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    1. Voices

      by , 09-23-2014 at 01:19 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #240: Voices

      I’m relaxing in a cabin with Wife and my kids E and R. I step outside through a wooden door, catching a view of a beautiful, placid lake. It feels dreamlike, and when I consider my situation, I realize that I’m dreaming.

      I decide that I want to attempt the patronus task again with Dreamer to once and for all answer the question of whether I’ll produce a magnificent mythical creature… or the dreaded “pootronus” that she has promised me. Dreamer, you’re here!” I call out, but she’s nowhere to be seen.

      I walk around the edge of the lake and see a distant wooden fenceline. “Ah okay, you’re right behind that fence!” I say, and a woman steps out from behind the fence and begins walking away toward a large wooden building in the distance. She’s got purple hair, so I’m sure that it’s Dreamer!

      I hop and fly after her, ending up in the wooden building with her. She’s still somewhat distant so I call out something to her about wanting to do the patronus task. She turns around and calls out, “First say something in your accent voice!” I take this to mean that she wants me to say something in an Australian accent.

      “Let’s see how my accent voice sounds,” I say, sounding totally Aussie. Way better than waking life. I kind of talk over Dreamer saying something about “singing”, which I don’t catch.

      She grins. “Oooh, how about something in your noise voice?” I’m not sure what she means by a "noise voice" but I notice how precisely her voice matches her waking life voice. I move closer to her, thinking what a “noise voice” could be, and as I’m lost in this question, Dreamer disappears.

      I look around, calling out for her until a woman in her late 20s with glasses and dark, curly hair emerges from nearby a stack of hay. As she walks toward me, I say, “What am I worried about? You’re right over here.” She seems to be somewhat agreeable to getting transformed, but when I get close, she’s trying to say something that I can’t quite hear. I reach out but my hand passes through her shoulder.

      I keep looking, calling out here and there without much of a plan, but no DCs appear this time. I say a rather pathetic, “Come back, I miss you!” not long before
      the dream ends.
    2. False Awakening? Perhaps

      by , 09-03-2012 at 08:49 PM (Mysteries of my subconscious)
      It starts by me trying to fall asleep, but I can't. I hear noises so I go to investigate and my environment kind of changes to my a front yard with a minecraft-like scene with trees and stuff from the game. They are cutting down wood, and begin to come over towards me. They introduce themselves, and one has a very strong accent and says they are from Bulgaria. One girl looks older than the other. One of them starts talking to me, like she's trying to get to know me, but I find it really difficult to understand her. We don't talk to much and then I try to find a way in order to get rid of them, and then another man comes and I assume it's her father. I didn't know what to do, because he insisted on watching a movie and cooking food in my house, and I just wanted him out. He begins to play the movie, and I try to just urge and push them out of the house, but they won't go anywhere.

      That is when I wake up. Just curious, is that a false awakening, or does that have another name, when I start in the state of trying to fall asleep when the dream begins?
    3. Wood as a Recording Medium?

      by , 04-03-2012 at 10:10 PM (Ultra-Rad Dreamage Supreme)
      This dream started off with me walking through a shopping mall. As I was just strolling along, a girl standing out in front of a store walked up to me and said she needed my help. She was about my height, my age, had dirty blonde hair just below her shoulders and a slight New Zealand accent (which was totally hot).

      She was trying to explain her dilemma to me, not in a frantic manner, but rather cool and composed. It wasn't making sense to me for some reason, so I ended up telling her to just take me to the problem so I could see it for myself.

      We walked out into the parking lot and there was an airport shuttle van waiting there by the curb. I jokingly asked, "You're not going to kidnap me and rape me, are you?" She laughed and said "I like that, but no." (Liked the joke, not raping people haha) I appreciate a dark sense of humor here and there.

      We arrived at a dilapidated old building surrounded by a chain link vence. The vence had a wooden or tarp screen on the inside of it so you could not look beyond it. As we walked into the gate, the area opened up into a messy junkyard. Old rusted cars, discarded appliances, it was all there. For some reason I specifically remember seeing a green 90's Subaru Forester.

      We came to a dimly lit room where there were wide wooden planks running across one of the walls. The planks had markings and notches etched into them. The girl went up to them and ran a dry washcloth across the wood and music started to play! Right out of the wood! It was an electronic-indie type song... Which was ok... but the cool thing was that this chick somehow managed to record music directly onto wood. No speakers, nothing; You somehow plugged the microphones into the planks (I didn't get a look at the interface between the mics and planks), recorded, and just ran the cloth over the planks and the song would play.

      I was completely amazed and immediately started asking questions. Apparently she played all the instruments herself, recorded and mixed the entire thing. I grabbed the cloth and ran my hand across the etchings. The sound of the cloth sliding across the wood made the song sound like it had a phaser/flanger effect on it.

      I was in love. If there's one characteristic I find more attractive than anything, it's intelligence (humble intelligence at that). Smart, kind, gorgeous, New Zealand accent, inventing new recording mediums that defy the laws of physics, sign me up. Dammit dreams, why do you tease me!!

      I suddenly remembered that I had come here to help her out with something. She told me she actually didn't need help with anything, she just wanted to show her crazy "wood recording" to someone who would appreciate it. Radical.
    4. girl's presentation

      by , 01-16-2012 at 02:27 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a classroom. I sat in a desk one or two rows back from the front and a little toward the left of the classroom. The classroom door was on the left side of the wall that the desks faced. The light of the classroom was a greenish fluorescent.

      The classroom was probably full of people. Everybody may have seemed about my age. But the class felt almost like a high school class.

      I sat twisted in my desk, the left side of my head propped up by my left hand. I was watching a woman or girl give a speech about something. The woman was giving the speech while seated at her desk.

      I knew that the woman's speech wasn't popular. She had expressly decided to say something she knew other people wouldn't like. Plus, her speech may have been boring.

      I was taking a little bit of a secret pleasure in knowing that the woman's speech was not well-received. She may have acted arrogant toward me in the past. So now I was happy to see people treating her indifferently.

      Somehow (maybe because of a bell?) the people all knew that the class period was over. They all got up and left the class, even though the woman was still giving her speech. The woman continued, seeming only a little put-off by being ignored by everybody.

      I now felt bad for the woman. I didn't think everybody would be so indifferent toward her. I thought she must feel horrible. So I listened harder to what she was saying, as if I were really interested in it.

      At some point, the speech was done. The woman was still seated in her desk. There were a couple other people in the room. One of them was some male friend of mine. He seemed a little bit older and classier than I.

      My friend made some criticism of the woman's speech while walking about on the left side of the classroom. He then addressed me as he walked out of the classroom.

      I understood the criticism the man had given the woman, though he'd addressed it to me. I tried to respond by adding onto the criticism in some witty way, and by using an accent. I may have been trying to sound French. But my attempt was horrible.

      My friend, standing just outside the classroom, told me, in a half-distracted way, that my accent was horrible. I stood up and walked out of the classroom. I told the man that I agreed with him. I told him I thought I sounded like --.

      But I couldn't remember the name of the person I was thinking about. She was a cartoon character, from the Bullwinkle show. I might have kept saying "Badenov, Badenov," because I remembered she was Boris Badenov's partner in crime. But I couldn't remember the character's first name.

      (Of course, it's Natasha.)

      Updated 01-16-2012 at 02:36 PM by 37466 (Changed "I sat twisted to the left" to "I sat twisted.")

    5. Zombie festival

      by , 09-25-2011 at 09:59 AM (The first foothold of Arch.)
      Yep, another festival dream, wow this one was odd, I have no idea what in my life provoked this dream...
      My recalls pretty poor on this one.

      I am at a festival with my friends, Tom, Alex, Zak, Joe, and a few others that I cant remember. (Jack comes into it later).
      The main event of the festival is that you can play this zombie game, I say a game but it's completely realistic.
      There are two parts to the map, the sewers, and the campsite, the zombies are allowed to run around in the campsite as well! The start area (there is two) is the checkpoint where you get your guns, ammo, but it is also where freshly turned zombies (with some control) go to get revived, which is where human players bite them on the arm and turn them human again.
      Bit of a description here of the zombies, they are like rotting humans, blood splatters everywhere.

      *Fragment* I don't know where this comes in but I remember being at home watching a film, and couting my money, I have £10 left because I spend £2.50 on a call, and like £5 on a kitkat.*

      We head up to the checkpoint, the game is about to start, we are planning to head to a certain area of the sewers to fend the zombies off. At the checkpoint I ask for a gun, he hands me a real M16, it's awesome.
      Heading out into the sewers, I remember joe gets bitten fairly early on, I run back to the checkpoint reviving as many people as well as him.
      Back with my friends we have decided to go to area 11G, they are about to go around a corner when I get attacked from a zombie, I kill it fairly fast but when I look around they are gone, no where to be seen.
      I begin to wander forwards, check my phone, no signal, I get to this area where there is a couch in the middle of this massive opening, a zombie comes to attack be but I just run around the opposite side of the couch to her. My gun raises and I kill her.
      This goes on for awhile, I manage to get outside and call Alex, the call is horrible, and I finally after much effort we manage to set up a location to meet up.
      Back at the checkpoint we decide to go in again, I've run out of ammo so I go to the checkpoint and ask for some more, they hand me this crappy machine gun.
      We head in but it seems the game is already over, I meet up with Jack and he tells me how good it was in this certain area.

      Back in town we are all sitting down, one of my friends shouts at another about having an accent.
    6. Phillies gam, but not a Phillies fan...

      by , 03-11-2011 at 03:34 PM
      I had a dream last night that my dad had given me tickets to go see a Phillies game. Naturally, I invited my girlfriend (as she is a Philly fan for every sport) and some friends. We got there and my friends purchased additional tickets for the game. On our way to our seats we were greeted by a staff member who told my friends where to go to sit, and then I handed her my tickets and she said I couldn't go to my seats. She said beacuse they were in my Dad's name, I needed a copy of the insurance policy showing him and I being related. (???) So we stood close to where there was an elevator that would take us up to our seats, and when said employee wasn't looking we went in the elevator and up to the 4th floor. We were looking around for our seats, but could not locate them, then my girlfriend vanished. I was invited by a girl with a foreign accent to sit at the end of her row, and for some reason, her little brother kept trying to wrestle me. The game had just started but I couldn't see it from my seat. Some additional friends (girls) decided to leave and when they left I kissed them goodbye. It was a very odd dream, and I'm pretty sure I have whoever is reading this, laughing at me.