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    I just wrecked a porsche

    by , 07-11-2012 at 01:47 PM (485 Views)
    I Just wrecked a Porsche (Non-lucid)


    I remember going to some party. Before we could get there, we had to stop by some sort of parking lot. A rick man rode in an a large truck that pulled some kind of stage. On the stage was what looked like a light blue Porsche.

    The dream sped forward, and the rich man, for some reason, had made me drive it to the party. The steering wheel was not in the position it normally is. Somehow I was controlling the car from the backseat, in the middle. The rich man and some guy he brought with him were talking up front, sometimes blocking my view.

    Eventually it ended up that I swerved and hit a curb, smashing the whole side of the porshe. They got seriously mad at me.

    Somehow we made it to the party, which was held on my back porch.

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