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    1. May 14, 2018 Non-lucid

      by , 05-14-2018 at 07:50 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream scene was in this massive building that served as a school but it also seemed like it was a getaway or vacation place for a group of students. One part of the dream was held in this auditorium where a teacher was lecturing and we were taking notes. The class ended and we walked down some stairs and through rooms. I went into a room that was like a study space with bookshelves but was a hangout spot too. In my head I remember that I had bought this space from the school for 300 or 400 dollars. The dream goes to other spots in the building. Back to the auditorium at some point but this time it's fairly empty except for a few people sitting in the back. I walked out of my place and saw a pool there. Someone was close by so I told them about the space that I bought.

      The other part of the dream was still near this giant building but in another section that had a giant ballroom with stairs that led outside to a beach area. It seemed to be nighttime and a lot of people were drinking. I was going between the ballroom and outside. I remember shelby and zoe were there. I had gone and talked to shelby a little bit about something. I went back to my space and then came back down to the ballroom. There were a lot of kids underage drinking on this trip. Abby b and someone else came up to me and said they had come very late to the party.
    2. A Blast from the Past

      by , 06-30-2012 at 01:51 AM
      I can remember being back at my old classroom in Math class. I was seating as the teacher was organizing the stuff and everyone else was preparing to get ready to graduate from the school. I am seating there watching my teacher packing up some books while she talks to another teacher. Being here again made me feel so happy. I thought of Abby during this part. I think it was because I just got braces the day before. The teacher then dismissed us and now we were able to leave the class and leave the school. As soon as I left the classroom, I noticed how bright the sun was again and I saw so many people walking out of their classrooms. It was a ghetto city, so I was cautious of what or who was able to attack me. I followed the long crowd through the hallway right next to the classroom I just left. I followed until I saw an empty open space and walked in to it. I decided to help a few teachers help pack their things.But as soon as I entered one classroom, they were already receiving help. So, I decided to go home now. On my way home, I seemed to have super natural powers. I had the power to move as fast as I could. I was moving so fast I felt like Wesker from Resident Evil 5. As soon as I finally reached the school parking lot, I moved extra fast. Most people didn't even pay attention to how fast I was though. After a couple of minutes of running, the scenario changed and now, I was a different character of this dream. I was now a girl living up to her dreams of being successful in her life. I watched as her life slowly started to change from a bad one to a really good one. At the end of her success, I was in a jungle just watching as she took a high jump off a high ledge and landed on another one below her.
    3. 05/17/11 Sleep (4) 11:30PM - 6:00AM

      by , 05-18-2011 at 01:41 PM (Graham's DJ)
      That's right. 4 separate dreams! I drank half a cup of natural apple juice before I went to bed (Not sure if this had any effect on my dream recall or not). Anyway, I'll try to go in the order I remember them.

      My first dream had to do with some kind of family gathering at the Clevenger residence (The family I am going to move in with once I graduate). I don't remember much about this one, besides the fact that there was a spider chilling on a fence and I was messing with it. The spider looked something like a mix between a predator and a skulltula (and almost as big). I remember doing something to subdue it, but I don't remember what. I know I didn't touch it; that thing was scary as fuck.

      The next dream I remember took place in school, as usual. There was a party in my classroom. Possibly having to do with being the end of the school year. Not sure. The classroom was packed, so I decided to go in the lunch line to get some food. My friend, Diorra stopped me and teased me about going in the line to see Vanessa (ex). I didn't understand why she'd even bring her name up to me, as we haven't dated in a year and a half and haven't talked in months. When I got to the lunch line, I saw her about 5 people in front of me, and I just went back to the classroom.

      I'm not sure if this is the same dream or if it continued where the last one left off or what, but I'll count it as a 3rd dream... The bell rang and I began heading to English class (I took English last semester). The teacher said my group's assignment was to fill up a bottle with shampoo from some really old theater/stage that was all the way out in like Virginia. Why my teacher wants us to go to Virginia is beyond me, but we did it. I forget who drove. We arrived at the stage in about 15 minutes time (Virginia is a 3 hour drive minimum). It was dark, but the stage was lit, and we got whatever amounts of shampoo we needed for our bottle. Before getting back in the car, I saw some steps leading down a hill into some trees. I followed them 'til I saw a large house with the lights on. For some reason, it just popped in my head that this was Abby (some girl in my AP Environmental Science class) and that I should leave, so I got back in the car and I think the dream ended.

      The last dream I remember is a dream I've had for awhile. It has to do with the video game "DOOM". I used to play this game a lot as a kid, and last night I dreamt I was on the Nightmare difficulty setting (basically the hardest thing you've ever seen. 10x harder than your Call of Duty Veteran or Halo Legendary) but died as soon as I took damage from anything. If you've ever payed on the Nightmare difficulty, you could imagine how annoying this really is.

      I'm somewhat surprised I didn't DILD in my dreams last night, as I performed at least 20 RCs the day before. I also attempted MILD, using the mantra "I will be aware that I am dreaming".

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    4. 04/19/11 These Dreams Make No Sense!

      by , 04-19-2011 at 10:19 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Happy Birthday
      I am at a birthday party, it is a big event. It is the birthday party of my friend Alicia, though it is much larger than any party she has ever had before. I don't know where Alicia is right now, and I don't recognize any of the other guests. I explore the party, which is much too large to be in Alicia's house. I enter a room that is filled with treats of all kinds, cakes, cookies, drinks of all kinds… the center piece is a huge birthday cake. I am walking through the room when Derek Morgan from Criminal Minds comes out of the cake and starts dancing.

      I think Alicia will be disappointed to miss that… I continue and find there is an indoor pool at the party, which is so big there is a small island in the middle of it. I think Alicia is probably on the island which is going to be a problem for me to get her gift to the island without getting it wet.

      Kobold Attack
      I am in a room, or actually it's more of a cave, it is a large roundish cavern with a glowing gem in the middle of it. The gem is about the size of a basket ball and it is floating in the middle of the room with no apparent support, bathing the room in a blue light.

      I look at the gem, there are actually rainbow colors moving about in the gem, it is almost hypnotic. There is movement in the darkness around the edge of the room, and an attack comes fast and violently. I realize I am a Paladin, like from DDO, and I am armed with a nasty looking sword. I am surrounded by kobolds, and they are all attacking me. I start fighting off the kobolds. I can see enough of what is going on around me to tell that I am not fighting alone, but I can't see who else is fighting against the kobolds. Whoever they are, there seems to be three of them and they are keeping the crystal in the center of the room covered from the other three directions, so I can just focus on stopping the kobolds from one direction. My armor is very good, and my sword is deadly, I am able to successfully fend off the kobold attacks. Unfortunately I never do get a look at my companions before I wake up.

      Crazy Taxi: Burnout
      I am at my house, both my mom and I have errands to run. She leaves first, then I follow her shortly later. I notice she has put a lot of stuff out for the trash, so I stop to check to make sure there is nothing there I want to keep. I find a trunk there, look inside, and the thing falls apart. I find a set of sheets I really want to keep, so I put them in my car and then leave for my errands. After I get a short distance I realize I don't remember what errands I needed to perform… damn. I go home. Alicia is waiting for me there. My mom arrives home shortly after. In my room, I realize I need to feed my fish… I have two small fish bowls with male betas in them.

      I forgot to feed them… but fortunately they look fine. I open my bottle of food and feed them the last of it, so I know I need to go get more food. My mom tells me not to take my car, for some reason she wants us to take a taxi instead. That sounds expensive… Alicia and I are in the taxi, heading to town. Alicia notices that the driver seems to be driving quite recklessly. I don't mind, since it will get us to our destination sooner. But he is getting more reckless… now it's like he's trying to get into a wreck. I do a RC and find out I'm dreaming, (though I don't really become lucid) this is a game of Crazy Taxi, so I am looking around through the windows for opportunities to get in a wreck. Alicia says the driver and I are both nuts. We get in a massive wreck. He jumps the cab from the top of one parking garage to another one and then we crash into a large fuel tanker, creating a huge explosion. Somehow none of us are hurt, but the explosion is awesome. The driver has had enough, but I want to play more. I jack a car from the parking lot we crashed in and take it out, aiming to get in more wrecks. I hit a few cars and then crash into someone's living room through the front window. I look around and I see Abby Shuto from NCIS

      standing by a couch, she doesn't seem to notice the car that just crashed into her living room. There with her is Beetlejuice from the movie Beetlejuice.

      That is a strange combo… Beetlejuice hands Abby a bouquet of black roses, with a hopeful look on his face. Abby is upset about something, however. She grabs the roses from him, tears them apart, and throws them back in his face before storming off into another room and slamming the door behind her. Beetlejuice looks totally depressed as he come over near me, finally taking note of the car in the living room, he says she'll never forgive him.
    5. Old Dream: Song and Baptism

      by , 03-02-2004 at 03:17 AM
      Jan. 31, 2004:

      I had this dream that George Bush got turned into a kitten, and that while he was trying to give the State of the Union address, all of these cartoon characters kept trying to kidnap him. A 2 lb. George Bush swore in a squeaky voice while getting chased by a chihuahua, and seeing a tabby kitten go ballistic was well worth my time spent asleep.

      Then I had some weird dream about how all of the cartoons were getting uber-stylized, a la Samurai Jack, with nothing but straight lines and squares and angles.

      Feb. 9, 2004:
      I miss Abby a lot. I dozed off in my chair a little bit while M__ and T__ crashed here this morning and I dreamt she was in my dorm room.

      March 1, 2004:
      I had one of the freakiest dreams in a while. I dreamed there was this big war, and I fought in it, and I did something really important but I got injured. And something about me being topless because of the injury. And I dreamed that I sort of turned into a skeleton quasi-death thing, but only if you looked at me the right way. So my uncle drove me to this place... only he wasn't my actual uncle and had long hair, and he sang really well... he stood outside singing until a woman inside noticed, so she treated my injuries and baptised him.