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    1. Can I get you anything else, Danny Carey?!

      by , 06-06-2011 at 10:20 PM
      So I'm at this place, and there are people waiting on these little subway type things. Some of the people were a few of my friends. One of them, A, was handing out blotter acid. Instead of the paper though, these were transparent and had the look of cotton, but the texture was like those stale "bread" crums you get at church.

      I had my son with me, but it was like three in the morning and he was sleeping in his carseat. We were sitting on this bench outside. I told her I better not, then I changed my mind. I took two of these acid tablets and realized I could get my mom to babysit. I try to call on her, but my friends were shaking their heads at me. They all left me there with my son, getting ready to trip. I started tripping, no visuals, but I had an extreme body high.

      I remember that it started to wear off fairly quick, and I remember being home and getting online. I was upset that my friends ditched me on acid. I got on aim to talk to someone. I remember talking to him but I have no idea what was said.

      The dream faded.

      I'm in a gas station now and my friend, A, is with me again. I'm behind the register, which is a little role-reversal, my friend is the one that worked at this station. Anyway, Danny Carey, the drummer from Tool, walks in. Everyone in the store was like shiit it's Danny Carey. I was blown away. He was in a hurry and told us he had a meeting to go to soon. So I let him cut, he's f'n Danny Carey! lol My friend does something to where she payed for his stuff and he payed her back or some shit. So I had to sign some huge ticket and Danny starts to leave. Before he is out the door I say, " Heyyy, next time you swing by, you better have Maynard with you."

      He laughed and smiled and said "Alright! I will do that!" lol The whole thing felt so real, like how it would've happened if it did in real life. So I sort of feel like I met Danny Carey.

    2. 5th February 2011 (six dreams)

      by , 02-10-2011 at 11:13 AM

      ~ In a house that looks like Dean's house in West A, a middle aged couple have 10 children, 5 girls 5 boys, on the landing I look into one bedroom, bunk beds line the walls in a blue room, there are kids wandering about looking at me like I am out of place, I walk into the kitchen, smells like breakfast, the parents are trying to get all 12 meals made, I then go into the bathroom and sit on the edge of the bathtub just to think, I see 2 women sitting in front of me, one with a camera, I look down and I am naked I cover my breasts, it seems tv showy, woman with camera (long blondy brown curly hair wearing glasses) asks 'would you strip off naked and have sex on camera?' I think about my body and how self conscious I am then think f**k it and say yes and walk across the room naked.

      ~ Kind of in West A, I get on a bus, Rebecca D is on it and Coralena H (not seen them or 6 years or spoke, were never close) the buss is full of girls who I am not sure like me, I sit near the back, feeling awkward, I walk to the front of the distorted bus, but on my way a blue peacock starts attacking and biting me, I'm shocked at the assault but not that there is one on the bus, it's a male peacock and it's feathers are blue and shimmery green, it is amazing to look at inbetween trying to subdue the big bird. I press the stop button on the bus and bird disappears I look out the window and there is a beautiful deep blue sky nearly night time, I see a waterfall but on top of the waterfall next to a bush I see a dead womans body, bloody (I blame watching seasons of Medium for this) I realise this is what the bird wanted to show me.. the bus driver calls the police, they are swarming the bus taking details from the other girls, and they are proud of me for spotting it.

      ~ In a weird dark room and a PC is on, there is a white cupboard under the computer near the right side, I go in trying to find some goodies, I see a white tub with SD10-K written on, inside are medium sized white pellets perhaps 300 of them, I put one in my mouth crunch it slightly then realise it could be anything, I go on computer onto google and lysergic acid pops up, I think wow this is awesome, I then have 2 more tablets and the dream ends.

      ~ (again I blame Medium tv show for this one) A woman befriends people drugs them and then offers to take them home to safety conving them they've had too much to drink, she then kills and robs them, I find out she is going to target me and take my dads store of gold. I pretend to react from what she gives me in the club, and then act drugged leaning on her the way home, in house I collapse between two big red chairs, though open my eyes slightly to watch her, when she turns her back I jump on her but she is strong, I run out of the house into the back garden screaming trying to wake up the neighbours, she tackles me so I put my fingers in her eyes to cause damage, she then does it to me hurts me, I hear my dad shouting she gets off me quickly and tells him she brought me home concerned and that I attacked her, she is playing innocent, he believes her and offers her the spare room, I am outraged and argue with him.

      ~ I'm then in Mr Rossi's art class in my old sec school, and pick up someones art sheet, it shows different peoples eyes drawn and coloured in paint, on each eye there are 3 outer rings of colour, they aren't really neat as I look closer, each colour had a cool name, ingredient of ones eye colour, think one was called calladium? weird wonderful names for each colour.

      ~ I'm out shopping in a mall with my parents, I see Martyn H (ex bf) he looks slightly different but smiley, my mam speaks to him, I pretend I haven't seen him, with it being awkward I then think fk it and we give each other a huge cuddle our groins touching, it's nice, he then whispers to me 'remember when we had sex in the chair watching that dvd?' I then see the scene he is on about and smile (though in reality that never happened).
    3. 01/09/09

      by , 07-22-2010 at 06:26 PM
      Tripping in High School

      I'm at my apartment. Aaron and Matt are over and they're making acid in my kitchen. It involves orange juice. But oddly, no chemistry set or anything. I'm sitting on my couch watching them do this. They both drink the orange juice and start tripping. So I walk over to the sink and pour the rest of the orange juice into the palm of my left hand. I think I licked it off my hand.

      Next thing I know, I'm at my old high school. I'm walking down the corridor between the classes and the cafeterias. It's a campus style school built in the 60's or 70's. Outside of Cafeteria 2, there is a group of students assembled. I get in line with them and a teacher comes up to me and asks for me to initial something. She points to a box in an otherwise empty grid and I write "OMG" in it. And smile. The teacher looks at me and asks, "Do you think this is funny??" And I'm starting to trip and I just smile really big and shrug my shoulders and walk into the cafeteria.

      I walk to the lunch line and grab a tray and see strawberries in a white plastic container that's shaped like a jar and take one. They all look really fresh and good to eat. Then I look behind the glass at what the lunch ladies have going on for lunch today, and it's all different kinds of pies. I HATE PIE. I look at one of the lunch ladies and ask, "Are you kidding me? Are you serious? Just pie???" I don't think she responded. I go to the cashier and now I suddenly have a soda on my tray as well, and I have to give her $2.35 for my lunch. Which is pretty steep for a strawberry and a soda.

      I leave the lunch line and see that some people are calling me to sit with them. Then I see Danielle and smile and walk over to her. She's sitting at one of those tables with the little round dots for seats. As I'm walking over to her I blink and when my eyes are closed it looks like someone's notebook with drawings all in it, just line drawings, and they're all filled in with diagonal lines. Everything is in different colors. I sit by Danielle and ask her how her trip is going. She says somewhat loudly so the other table that I was supposed to sit at can hear, "Sure I'll show you the pictures from my beach trip!"

      Ice Hockey with Danielle

      Next thing I know, I'm a goalie at an ice hockey rink!! Danielle is trying to score goals on me! But I don't have a big goalie hockey stick, I just have this little regular one. We get tired of playing and I want to go to the pro shop. We go put down our hockey sticks in a pile with some others and they're all like plastic little kid hockey sticks, even the ones we were playing with.

      Lucky Zipper at the Pro Shop

      We go into the pro shop and I lost Danielle. I'm walking around and I see that it's not a hockey pro shop, it's a roller skating pro shop. There are pictures on all the walls of all sorts of shoe brands that have started making their own line of roller skates. I walk up to the counter and the guy behind it looks familiar. He's the dj from my old skating rink that my sister used to date. I asked him the best time to come skating and he said when he's working, of course. So I asked him for his number and he gave me a business card that said his name is Lucky Zipper.

      He also mentioned that he was working the Headbanger's Ball and that I should call him for details. I asked him to price a pair of black and white Adio skates for me with the best plates and speed wheels and he said they'd only be about fifty dollars!! Then Danielle walked back in and asked where I'd been because she'd been looking all over for me.

      Going to Maryland

      I'm in a car with Sara Flexon and she's in the front seat driving and I'm in the back seat and I asked where we're going and she says to Maryland. We stop at a Taco Bell for food.

      The Indian War

      I'm in a big open field. There's dead bodies of Indians everywhere. All of a sudden, arrows start flying at me!
    4. 12/24/08

      by , 07-21-2010 at 01:11 PM
      Sleepy Andrew and the sandwiches of the week.

      I was at my neighbor Andrew's house at the end of the cul-de-sac. I haven't been to his house since we were in middle school. We were in his room just hanging out and I noticed he had two dressers. On top of one of them was a tv. Over to the left, there was a posterboard with names of sandwiches in a grid. Each column represented a day of the week. I was looking at it trying to figure out a pattern and just when I think I have it figured out, I turned back around to find another tv had materialized on the second dresser. I look to see where Andrew went and he's passed out on top of his bed face down with all of his clothes on. I walked up to him and started taking off his shoes so that I could tuck him in.

      The coffee shop and the sex in the car and the lost pants.

      I'm in a coffee shop. It's a wide open space and it's daytime and there are lots of windows to let in the light. In the center of the shop is the cash wrap with the registers and stuff. Against the windows at the front of the store are some coffee makers. I don't think the shop has opened for business yet because there are boxes on the floor that look like they've been delivered recently and there are no tables or anything. A girl comes in... I think she works there with me. She asks me what I want her to do. We go out to her car in the parking lot and start having sex in the passenger seat. Then I think I forgot about something that I really had to do and I shouldn't be having sex with this girl, so I get out of the car without my pants and go back to the coffee shop. I realize once I get in there that I can't find my pants and I start looking for them. I go into the back room and it turned back into Andrew's room. I finally found my pants and put them on before Andrew could wake up.

      The Christmas train ride leading to the 17th century restaraunt with the acid trip.

      I'm on a train. I was in a car with a bunch of people and I don't know where we're going. I leave my car and start heading toward the engine. I get to the front of the train and it's more like a bus now with the driver in the front seat and the door to get out to my right. I'm asking the driver where we're going and all of a sudden everyone starts singing the twelve days of Christmas. We stop and I look out the door and we're at a colonial or old Victorian style restaurant. There was a sign on the front but I don't remember what it said. I get off the bus/train and go inside. At this point, even though there are men on the bus/train, inside the restaurant, there are only women. And everyone is in line to go to the bathroom. There are women everywhere in lines to go to different bathrooms. There are doors everywhere. And there are tables with people sitting down eating and stairs leading in all different directions. Well, now I have to go to the bathroom. I found a door where no one was waiting at it. A girl had just left so I go in. In the toilet, I find skid marks and I think on the way out the girl was waving her hand in front of her nose. At this point, I didn't care. I gave the toilet another flush and then I took off all my clothes. I look in the mirror and suddenly I'm tripping on acid. Everything melts. And the colors get so bold and beautiful. I don't even care that I'm not wearing any clothes. I look around and examine every part of the bathroom. Then I find my clothes in a pile on the floor. I put them on and feel like I had just lost my pants and put them back on again. In the pocket of my pants is a strange contraption to smoke weed out of. It has a small rubber hose and a glass tube. It didn't look like anything you'd smoke out of. But somehow I knew that's what you did with it. I stuffed it back into my pocket. I walked out of the bathroom to go find Andrea. Suddenly my acid trip was over. It must have been something about the bathroom.

      The Halloween store and the dog theft.

      I'm in one of those stores that pop up around Halloween time that have all the costumes and stuff to decorate your house with for Halloween. I'm walking down the center aisle of the store, looking left and right to try to find Andrea. I see a lot of people dressed up trying on costumes, but they've mixed the costumes together. There was a whole group of like four or five people standing around in like Tarzan outfits with clown hair and big goofy glasses. I picked up a pair of glasses and walked toward the checkout and finally found Andrea. She told me to not get the glasses so I put them down and we walked out of the store. On the way out, on the counter I saw a pair of Oakley sunglasses and I picked them up and put them on my head. Also, on the counter was a small like miniature pincher puppy on the counter. He wasn't black, though, he was all brown. I scooped him up and took him out with me. On the way, a girl at the counter asked me if I was going to pay for the sunglasses. I turned around to see that she was talking to someone else. So Andrea and I walk across the parking lot and on the way I look down and we're crossing over like a grassy median and there's a packet of what looks like advil on the ground. I picked it up thinking it might come in handy later, only to find that it's not advil, and I don't know what it really is. We get in the car and I put the dog on the dashboard. Andrea plays with him and we're driving on the way to my parents house. As we get to the intersection of Gaskins and Springfield road, suddenly I'm out of the car walking down Springfield with my mom and the dog. There is no other traffic on the street.