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    Pretty Epic Dream

    by , 06-08-2011 at 02:41 PM (528 Views)
    I had a pretty amazing dream last night.
    There were 5 types of people in my dream. Our world consisted of people with special powers. One was the flying type. They didn't have wings, but they could have them if they wanted them. The second one. I was this one. Once you showed your power and focused on it, shining beads would pop out of your skin (almost like a disco ball, but far about) and you would act as a human bomb, but you would not be destroyed yourself. I remember there also being the other 2, but I can't remember them now. The last one was just regular people.

    I seem to have forgotten the storyline/plot of the whole dream, but I remember looking for someone in a little cottage in a field. Then I remember being at my school at the Powers convention. (Where the people with their powers would engage in battle, etc.)

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    Tags: school
    non-lucid , dream fragment