "had", or "that", and the sentences didn't really make sense. I decided to read them aloud as best as I could.

    I did
    (I don't remember any of it now), and as I did, my voice sounded a bit distorted, and a little lower.

    I put down the book. I turned around and walked towards my window. It was open, and daylight was streaming in. I stuck my head out; and instead of our large front yard, it looked like there was a building right below me that connected to our house, with a small concrete/grass courtyard inbetween the two buildings. I remember then saying, "Show me something fun." (As if talking to my subconcious) Right in front of my eyes, out a little ways in the air; a dark, shadowy rainbow began to form. It quickly disappeared.

    Somehow I got onto the ground (it was blurry right then). I walked in the courtyard a bit, just looking around. I saw lots of pebbles on the ground around my feet. I looked to my left. I saw a bucket full of water.

    I then thought, "Oh! I can try to water bend!" I walked over to the bucket, and stood on either side of it. I at first tried using both hands, and was willing the water to move. I gently was moving my hands in a continuous up and down motion, acting like my hands were scooping the water up. I noticed tiny movements and ripples in the water. After a couple more seconds, I used more "strength". I tried to use varying hand positions, and trying to make my hands more "gentle." The water started to rise up out of the bucket, but there was some resistance.

    Suddenly, a boy about my age, if not a bit younger came up. He seemed immature. He was looking me up and down.

    I looked back to the water. With some new, great resolve I waterbended a portion of water out and threw it at his face. At the same time, I clenched my hands together (but not all the way into fists). The splashing water immediately turned into ice. The ice crystals formed within a second. It looked so cool.

    He stood there, stunned. Most of the ice was on his face, and it froze his hand in mid-air. He then fell over because of the heavy ice.

    I walked over to where most of the pebbles were. With element-bending in mind, I also thought I could try earth bending. I wasn't too familiar with those, though, as I was with water bending.

    At first, I tried to stomp on the ground, and create a crater, with rocks flaying out from it, like rippling water. It didn't work so well. I was able to crack some of the concrete when I landed, and some dust clouds flew up, but that was about it. I tried to move the rocks and pebbles at my feet, with varying motions of my hands, but that didn't work so well, either.

    I decided to go back inside. However, I didn't want to be near my house anymore. So I found our lone "front" door in the courtyard. There were small steps leading up to it, but no deck. I touched the door knob. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine another place, like a beach or forest. I opened the door. I then opened my eyes, but to my disappointment, it was still my house. It was dark inside.

    While still standing there, I suddenly remembered another goal I wanted to achieve. I wanted to eat something. As if on command, I heard my mom shout, "Dinner's ready!" from inside the house.

    I walked into the house and closed the door. I was in the den, as if I had entered from the back door of the house. I walked forward and to the left where our kitchen was. Momma was in there, bustling around with the food. Daddy was also in there, helping put out plates. I remember seeing my siblings walking around as well. I couldn't smell very well what was cooking.

    Instead of waiting for the plates to be served, I grabbed what I thought was a green bean out of the pot on the stove. I put it in my mouth. It had the consistency of spinach; it was mushy, as well as slightly fibrous (like eating a twig) but it still tasted like a green bean.

    Some time went by. My siblings and I walked outside to the backyard. It was dark now, the sun was almost setting behind the trees. I looked up. Dark clouds took shape in the sky; it was twilight.

    I wanted to increase the lighting again. "Come out, sun." I said, to myself.

    The sun slowly rose from its setting position up into the middle of the sky. The sky brightened at that, as well as the clouds. It turned into a pretty day.

    My eyes still looking up, I looked around for the moon. I saw its smooth silhouette a ways beside the sun.

    I wanted to fly to the moon. I jumped, and, still looking at the moon, I willed myself to it. I imagined the moon becoming closer and closer.

    Instead of actually flying, I looked back towards the ground. I was levitating about 3 feet off the ground, in a superman-like flying position. My siblings were looking at me kinda funny.

    I gave up and landed back on the ground. I decided I wanted to pull the moon towards me. I "imagined" with my mind, a lasso in my hands. It didn't show up in my hands, but I made the motion anyway of "lassoing" the moon. After a second, I began to "pull" on this invisible rope. There was great resistance, but the moon began to get bigger. I pulled again, harder. It got even bigger. I pulled once more, with all my strength. The moon continuously kept getting bigger, huge now; as if I had pulled it out of orbit and it was sailing towards us. Instead of it landing on the earth, however; a dark building landed in front of me. I, stupidly, assumed it was part of the moon. It wasn't really a building; it was circular, with 3 floors, but no walls. The entire structure was dark purples, blues, and blacks. There was a person in a costume standing on the topmost floor, leaning on the fencing.

    I walked around it, looking at it.

    The dream ended when my alarm woke me up.

    Vividity: 8.5 / 10
    Awareness: 11 / 15
    Dream Length: 10 minutes
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    1. Tihiti's Avatar
      Instead of actually flying, I looked back towards the ground. I was levitating about 3 feet off the ground, in a superman-like flying position. My siblings were looking at me kinda funny.
      Don't you love it when that happens!
    2. Sydney's Avatar
      Hahaha totally ^^
    3. justme13's Avatar
      I have seen you mentioning common dream characters like "Jonathan", "Mike", and "WL". Who are they?