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    Teleportation (DILD) 7/20/15

    by , 07-20-2015 at 09:36 PM (787 Views)

    This was a HUGE dream. When I woke up, I just remembered the last half, and then slowly, bits of the first half came back. But I can't promise that I remembered everything.

    - - -

    I was at my mom's house. I think I was in my bedroom first. My mom was doing some sort of renovation project, where she was removing a little "hallway" to my desk, and just making that whole wall even. She also added an extra, large window in my room. I could hear the workers still working on the outside of the walls outside. I remember being surprised once I walked into the room. I had an extra window! Awesome! More natural light!

    The scene shifted. I was now out on the back porch. A lot of people were there, from my little brother's age to my age or older, whom I didn't know barely any. We were apparently having some sort of party. There was at least 40 people there, either on the back deck, in the living room, or in the basement.

    I don't remember performing an RC. Well, I do remember the sensation, and seeing my hand clutch my nose, but I don't remember exactly when I did it.
    I was still on the back porch. Not completely and totally lucid, but I was somewhat aware. I remember I think someone was being rude to me. Some guy... I lifted my hands up, above my head, and "pushed" my hands back down like I was pushing some invisible force. As I was thinking of it, small droplets of rain began to drop around this guy. I looked up. The rain was only happening a little bit above his head, and no farther up. Like his own little rainstorm.

    I turned to my left. I could see over the deck fence over to where a main road should be. About 10 people were around me. Suddenly, the sky got a darkish grey. Flashes of cloud-to-ground forked lightning happened several miles away, over and over. The first time, the lightning was a light purple. The next time, it flashed a bright yellow. Then, a bright red.. I remember hearing myself say, "Oooh, that's pretty..."

    Suddenly, in the lightning's place, a huge tornado was forming. Too fast. It was already a cyclone. I could see it heading for the house. It had just overtaken a house that was about a quarter mile away. Forgetting that this was a dream entirely and that I should have just stood my ground, I ducked inside the house and hurtled myself towards the basement.

    There were several people down here, but some I specifically remember were these two boys watching something on a small TV that was on the ground. I looked closer at what they were watching. It was some old black and white show.

    I think my lucidity dipped here, but I regained most of it when I found myself in a small city that looked like a town over, but a lot less cars driving around. I remember standing partly on the asphalt road. I wasn't the only one walking. There were several people around that were walking, standing, or pushing carts.

    I looked up to my left. I could see the road went up a large hill, and blocked everything on the other side. I decided to walk up the hill and see what I could see. First, though, I remember stomping the ground, to try to get some of my senses to fully function. I felt like I was on autopilot, though. I then dropped to the ground and felt the road beneath me. I think I tried to crawl, or I just layed on the road.

    I finally went walking up the hill. I got to the top, and I could see a Walmart on my right. I thought I would walk in to see if I could find some candy.

    Time moved forward. I was inside. I think I saw E in there, walking around. I remember walking down random aisles, mainly in the bottom left corner of Walmart, looking for candy. But all I was seeing was hardware, and fishing stuff, and other things. I was walking down another random aisle when I decided to stomp my feet again. The pressure of my feet hitting the floor kind of hurt; the force vibrated up my calves. I kneeled down to the floor again, but this time, only to examine it. However, while I was crouched there, I remember thinking how I felt like I wanted to "go to sleep" or like I was sleep deprived. I couldn't shake this feeling, no matter how alert I tried to make myself. I still felt like a zombie.

    I walked forward a bit, reached my hand out to a lower shelf, and closed my eyes. I imagined to myself that my hand was about to touch a small box filled with something chocolatey. Sure enough, my fingers brushed against something. I opened my eyes. A small orange box of Reese's minis was lying there. I got excited. I picked them up, ripped the top open, and gorged myself. They weren't bad, but then again, I wasn't really focusing on the taste.. as I was trying to find what next to do.

    Another dip happened in my lucidity and now I was in a small shop. J and her roommate were both standing beside me. We were all looking around at things. I remember seeing a stand close to the checkout counter that had decks of cards in it. I thought to myself, "I do need a deck of cards, I've never owned one before." But then I reasoned, "Hang on, this is a dream. I can't take this back (but I wish I could)." So I tore my eyes from the display and walked out the door with J and her roommate.

    We were walking down the opposite way of the road I had been on much earlier. We came to a kind of deserted, graffitied building. Sam and my little brother were with me now. We all walked in, and found two guys in there, rolling on the floor or something.

    They laughed and walked out. I realized that this was just a bathroom. The walls were also graffitied in here as well, and the main wall paint was black. I walked into one of the larger stalls and looked around. A small light bulb hung over everything.

    We were back outside. We walked to a gravel/rock parking lot that was beside the building. I wanted to go somewhere else. I had never tried teleportation before, so I thought it would be cool to try.

    Using expectation with the dream characters/people around me (Sam, my brother, J, and her friend), I remember looking around and grabbing a semi-smooth stone that was about half the size of my hand if I had made it into a fist.

    "Guys, look.." I said. "This is a summoning rock."

    I don't know why I called it that. I showed it to them. They were a little surprised by it and thought it was cool. I tried to etch something into the rock with my finger by expectation, so as to make it seem more.. "symbolic". I silently thought to myself that I could. The top of the rocks surface was then able to be chipped away like a half-baked cookie. I etched a small cross into the top of it with my fingernail.

    I held it in my hand. I wasn't sure how we were all supposed to teleport there at once, but I decided that if I believed we could, then we could. I told everyone to get into a circle, and all hold hands. We all did. "I guess I put the summoning rock into my hand.." I muttered. "And hold yours.." I said to, I think it was, Sam.

    Now, we were all linked. I closed my eyes and shouted, "To Hogwarts!" That was the first thing that came out of my mouth. I didn't even plan to go there, I just wanted to go somewhere.

    We "appeared" in what looked like the Great Hall without any tables or chairs. I could see a much larger Hagrid standing beside a weak-looking Dumbledore like a guard. Dumbledore was seated in a throne-like chair. Hagrid was not happy to see us.

    Then I woke up.

    Note: At one point during this dream, I remember using the spell "Incendio" with just my hands, on someone. I didn't have a wand. This resulted in a small flamethrower-like fire coming out of my fingertips.

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