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    1. The prismatic soul controller

      by , 06-02-2021 at 10:07 PM
      This is a strange one. I know if I remember a dream until the end of the day that it's worth writing down. The ending is marginal, but it's written in a way that obscures what I'm saying. I'll edit it if it's not OK for this site.

      So it all begins at some type of high school reunion. I saw one of my worst enemies in school walking in the parking lot. He said, "Hey [name], how's it going?" He was actually kind of friendly like he had grown up a lot since school. He acted like all that stuff was behind us. I was friendly back. He asked how old I was and I said, "I'm going to be 30 in a few days". He was just like, "oh, cool." We parted ways.

      There was a pool party going on there and one of the really hot women started following me around. Next thing I know, we are at a mall together and they lock everyone inside. It was clearly intentional and sinister. (I had a dream a few months ago that was also about getting locked inside a mall with a bunch of people, but it was not as interesting as this one.) In the center of the mall (the largest part), there was a big enclosure/construct. An older women was ordered to line people up at the entrance of this construct. We lined up and I peered inside it. It was a room with about 1 foot by 1 foot prisms on the wall. They were made of mirrors. One of them was tinted a bright green color. When I saw this whole thing I realized something evil was going on. Everybody that was forced to step in there was having their soul get reconfigured. The one green prism was responsible for it and the others were just there to hypnotize people so they wouldn't stop. At least that's how I interpreted it. I knew I wasn't going to go in there, so I waited for the exact right time and sprinted away.

      While running, I saw one store in the mall that was under construction and the door was slightly open. I went in there as fast as possible. I think the women running the system saw me and went after me or sent somebody else. I could sense multiple people behind me. When I got in the store, I noticed a bunch of heavy construction equipment. One worker was still in there cleaning up. There was a huge wheelbarrow type thing that was made out of super thick heavy metal (at least 2" thick steel). It was right next to the door. When the evil women came in, I dumped it over her and she got trapped underneath. She was too weak to get it off.

      At this point I actually realized that the girl (the hot one from the party) I was with had followed right behind me. There was also one other guy that came too. So it was me, the construction worker, the hot girl, and one other random guy. We felt safer now that the evil woman was trapped, but one of them said more people are after us, so we have to keep running. We started running and the construction worker showed us this secret exit into the stairwell at the back of the shop. He had been using it for the construction I guess. We all ran as fast as possible down the stairwell. Eventually we got to an unfinished part. The stairs just dropped off with one more floor underneath. The guy said it's unfinished, sorry. So we all parkour-ed it along the edge and then had to jump down pretty far, but we didn't get hurt. At the bottom was just a small empty concrete room, but in one of the corners was a pile of rubble. Behind the rubble was a small tunnel. The construction worker said to follow him through there. It looked like he had been there before (maybe he had been helping escapees? IDK).

      We end up going through endless dismal passages and arrive at this one large cave. The cave was clearly pretty deep under ground. At this point we felt safe. The construction worker said, "let's keep going, I know the way out." Him and the other guy kept walking through the cave and into another small tunnel at the end. Me and the girl just stared at each other. I could tell she was hot (heat), so I offered to take off her sweatshirt. Then I paused for a second and said something like, "Let's do it. NOW!" She said, "Wait, wut? Right now... don't you want to wait until?" I said, "Yes, NOW." She smiled and said "OK." While it was going on, I saw some of the rubble in the bottom of the cave start to move. We both looked and saw there were some little people under the rocks. Not like babies, but mini-people - like little gnomes. They all started smiling and giggling and I yelled at them to go away, so they hid their heads back under the rocks.

      The End.