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    [MONTHLY SUMMARY] October 2015

    by , 10-31-2015 at 07:05 AM (270 Views)
    If there's no entry for a particular day, either I wasn't able to recall anything or didn't write it in my journal.

    Damn, this is only my second monthly summary? I need a lesson in consistency, lol. I've been on a lucid dreaming hiatus for several months and I've only recently started picking it up again.

    - My professor notes how he has a sleeping mask similar to the one I'm wearing around my neck.
    - A crazy 3D platforming video game starring Gon (a little yellow dinosaur-thing whom I know from Tekken 3) involving rampaging triceratopses.

    - I'm asked to draw a few things in class. At home, I tell my dad that I will use another weapon other than a sword to defend myself from something.
    - Me telling my dad how I'm turning to lucid dreaming as a coping mechanism.
    - An emotionally charged dream... It's my birthday, and my mom wants me to skip class and celebrate, but I disagreed, causing a lot of tension.

    - Something about DotA 2's Lion and his Impale skill.

    - A trek within and beyond a colossal mall in search of a bathroom, involving misleading signs and a weird Star Wars attraction!

    Day of Fragments!
    - Something about a Pinoy guy doing dangerous things with his manlihood, proving something about 'Filipino toughness'.
    - Feeding chickens. (Interesting!)
    - A wild motorcycle adventure across the province, involving lax cops and encounters with criminals!
    - Showing my friends a montage involving SpongeBob and DotA 2 player Arteezy.
    - A romance clique starring Kim Possible.
    - Whining to my dad about college life.
    - Me breaking up a fight between a friend and a schoolmate.
    - An argument with my sister.
    - My teacher reminding the class of a requirement, and a friend bragging about how she passed it early.
    - My dad giving me a therapeutic massage.

    - My dad called for a construction of a mansion, and we are discussing some MLP:FiM-themed embellishments for my room. Later on, an argument broke out between me and my mom (which I won!). Even later on, my dad remarks about how he did not expect the mansion to be so wacky.
    - An exercise in geometry class. My friend is having trouble with it.

    - A session in a moving jeepney with voodoo dentist trying to replace my tooth with a pebble and a piece of metal!
    - In a mall, buying and eating junk food that the voodoo dentist advised against.
    - Talking with my dad on a balcony about something I forgot.
    - A religious debate between me and my sister, with me calling her out on her appeal to emotion.
    - Talking to my dad about my dream adventures that night.
    - A Japanese horror RPG, involving a trio of villains, a futuristic hostage house, and a ghostly dungeon. It feels very similar to another Japanese horror RPG called Ib.
    - LUCID #11: Sleep paralysis. I try my best to separate but a magnetic force pulls me back or keeps me down. A blast of darkness from within my cabinet wakes me up for real.

    - A philosophical discussion with a bunch of strangers about human beauty. Later on, as part of some sort of photo shoot, I am going through a gauntlet similar to the ones you'd see in a 3D platformer.
    - Unboxing a mechanical object that seems to be able to morph between a vacuum cleaner and a mini-tank.
    - Me and my friend talking about the fallen DotA 2 legends Natus Vincere.
    - A tricycle ride involving an annoying fellow passenger, and forgetting my bag in the tricycle.
    - A switchup of swimsuits between me and my sister.

    - An eerie videogame-ish adventure inside a dark castle with my sister and mom.
    - Some animals solving a mystery involving food theft.
    - A more complex animal dilemma in a field, where me, a couple of friends, and a professor step in to help. Involves purple ooze-covered clay, an unfinished/demolished house, and 'orc metal bars'.
    - LUCID #12: Walking on some crowded path in the middle of a plain, when suddenly I feel something's up. I diverge from the path and feel the ground, and became lucid. Lucidity was almost instantly lost though, as the sudden excitement caused me to zip to the sky and land in another dream scene, non-lucid.

    - Evening nap: A vivid doomsday dream in an indoor resort. A strong gush of water from outside threatens to drown everyone, but everyone survives by escaping through an opening in the roof. The dream persists in peace for a good while.

    - Another emotionally charged dream. My dad is mocking my uncle who is crying, and I step in to defend him. My dad threatens me with a pair of scissors.

    - Sytrus!

    - Doing a mixdown of a song. I'm adjusting the mix level of the chorus on a Miku Hatsune vocal. I couldn't get it right, and I feel that Miku is shaking her head in some alternate universe.
    - LUCID #13: A short and blurry dream inside an unfamiliar messy bedroom. I move sluggishly throughout the entire dream, as if the air is as thick as molasses.

    - A chat with a friend and an old teacher about the latter's leadership in some high-school competition.
    - Me, the aforementioned friend, and a girl playing like kids. We are roleplaying as characters in DotA (me as Lich), and the girl is the unfortunate victim of me and my friend's 'spells'.
    - Struggling to play DotA (as Anti-Mage) with an XBOX. After the game, I put away the XBOX, controller, and TV, and grab my laptop and mouse.
    - Me reading this very set of dream entries!
    - Replaying fragments of earlier dreams that night.
    - In a jeepney, me realizing how I destroyed my laptop in my bag through my poor sleeping posture. I have a false awakening and am relieved that my laptop is perfectly fine.
    - Reading an old handwritten dream journal.
    - Some fragments of Fluttershy as she appears in the episode "Green Isn't Your Color".
    - A wild investigation adventure with a bickering family, involving rainbow dust, memories (not mine) of childhood bullying, a massive sandstorm, and ending in a nuclear explosion!

    - A replaying dream about ordering a meal in McDonalds. Each replay has increasingly larger meals than the last.
    - Something about a bus, and watercolor paint...
    - Eating a meal with family in Kenny Rogers, then ordering a solo meal. I never got my complete meal, because my and the cashier couldn't seem to meet eye-to-eye.

    - LUCID #14: I become lucid inside a car by asking the old lady in front if I'm dreaming. I try stabilization, but eventually the dream goes black. I re-emerge in a childhood bedroom, still lucid. I perform stabilization successfully this time. Downstairs, a green bird flies towards me and explodes, forming a plain around me (though the old world is still there, as if the plain and the house are 'layered' together). I lose lucidity from my sister 'waking me up' from a sleepwalk.

    - Candace of Phineas and Ferb: "MOOOM! From what anime is this background?"

    - In my province house, my friends and I are chilling with pro DotA 2 player Puppey.
    - SERIAL DONG CHOPPER. I'm a victim.
    - LUCID #15: Probably the most vivid lucid dream I've had so far (though not the most interesting); everything I focused on was hyperrealistic. After being spun around in an empty black space, I land in my room. I scrutinize a random thing (my headphones), then I look outside my room. I open the door and see clutter all around. I read something from a box inside the bathroom (a six-letter word that I can't remember). On the balcony, I see my dad, and I tell him, "I'm lucid!" He says I should do something more interesting. I float down to the ground from the balcony, and I scrutinize the grass in front of the house. I notice some tiny birds a few feet away.

    The best thing I've learned these past few weeks is that... SSILD is awesome.

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