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    Special Powers

    by , 07-05-2012 at 03:53 PM (375 Views)
    Special powers (Non-lucid)


    I remember having these special powers. I could control almost anything I wanted to, except for people. It was like being the Avatar. Before I knew that I had these powers, I was in a gymnasium with a couple of people. We were dribbling basketballs I think, and we weren't doing much else.

    I met a friend who was always very sweet to me. She would never utter a mean word. There was another girl who was also my friend, but she was a bit mean.

    At one point, I figured out the powers that I had. This part was weird. My nice friend and I were walking in the sea (yes, the ocean). I see an island. The island is held up above in the sky, and the only thing holding up the island is a very large rock similar to a volcano shape.

    I knew in my gut that the island was somehow in trouble. Suddenly, I heard screaming. The island began to topple from its pedestal. I ran towards it as fast I could, sometimes willing the water to take me there. I jumped up to the island, landing on the surface.

    I stood on the topmost peak. People were around me, looking at me. Just then I held the island with my will. The creaking stopped. The slipping stopped. All was silent.

    I lifted up my hands. I heard a big groan of rock separating from rock. I then pushed my hands forward slowly. The island then ascended slowly down into the water where it belonged. In the front to the right of me was a small pen. Inside this pen were some weird animals; they looked like baby Pterodactyls. They lifted up their huge heads and started to sing. I sounded weird, but a little bit of beautifulness was behind it.

    Just then the dream zoomed forward. My nice and mean friends were with me in the library. I stood beside my nice friend. I looked at my other friend and said, "We've decided to mutate this gene, so we can keep it in the family." (What? I think I was talking about my power, but I wasn't sure) The mean friend stamped off, screaming.

    Then I woke up.

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