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    The Farmer's Sinkhole

    by , 09-14-2022 at 10:16 AM (245 Views)
    This was a very profound and symbolic dream. I don't have too much time to write this, so I may avoid some additional details, but I will get the main point across.

    I am a farmer in this dream. There's not too much detail about the farm itself. There is a very basic farm house and a corn field. Behind the house is what looks like a pothole or sinkhole. I am working in the backyard doing something to the earth (like maybe tilling). I discover the sinkhole and decide to start digging. I get a shovel and dig and the earth starts coming up in big blocks like in Minecraft. I get down deep pretty fast. I reach what appears to be bedrock, but upon closer inspection, is actually just a flat concrete slab. I notice around the edges at the bottom of the hole are a bunch of 2 x 4" wooden support beams holding up the earth above it. Sort of like if you were to look underneath somebody's backyard deck. The height of the space is only a couple feet. I have a flashlight with me and see that the space goes back for miles and miles as my light just fades into blackness. I can see board after board lined up in rows. I'm perplexed to see that my entire farm is being held up by these small wooden boards on top of a concrete foundation. A kind of creepy vibe comes over me; what the hell is this? The hole in the ground is square (like I said, it's like Minecraft), so it has four sides at the bottom. I examine the three sides and they all look the same going off into the distance. However, the fourth side appears to have a plywood board several feet back from the hole. I'm really curious, so I begin to crawl under the gap. It's very short, but just tall enough for me to crawl under. When I reach the board, I see that it's just leaning up against the support beams, so I push it aside. What I saw behind this gave me shivers. It opens up into a huge room with a much taller ceiling. The height of the room appears to be something like 20 feet tall, and the size of it appears infinite just like on the other sides of the hole. Only a few feet behind the board is a metal chain link fence. I shine my light back there, slightly illuminating these large structures that are all lined up behind the fence. At first, it's very hard for me to see what they are. I discover they are a bunch of huge reddish-brown pawns; just as tall as the room. You know, like pawns from a Chess game. They look kind of creepy like their faces are the heads of real people attached or something. They are also intermixed with huge electrical insulators. The kind that you see on big high tension power lines, except even bigger; they are the same size as the pawns. I crawl out into the larger room next to the fence. I walk along the fence and slowly with each row of pawns or insulators, they start looking more and more creepy. A weird feeling comes over me that if I keep walking, I will encounter dead bodies. I didn't actually see any, but there was just something about the progression that made me feel like I was being led into hell. The pawns kept getting redder and redder almost like they were covered in blood. As I walk everything keeps getting harder and harder to see and eventually fades to black when I wake up.

    Crazy. I think I feel for the people of Europe and what's going on there with the farming crisis. I think that's what this dream was about. I got some chills just writing this. I actually had this dream about two weeks ago now and just didn't get around to writing about it, but I think it's one of my most profound dreams so far.

    Best wishes to the people of Europe.

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