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    1. College Registration/With Aang and the gorup/Weirdo Hotel People

      by , 01-20-2014 at 05:19 AM (LMR's Mental Adventures)
      Tips: I have two things to share! One is a concept that I like from the last video I posted, the other is another video that helps with everything. The first one is that your thoughts are like a waterfall. You can either stand under the waterfall or observe the waterfall. Standing under the waterfall is symbolic for being bombarded constantly with thoughts, standing away from the waterfall and observing is symbolic for watching the flow of your thoughts but not getting interactive with them, and having complete awareness of where you are (both mentally and physically, which in a dream would bring awareness). I'm aiming for being able to take myself from under the waterfall for WILD, because once I can do that I'll be able to sit back and watch my thoughts flow into dream without being interactive and getting lost in the flow of the thoughts. Here is a great video! 99% is a bitch. 100% is a breeze. - YouTube


      1) I'm in a college dorm but it's a lot larger than in movies and reminds me of my houses kitchen, actually we're in the kitchen of the dorm. It's me and my brother with two college guys and a girl. They're trying to find my name for registration, and they start pulling beer out of the freezer and the girl gets really drunk and the guys are trying to take advantage of her but she's not that drunk.

      2) I'm with the Avatar and the group (in the same environment I was in in my last Avatar dream) we're in the desert and Aang is trying to find one of the Air Nomads rare temples, we fly up to a desert butte, it looks a lot like this one ( butte landscape - Bing Images ) except that it has entrance holes in it. We enter through one and it's large and empty except two or three Earthbenders sitting on the floor, father and son and someone's who's a family friend. (The scene switches) I see some fire nation soldiers (who look like they're not "current" at all, so this kinda feels like it's in the past) and their general is an older guy I can't recognize. They jump onto the mountain/butte/huge desert hill and as they near openings an Earthbender flies out and stirs up dust and runs around. They attempt to catch him but just as they realize he's a distraction Aang and the group fly out and of an opposite entrance. I'm hanging onto either Aang or riding a flying carpet with Katara. Aang is in front of Katara and the general jumps off of the wall and tries to catch us (I guess we were supposed to not go far because we're on a flying carpet) but Aang speeds up the carpet with Airbending. The fire nation general says "I've gotten no closer to them even though they shouldn't be moving, it would be foolish to continue." And he gives up.

      3) I'm in a hotel with my female cousin and both of my siblings. I walk out of the hotel room and just as I get out to the entrance I see a blonde girl staring at me intently. Then my cousin walks up behind me. I tell her (without looking away from the blonde girl) "Go back to the room. Now." but she doesn't listen to me and stands there like a total idiot, I run to the door and lock the door of the hotel. I see the girl going to the second door. "I'm such an idiot." Is what comes across my mind. Just as I turn on my toes to run back to my room the girl opens the door and I sprint. My cousin enters right before me backing into a corner, I lock the door and back away slowly. I notice both of my brothers sleeping. The girl opens the door and I say "How did you do that?" (I should have realized it was a dream.) She continues walking while staring at me. Then her brother and father walk in behind her and I get an adrenaline rush, I attack the girl. As I push her on the bed choking her I see a metal chair in the corner and I reach over and pick it up, then I force one of the legs through her eye but as it kills her she turns into my little brother and he's this horrible shade of death blue. I get furious. I see the three of them trying to escape my rage. Not gonna happen. Her brother has a gun so I run for him. I slam him onto a car, conveniently the cops are there and he tries to shoot me but I point the gun away from me and he shoots his father, then I aim towards his sister and shoot her, with his hands. The cops run over and either shoot or arrest him. Either way I've murdered his family and now I've shown them part of the extent of my rage.

      - Meeting with Juroara
      - Learn more about my personal WILD
      - Practice dream control
    2. (Lucid) Avatar and Magic Shark

      , 07-27-2012 at 02:18 PM (My Nighttime Experiences)
      Finally had another lucid last night! Attempted a WILD but failed and fell asleep. I had a lucid, near the end of the dream so it was short.

      I was at some big lake with a giant floating building right in the middle of the lake. Katara (From Avatar: The Last Airbender) was with me, and some assasin woman came and attacked Katara. The assasin was a lady with two swords. She snuck up on Katara and slashed her in her side at least 4 times, each slash went halfway through her abdomen. (It was pretty nasty.) Then the lady threw Katara into a white cloth bodybag, which she then slashed into like 20 peices. She threw Katara into the water, but there was some magical shark in those waters that could bring people back to life. (And probably other stuff, cause it was... magic.) The shark saw the lady throw Katara in and it found Katara and brought her back to life.

      Later me, Katara (I think it was her, but it could have been someone else.), and some guy with airbender tatoos were in some camp with a big pool. The guy with the tatoos was our counselor. He could control all 4 elements, I think. He was earthbending a rock, aking it float over water, and I earthbent and flung it all the way to the other side of the pool. Katara goes over to grab it, and I swim over there too. It underwater and I want to try to to breathe fire. (By this time I knew I was dreaming, IDK how though.) I let out a small stream of fire, and that was pretty impressive, considering I was underwater! I was above water coming to the side of the pool and I want to blast fire from my mouth and hands at the same time, so I put my hands to my face and then pointed my hands and arms straight forward, blasting fire from my hands and mouth.

      It was cool, but I wanted to do the Task of the Month. I felt the dream slipping and I was thinking I could try to DEILD, but I don't really know how to do that very well. I remember I had to tip people off of their skateboards or something so I could DEILD
      , but I think I kind of lost lucidity at this point.

      I wanted to do the TotM, but I couldn't so I hope I'll get another lucid before this month ends!

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    3. f0rceez and melanieb PM, Handstand 69, MLP sex, Katara and Aang, Trailer food area, Elevator........

      by , 04-20-2012 at 06:41 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      fOrceez and melanieb PM (Non-lucid)


      I'm PMing f0rceez about something, same thing with melanieb.

      For f0rceez, all I remember was just talking about how I'm going to do a WBTB after we talked about something that I can't remember.

      I don't know what I'm PMing melanieb about.
      Handstand 69 (Non-lucid)


      Spoiler for 18+....Kind of...:
      MLP Pinkie Pie Humiliation (Non-lucid)


      I'm not really proud about this dream, but I might as well put it down anyway.....

      Spoiler for 18+....I think?:
      Large Katara and Little Aang (Non-lucid)


      Katara is like a giant compared to Aang. She has him on her hand, and she's using her fingers to roll him around like he's some kind of cute little animal or something, and it feels he's enjoying it too since he's rolling down the creases of her palm.

      Trailer Food Areas (Non-lucid)


      I'm outside, having several fast food places around me. It's one of those areas where there's a busy traffic, and a lot of parking with a lot of places to go to.

      I'm looking around some areas, tempted to go to them to get something to eat, but I end up not going to find something else more enticing.

      Then I see one of those Trailers that sell food, and I go up to them, by this time, I think I was sitting on a white truck or something. So I get off it, and go up to them, then I turn back, and realize my wallet was stuck between the creases of the back of the truck.

      I quickly grab it, go back to the trailer food area to see what they have, they said something, but that just makes me reject them as well. I look around to my left after I turn my back on them to see another area having a lot of heated food wrapped in aluminum foil.

      It seems the employees were just waiting for customers to come in.
      Elevator Settings (Non-lucid)


      I'm with a random group of people, and we're waiting for an elevator to come open to us. The settings were kind of weird, but I can't remember what exactly.

      I end up talking to some female and declared what I think she really has, which was dementia, or something like that. It took her a while to admit it, but she gives up and decides to click the elevator button for people with dementia.

      Too random for me to understand anything that went on in this dream.

      Trap Spell (Non-lucid)


      I think I'm in a fast food area, and there's this entity in a cloak, probably black or dark brown, not too sure, and it appears they are after me.

      I panic a little but I'm aware that I can defeat them easily, or at least delay their movements and escape by using some kind of spell. The reason why I know this is that it feels like I'm in a video game, and I'm seeing things in third person perspective.

      There's a HUD displaying on the bottom right hand corner, and there's a "+" pad, like you would see on the Nintendo Wii Remote, and there's something on the right side of the pad on the screen.

      It looked like some kind of brown container or coffin??

      I feel myself selecting it, and it instantly traps the person in some weird container I can't even remember, and the container was fairly huge. I thought this was the time where I should start hitting the container to damage the entity in it, but it only is breaking it apart to help them get out.

      Once they do, I escape through the door, and I think the dream resets to where the entity was there. I use the spell or whatever it is again, and I forget what I did after.
      Bus 24 and Melanieb? (Non-lucid)


      There are a lot of shifts in this dream.

      The room overall is different shades of blue and green, mostly turquoise,

      I'm inside a lecture room, or something like that, and there's this person who appears to be a guest speaker, and he's asking the students what are the remaining three answers showing in red question marks.

      I believe the question itself was asking what keeps organizations together.
      (Then I realized this dream was related to the Sociohorticulture class that I have, and how it's relating to a previous slide lecture I was at).

      Some of the students answer, but they always ended up not knowing the last one, so they would try and say something that was said before. I think the max they could say were 3 words.

      I raise my hand to say,

      "Motivation to keep people in them........"

      and two more things that I can't remember, but I do know that the last one was something that was repeated since it was easier than just sitting there looking dumbfounded.

      The dream shifts to where I'm outside, and it seems I'm waiting for a University bus to arrive. I take my shirt off for some reason, and I see a bus coming near me.

      I thought it would stop since I'm at the Bus Sign for it to pick and drop people off, but it passes me, and I'm wondering why. Then I realize it was Bus #25, so this wasn't the stop for it.

      I think another bus was arriving after that, but I can't remember if it was #24.

      The dream shifts again to where I'm standing near a curb, and I looked at a lawn sign

      It said something about "Pornstar," or "Ex-Pornstar."

      I felt as if this was referring to Melanieb, I don't know why, maybe it was during a dream shift, I probably experience something related to her, and presumed that this sign was some kind of association towards that.

      Temple in Sephia (Non-lucid)


      My recall for this was too hazy, but I'll still try to remember whatever I can.

      I see a picture of a temple with some kind of orange barrier around it, and it was all in Sephia color.
      Class (Non-lucid)


      I only remember sitting in class with someone that seemed familiar. The class color setting was dark brown overall.

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    4. Picard and my Crush, Levitating Downhill, Aang with Katara vs. Azula...

      by , 04-17-2012 at 06:17 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Captain Picard and My Crush (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking upstairs, and things are really weird. I believe Captain Picard wanted me and a small group of people to go into a high pressured room.

      We had to do some procedure where we would lower the pressure of the room before getting out of it, because if we didn't, our bodies would explode in an instant from the abrupt change in pressure.

      The room overall had a light green lighting to it, and it felt kind of like a lab, and all the tables and the floor, and even the drawers most likely were all pure white.

      After a while, I can't remember what we do in the meantime, but when we get out of the room, and close it, I think Picard gets pissed off and said we did something wrong.

      All of us just stay back, and he goes back into the high pressure room again, and I started to worry about him because he then immediately opened the door again. I honestly thought he was going to explode, and I get a gradual zoom-in on his face, and nothing wrong is happening to him.

      But the dream shifts, and apparently he died? So I guess the dream didn't want me to see his body exploding, because that's the only way he could've died, at from associating it before the dream shift.

      I'm walking up the stairs again, and I'm in a room that is purely white. Everything is white, the chairs, tables, etc. I believe people are mourning his death, but it doesn't really seem like a legit funeral, especially when the room itself is all white.

      I guess everyone else was just doing something else, while I had the presumption that they were paying their respects.

      I see a few familiar people, and all I'm doing now in the dream is walking as if I'm patrolling and monitoring people's actions, but I'm not really doing anything to them.

      There's this dude who looks like a guy named Joel that I hated with a passion because he always made himself look like a piece of shit when talking or even just existing in waking life.

      He goes on some small whiteboard to write his name on it, I think it was listing who was on which part of the tennis team, and I see my name on it.

      Then when I turn to my left, I see some horribly built structure made of cardboard and white blending stumps. I go to it and see my name somewhere, but I didn't make it, I think someone was just mentioning my name for some weird purpose.

      I touch the weird cardboard structure and everything falls down. I panic a little, but no one seems to really care that I made it break apart with one touch. I was talking to myself that someone did a really horrible job on this.

      Then I feel a person behind me saying,

      "Yeah, someone really did a crappy job on it." The voice sounded familiar, but I ignore it because I didn't need to apologize to anyone.

      Then I see a girl who looks like my previous crush in waking life, Isaura.

      She's sitting down with some guy, but I'm not paying attention to him at all.

      Before I advance towards her, I saw her with her dyed Auburn hair. I believe she was wearing a Gray Gathered Frills Blouse, along with light blue jeans.

      She looked beautiful, and how she wore something so elegant with a dull color, along with her Auburn hair made her the eye-candy of this room full of white textures.

      I pretend I'm just walking around randomly in my room, and it seems Isaura is on her phone doing something, seeing as her head is down most of the time I'm looking at her.

      I finally get closer to her, and she immediately looks at me, and whispers to the guy next to her while doing slight giggles,

      "Hey, he's trying to read my text..."

      I wanted to say I wasn't but I just kept quiet and moved on. I guess I just wanted to gaze at her pretty visage for a while, no matter how awkward things were going to be in getting that small satisfaction.

      I think I go near her again, and then the dream shifts a little where I'm holding what seems to be a black iPad. I see some random video clips of Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

      (This same dream was probably foreshadowing dream later on with Aang and Katara vs. someone who looked liike Azula).

      I decided I should go ahead and turn it off, and to do so, it had the same function as the Zune HD where you would press the button on top, and hold it for a few seconds before another screen barely shows up on top of the screen for you to slide all the way slow to turn off.

      I do so, and once I slide all the way down, I quickly tuck it under my right arm. Then I felt like I didn't turn it off at all, so I press one button, and it was still on, so I attempt to turn it off again, and waited for the screen to fade away.

      Two reasons why it didn't turn off in the first place:

      1. Electronics aren't really stable from what I recall in my previous dreams, which should've prompted me to do a reality check.

      2. When I quickly tucked it under my shirt, the friction between my clothing probably made the slide screen go up, which was probably a way to abort the off function

      But it was most likely the first reason, but again, just keeping this for reference later on.

      When I have the iPad under my right arm again, I believe Isaura is close to me. I felt so compelled to just turn over and look at her again, it was as if she wanted to see me, and the force was so strong and short.

      But I forced myself to ignore her, and then the after I get out of the room, I can't remember anything else after that.
      Levitating Downhill?? (Non-lucid)


      Not sure if I should split the experiences into two or combine it into one dream, but it's safe to just combine these two since where related to each other based on how the same characters showed up in both (or at least some of them).

      I'm walking with a group of people inside a building, and we're following a teacher whose back facing us. The whole time in this dream, I never see turn around to show his face to us.

      He leads us to a room, and apparently it's supposed to be where we would find out our grades for something. There's a long brown table in the middle of the room, and there are a lot of brown chairs to sit on.

      I believe there was a long and huge carpet in this room as well, and I go to a random seat and wait for someone to pass out some green sheets, something like that. The scores were pretty low, and I can't really remember what I got, but I think it was based out of 20.

      I probably got around 14/20, maybe lower, but that was just part of the overall grade. We're given more sheets on other parts of the overall grade, but I don't really recall seeing an entity showing up to give us this. It's like the sheets are just appearing and magically going to our hands.

      Now shifting towards the next scenario, I'm outside with another group of people, with some familiar faces from before the dream shift.

      We're supposed to go around a few laps outside this oval road made for jogging or biking, and there are people doing construction work, so it made things a little difficult.

      One of the areas was this fairly deep brown ditch, but the people participating in the jog/walk didn't have a problem walking through it.

      I didn't want to go there, so I quickly go to the left side, and there's this small wooden fence that I jump over to continue walking with these group of people.

      Then the dream shifts for a while where there's this huge and long downhill. I see some people starting to run down this huge road hill, and I while I get ready to do the same, I tell myself,

      "All right.....let's do this..."

      I accelerated pretty fact to the point where I jumped a little bit, and I believe I was levitating while going really fast down the hill? But at the same time, I felt like I was just floating because of the air pressure and the speed making it seem like I was flying for a while.

      I was still close to the ground, but by a few inches. I basically keep going down on what seemed to be an infinite road path going down hill for the rest of the dream.

      Aang, Katara, and Azula??? (Non-lucid)


      I'm in spectator mode, just watching how things will turn out in this dream. I see Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender's head pop out from the surface.

      He's with Katara I believe, and there's a group of girls in this huge lake, and someone tells me, but I can't pick out who exactly, that Aang is is going to airbend from his mouth to blow all the water from the lake, along with the girls. I'm not sure if that was meant to be a vauge sexual innuendo, seeing as the narration voice was extended their sounds on words like "blow."

      Anyway, Aang does so, and the whole lake is empty, I don't know where all that water went to, but it's gone, and the girls in the lake were pretty pissed off at Aang for some reason. They get near him slowly, and by now, his whole body is on the surface instead of being buried.

      The dream shifts to where he earth-bends for a while, and a girl that looks like Azula comes up to Aang and says,

      "Hey! You! Show me how you earth-bend like that!"

      Aang is a little frozen because she came up to him so fast, and she kept being persistent in asking him how he's earth-bending.

      Then Katara, who is behind both of them is getting annoyed by the girl asking Aang, and she starts to water-bend for a while, and attempts to throw shift the water to splash on the Azula look-a-like.

      But she is able to water-bend as well, and Katara has to quickly respond to that but forming the water around her again to attempt to throw it back at the other girl. They keep doing this for a while.

      Then I think what happens next is that the girl starts to fire bend, which leads me to assume that she really is Azula now. Aang and Katara are having a hard time, despite it being 2 vs. 1.

      Katara starts doing some crazy shit by flying with water, and Azula is chasing her. She starts to do lightning-bending, and Katara and Aang are surprised that she can do this as well along with Water-bending and Fire-bending.

      (I know Azula can Fire-bend, which would be normal for her to be able to do lightning-bending, seeing as that's the advanced stage for fire-benders....just like metal-bending would be for earth-benders, and blood-bending for water-benders, but I guess Kataara and Aang lost all basic logic of this).

      But apparently, Azula isn't really creating lightning, she's using some kind of poisonous chemical that she bends to shoot in a straight light, and then holds two fingers and blows fire on top of them to create this lightning kind of web that helps her catch up to Katara.

      I think Aang comes in, earth-bends to create an attachment to go on his arm, like some huge fist to punch Azula, but she dodges it quickly. Aang gets up and pulls out the earth arm of his, leaving a crack on what seemed to be a semi-domed earth temple.

      Then I realized the environment they're in are full of violet stalagmites, which leads me to presume they're in an underground cave.

      Aang managed to distract Azula so Kataara escapes, and my view now pans over to me seeing Katara's back facing me, and she's going up towards this bright white light.

      There are these floating ledges she has to jump on, and she struggles to get on a few of them, but she managed to get out. The view now shifts to Aang, and he quickly gets out with ease since he can Air-bend.

      Then I see Appa blocking Azula, and now they're fighting each other. Their fight was similiar to a Tales of Symphonia 2 fight. Appa rolls on Azula with his huge body, and I see damage counters show up with some insane numbers, so I guess Azula had high health points or something.

      Azula is paralyzed from this, and Aappa also leaves to head some teleporation altar as well.

      Aang and Kataara and Appa are now all back to the previous environment before being shifted into the underground one.
    5. Building & Glass Elevator, Sportsmanship, Mechanical Insect, Keiko, Aang Crying, Bus

      by , 03-10-2012 at 04:47 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Building & Glass Elevator, Sportsmanship, Mechanical Insect, Keiko, Aang Crying, Bus


      Dream 1: Building & Glass Elevator

      I remember going to a huge building and I'm walking with a few DCs. In my backpack, I have some statement verifying I have funding for college, and it's a lot of money for me.

      I go inside and I see a lady that looks like she would be someone at a Help Desk. She looks like she's in her 30s wearing a short full body skirt.

      There were other DCs that had statements for funding from different banks as well, and I wanted to show her mine, but I decided that I should go up somewhere.

      I wanted to use the restroom, and it was designed for one person to use. There's someone occupying it, and the door is slightly open.

      He's washing his hands, and he sees me and tells me I can come in since it looks like he's almost done anyway. I tell him "Thank You" and he responds "No problem."

      Then when he leaves, I do my business, I have trouble aiming at first, but I get it on target. The door is still slightly open. A male peeks and I notice this, and then I get mad at him and start to close the door quickly with fury.
      (Funny how someone lets me use the bathroom while they're almost done with it, and I get mad when someone tries to come in. But I guess if the other dude was still doing his business, he would be bothered too).

      After that, I was going up a lot of stairs and felt like a corporate building, and a I knew I met a female along the way, and when I get to the top after talking for a while, the fire alarm rings, and we all decided to go on.

      I wanted to go down the stairs but someone tells me that I should come to the elevator with them. I think it was my mother, and I ignore whatever she's trying to telling me next.

      We're in a glass elevator (sort of, I can see outside though), and I'm waiting for it to go all the way down, and it's pretty bright outside.

      Click image for larger version. 

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      We go outside and I see an Asian guy that looked Viet that I used to know in High School. He's going after this girl, and it seems he likes her. There's another girl behind him sitting down watching him make a move on the girl.

      She starts to follow them, and they're probably 15-20 feet away from me, I look at her for a while and then I shift my attention to going forward somewhere.

      Dream 2: Sportsmanship at Bar

      I see a group of males that looks like they are on a football team, but they're just wearing athletic shirts like Powerhouse shirts. Two males look like they have the same body structure, and they all gather together.

      The whole environment seemed to be in a bar late at night.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WXsq3.jpg 
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      One guy comes up to join in on the victory, but since the opponents are close to them, he portrays some sportsmanship and stays quiet until he reaches his group.

      After that, he even shakes hands with the other team to just help them not feel like they're complete losers.

      Dream 3: Mechanical Insect

      I'm inside a building again, and I see this monster in front of me. From my view, it looks like it's around 6-9 feet tall, and it's weird.

      It looks like an insect, but it's a mechanical insect, and most of the colors that coated the metal were blue and green. It starts releasing green goo, and me and another guy are dodging it.

      One person tries to stab literally straight to its heart. One sword goes on the top section, and the other goes on the bottom. A lot of goo is spewing out from this creature, but it just won't freaking die.

      The person sees this isn't working, and tries to go for the right torso region this time, there's more goo spewing out, but it is still alive. The guy decides he has to make some kind of radial attack to cover all sides near its heart.

      It finally dies, and I swear the guy who killed it looked like Zolo from One piece, but I'm just going to presume it was him.

      The dream shifts to where this a male has some cleaned metal base from the creature and it's black. Whenever he adds oil to it, it makes this really hot flame.

      I can literally feel the heat as it radiates and I cover my face and neck region, and I tell the male that he should stop doing that, and he's like "Ooooh okay" in a stupid hippy accent.

      Dream 4: Keiko

      I'm in a building again, and there's this anime girl outside. We (I'm with random DCs again) had to keep her safe somewhere because she's tied up with white rope.

      We decided to lay her somewhere, and then as I start to turn to follow whatever group of DCs I'm with, I see some being near the girl.

      The person looks like Elder Toguro from Yu Yu Hakusho, and before he could do something horrible to her, a random anime chick comes in to save the girl, but I think she vanishes, which was really no point in her coming in the first place.

      Elder Toguro vanishes and gets closer to the same girl being bound by white rope, and he starts to form a weapon, kind of like a cutlass from his arm.

      He has the girl by her neck, and I see Kurama is behind him, and he's talking like Kazuya, one of Shinobu Sensui's personalities. I found that a bit odd for another character's voice to be one of the main character's accent, but I just go along with it.

      Kurama does a rose-whip attack on Elder Toguro's head, which apparently kills him. We leave the girl safe again, and we loosen up the white rope a bit so that she could move.

      She looked a lot like Keiko Yukimura from Yu Yu Hakusho.

      Dream 5: Aang Crying

      I'm riding down a huge slope with a bicycle, and it's daytime. The road is really wide, and when I have to go up, I end up flipping some object all the way to the top.

      Once I reach there, I see an image of Aang from Avatar the Last Airbender crying as Katara is holding him.

      Dream 6: Bus

      I'm going inside a bus and I go to the back end of it. In the middle are three seats. There's a DC to my right that's sitting on one end. I'm not sure if it's a male or a female, but I sit in the middle of the seat.

      I feel like I took someone's spot, but I didn't care.

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    6. I Am the Avatar

      by , 11-13-2010 at 10:31 PM
      October 19, 2005

      I dreamed that I was the new Avatar (The Last Airbender). I was showing off to all of my friends that I could levitate on a ball of air. The technique to it was to jump up in the air and cross your legs and the ball of air would support me. I floated around the rocky ground. Then one of my DCs said they could do it too. He tried but failed epically because all he did was sit there. Then I said, "Watch me," and I crossed my legs and floated around even more having a blast, while kicking up some nearby stones with the wind I floated on. I then stopped and remembered that I could control all four elements, so I tried fire. It shot out of my hands in a red flame. I tried to propel myself upward but it didn't work very well.
    7. I'm the Avatar

      by , 09-19-2010 at 10:03 PM
      Dream of September 19th, 2010

      I was in a desert, but I can’t remember how I got there or what had happened before this. I was Aang from Avatar the last Airbender. I was flying along in the desert when I saw a young girl with tanned skin and black hair. She said that there were people after her and asked me to help her. I agreed and took her with me to my friends, Katara, Sokka, and Appa.

      When I entered the camp I told the gang the girl’s situation. After talking a bit I realized that I wasn’t acting quite how Aang would act, I was acting to serious, so I tried to smile more and sound happier and optimistic like Aang usually does. The girl then told everyone the rest of the details, such as where the bad guys’ base was, and then she showed me that she had wire handcuff type things on her wrists. To cut the wire off of her wrists I put my fingers as if I were using scissors for the game “rock, paper, scissors” and then I closed the two fingers and attempted to cut the wire. The first attempt didn’t work but then I tried to focus my mind and inhaled to bring in energy and then I tried to cut it again, this time it worked.

      After cutting the wire we all got ready to leave for the base. For the first part of the journey we just walked, but once we arrived at the tunnel where the enemy base was I had everyone ride on Appa while I flew (which doesn’t make sense since usually Aang walks Appa through tunnels and flies through open areas).

      As we descended down into the base we encountered some of the bad guys, which I quickly took care of. Once we got further down the tunnel it started to transition from the rough rock to smooth white painted walls and wooden floors. I’m not sure how it happened but I ended up getting separated from the rest of them. I found the leaders in what looked to be a kitchen but they fled out the door into a hallway.

      I’m not sure after if I separated from Aang’s body and became myself or just went into first person after that. Anyways, I walked down the hallway and searched for the leaders when a boy came and said that they had placed illusions and that we would have to break them to find them. I think I went into one of the rooms after that and broke one of their illusions and found one of the guys, and then I went back into the hall and into another room. In this room there were many windows, some chairs, and at the end a grand piano. Something felt wrong about the room, the appearances of things seemed to change slightly every so often, and it made me feel a little weak and my mind fuzzy. I tried putting my hands in front of me and touched everything to see if it was real, and then I went up to the piano and picked it up and moved it. While I was moving the piano it ended up touching some pipe like object which shattered the illusion.

      The appearance of the room had changed drastically. Most of the windows had faded away and the chairs and everything else looked plain instead of elegant like it used to. Since the windows faded away the room became darker, and it actually made me feel a little scared. I turned around to leave the room and saw one of the men escaping into a different room. I went to follow him but then the dream faded away.