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    Taffy's Sweet Dreams


    by , 03-30-2012 at 11:37 AM (663 Views)
    I was playing a PC game where you play as a gargoyle type thing. You have to fly around (or swim?) killing things (can't remember what they were). I think it was an MMO because I was looking for my cousin.

    Man, my recall is sucking lately.
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    Tags: game


    1. sinoblak's Avatar
      Not great recall, really, but it's better than nothing.
      @ what about that cousin, is he/she the same one as in the previous dream?
    2. Taffy's Avatar
      Nah, this is a different cousin. I see this cousin way more often. I should probably make notes of which cousin they are.
    3. sinoblak's Avatar
      I asked because I noticed that in my dreams the cousins stand for issues IRL connected with their social functions or life circumstances. Whenever I dream of a cousin who is a cop, for example, I have issues with authority figures, and when another cousin appears, who is an accountant, I usually find someone in WL trying to trick me. I don't believe random people just poo into our dreams without reason.
    4. Taffy's Avatar
      Really? Never thought about it that way. I wonder what this could mean. And more importantly, my last dream.
    5. Sydney's Avatar
      Sounds like a cool MMO
    6. Taffy's Avatar
      It was unique, I'll give it that.