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    1. Filming with a Television Personality

      by , 12-03-2019 at 10:15 AM
      Morning of December 3, 2019. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 19,342-02. Reading time: 1 min 40 sec.

      My dream begins with the instinctual anticipation of wall mediation, the usual maneuvering between dream space and waking space. There is no imaginary proprioception as cognitive arousal dominates my transition in this case. I sit on a bed in an unknown location without my waking-life identity. I read details in a newspaper for two television shows. I am to participate in the filming of a new series that involves a casual conversation with a celebrity. The “gatekeeper” (personified preconscious) between dream space and waking space is an unfamiliar Australian actor.

      I stand up when I see the word “EXCITE” flashing in midair (an instinctual association with cortical arousal). Even though I am in an indoor setting, the whole wall is open directly to the street, and an oncoming jeep is carrying the actor to my location. The preconscious simulacrum is a passive rendering. He sits on the bed as we talk about the conditions of his environment. “What is it like to live in such a hot, dry climate,” I ask him - as if I live in a different region. He talks about himself and his status. At this point, I notice a big cardboard box near the bed (compartmentalization of the process) that contains outdoor features such as grass, rocks, and small shrubs. There is also a seemingly tame Australian possum running around in the box. This feature is meant to induce recall of my waking life, as Zsuzsanna had a pet possum while we were writing to each other, but the heat (in real life) makes cortical arousal sluggish. Instead, I ask the man if all possums are as tame as this one. He answers in the negative. He seems slightly impatient.

      The processing changes back to cognitive. The simulacrum subsides for a time. I read about the actor in his fictitious television series from years previously, though the preconscious process heightens to the imaginary inference of intrusion. I read the name of the show as “Bryant’s Bandits” (typical redundant dream state phonetics like “Tony Karoni” from years ago).

      I instinctually try to reinduce my dream with water reinduction as virtual melatonin mediation. I teleport to a big lake. The actor is seemingly filming a new episode of “Bryant’s Bandits,” which is about men on a submarine with him as the captain, though they are not criminals but military. He stands atop the submarine while his men stand on the shore. The sleep-wake mediation becomes preconsciously authoritative, so I let myself wake into another hot day.

    2. 13 Nov: Grandma's, filming a commercial and superheros

      by , 11-13-2019 at 12:04 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      My grandma's house is back in the family. I am asked to spend a few days in it and I ponder moving there for good with my animals. I comment with someone that unfortunately the gym in that village has some type of martial arts but only in a shitty schedule that I can't attend and that may influence my decision to move there.

      I am a pretty confident actress trying to make it. I walk into a studio where I am going to shoot a commercial. I cross path with a kid I know from a Star Wars movie as an extra. The commercial is about a delivery service but for some reason I have to sit on a toilet behind a guy sitting at a desk at an office. I am pretty sure nobody wanted to shoot this embarrassing commercial. I feel extremely embarrassed. Then I go to the toilet for real and I am attacked by some jealous girl with a knife. We have an ugly fight and I slash her shirt and she eventually gives up, but she tells me she was sent by a group of people determined to hurt me because somehow they are jealous of me.

      The Avengers are now old. Even Superman is a retired ill man. But there is a world threat and they are called back to action. They say to call the Incredibles instead, that they will handle it. There is also some dude called General Radical (his name) and they want to call him to, but he is a kleptomaniac. When they knock on his door he is proud to show the stuff he is been stealing. He is proud of it.
    3. 31 May: Sick at a GoT set and school reunion

      by , 05-31-2019 at 01:59 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Visiting the GoT set with the cast, been snacking with Daenerys (I don't even watch GoT!).
      Night is falling and people are going to sleep, right on the set, like a big camp. One actor challenges me for a jazz dance on the floor. I also try bonding with a cat who cuts my face real bad with his claws. As I clean the wounds I start swelling. I panic, but there is an MD and he examines me. He removes something from my neck that is kind of a yellow jello foam.
      I enter into shock and he lays me down, turns me over, injects something in my buttocks, then inserts a probe up my ass until I feel it reaching my throat and I start vomiting more of that yellow foam like there's no tomorrow. I feel relieved. He says that's what had been hurting me for some time.

      At a campus in London I re encounter school friends. We attend and art presentation, I spot Mara with a friend. I talk to someone from my university who is telling me stories about all the troubles he is getting with job interviews. Then I take a bus, it only costs 12 cents, find it cheap.
    4. Acting, Puppies and Kiss

      by , 11-17-2015 at 09:28 AM
      I'm at my school, in the library, acting in a movie or a play. I'm playing one of the main characters. At one point I, or my character, can't sit down at my normal seat because nobody likes me now, so they aren't letting me, and they put their hands on the table to stop me. A bit later I'm doing something I remembered from the script I had to do, and it is sort of an awkward thing to do, and after I do it half the people there start laughing. I figure I must have done it wrong. I say, "it wasn't that funny," and then everyone in the room starts laughing, and I feel slightly awkward.

      After the day of filming (?), I'm with my brother Adam and Mum on this white platform, that's sort of high, maybe a little more than a foot above the ground, and it has a short railing around it. Adam goes to borrow a puppy from the SPCA which is just down the steps and round the corner. He comes back with an adorable fluffy black-and-brown puppy. I take some photos of the puppy, until he starts trying to lick my phone. Adam takes the puppy back. As I'm starting to leave, he comes back with another puppy, slightly smaller than the other one but I feel that this puppy is somehow scary, because it seems vicious, even though I can't see its face. I'm like, "not another one," but it doesn't matter 'cause I'm leaving anyway. I go down onto a little boat that Dad and a few other people are standing in, chatting. The boat is similar to the platform in colour and the railing it has. The water comes up to the top of the railing, but somehow hasn't come onto the boat. I look out at the water, which is really blue and sparkly. I imagine what we would do if a tsunami came then, and if we'd have to time to drive away and be safe. I see a little ripple come towards us across the water, and everyone on the boat notices and start discussing it. Then we feel an earthquake, and Mum's with us too, and she seems really scared. Dad says, "It's over there!", pointing to a hill on the other side of the road (which is I guess right next to the water). "Look at all the corn blowing!" Because the corn blowing on the hill indicates to us that the earthquake is happening there.

      I'm with a young, maybe 10-year-old girl, and I think also my real-life friend Riley. The young girl has written a script from a book, by typing it all out so we can make a movie of it, or something. I don't think I ever hear her say anything besides "Yes" - when I ask her if she typed the script out from this book, and when I ask her if she edited it at all. She never says a single other thing. Then we're sitting down, three or four of us, and another girl says to the young girl, "I've never called you Mamie," and I 'remember' or 'realise' that this girl is Mamie Gummer (the actress) as a 10-year-old, or playing a 10-year-old. And then Riley is singing along to a song that's playing, so I start singing it too.

      I'm sitting on a bench, by the road near my house, with Riley and Mamie Gummer or whoever she really is. A boy is on my right, and I notice he is leaning on my leg with his elbow. I figure he must be coming onto me, maybe he likes me. I sort of turn to face him, and he turns to look at me, and we look at each other for a moment, and then I go forwards and he comes forward too and we kiss. Really briefly. And then he suddenly pulls away and he's taken my pen. Because he only wanted to do that so he could take my pen and see what was written on it because it said something about the group I was in, or like the Hogwarts House or something. ??? He immediately begins telling his friend about what just happened, how I thought he actually wanted to kiss me. I don't want Riley to hear, 'cause it'll be kind of embarrassing, but then I don't really care because I didn't lose anything - I got a kiss, and I got my pen back. 'Cause he gave it back straight after. So I just use the excuse that I have to go give the phone charger back to Mum and I run home. On the way up the driveway, I see the paddock on the left is flooded, and try to remember when it got flooded (it never did). And then the water goes away all these ostriches who'd been waiting in there all that time start coming out, and I see Big Bird. ????

      The end.
    5. Compactor HZP + RAM + DILD

      by , 05-31-2015 at 08:28 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I find myself driving with a stranger , we're in what looks to be a red car that just stop at a red light. That's when I had the memory of being in a movie scene. We kept driving in till I find myself on a school bus with my father, we discuss several things. Apparently I was an actor, my grandfather was refusing to accept my father money. He began telling me we need to find a way to convince him to get help. My father then catches a man staring at us on the opposite end of our seat. My father quickly ask what was the man job? He responded saying that it was mowing obama's lawn and that he was skilled at it. My father wanted to know why, the man said why as well.

      This irritated my father and told him not to speak. That's when my father abruptly got up from his seat and walk toward the back of the bus. The man that had made my father left smiled at me. That's when the bus stop and all of us got up from our seats to exit the bus. When I arrived outside I notice the weather was clouded no doubt preparing to rain. The school was surrounded by skinny trees with no leaves on them and somehow I knew I had become a little kid once again.

      My recall remembers parents had force me to attend school again. I ran pass a couple of buses and kids so I could reach the entrance first. Once there I enter inside a notice a lot of other small kids. I decided to keep jogging for a couple of minutes and began thinking to myself that school would be no problem. I had an idea what majority of what the questions would be like. Eventually as time went by I became aware that I was reaching the end of the hallway.

      I began saying I have to start thinking more properly. I walk to a near by blue locker to lean against it so I could take my bag. Something I notice was that my pants had now disappeared and that a boy had turn around kept staring at me with a look I find familiar. I ask the boy what? He then grabs my bag but is unsuccessful in snatching it from me. My face then grows a smirk, I realize that I still had all my adult strength despite being a little kid again.

      I grab his hand that is place on the bag and put pressure to show him the difference. I said did he like that as I could hear him panicking. That is when an accomplice of his came and grab on to the bag. I look at him and became lucid. Now I had better control dealing with the both of them. I push the first boy off to where landed on the ground. The other boy was a bit bigger so I kick him as he lets go of my shirt. I grab my bag and ask why do I always have to fight.

      I look back to make sure they were down. That's when I had an FA. Lucidity Time: 11 seconds

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    6. Two Fragments: Representational Influences

      by , 08-21-2014 at 07:07 PM
      NLD, first sleep: Several of us are downstairs in a house at night. The front door is wide open. Through an adjacent window, I see a man sitting on a bench next to the road outside, waiting for the bus. Perhaps he tires of waiting, because after a while he gets up and walks right in the front door. I recognize him as "The Vagrant," a character played by Johnny Depp. He wears white face make-up and an old fashioned suit and hat, resembling a mime from the Charlie Chaplin era. I feel hospitable toward him and offer to let him sleep in the wife's room, as she is not home. (I have no sense of who "the wife" might be; there's something impersonal about all the DCs; they are more like roles than individuals.) Someone standing nearby ("the husband"?) gives me a dirty look for leaving the door open and then telling the vagrant he can stay. I don't openly acknowledge the glance, but gives me a sense of foreboding: I don't know anything about this guy, and I've just offered to let him sleep in one of the upstairs rooms. If he turns out to have ill intent, we'll be leaving ourselves vulnerable when we go to sleep.

      Scene change. There are about three of us upstairs now on a sort of balcony, in addition to the vagrant, who is swinging on a rope. He has not said a word since entering the house, and I start to wonder if we should be worried about his intentions. I consult the DM, who is not physically present in the scene: "If I do 'sense alignment', is it blatant?" It feels as though I ask the question aloud, but in a way that does not manifest audibly in the dream scene -- I'm asking OOCly (out of character). The DM confirms that, yes, the effect would be blatant, meaning that I can't cast the spell on the vagrant without him noticing, either because I have to make distinctive invocations and gestures, or because he would be able to subjectively feel the mental intrusion. I don't want to cast the spell if the vagrant will be aware of it, because at this point I already strongly suspect that his alignment is not on the "good" spectrum, and I don't want to alert him to my suspicions. After the vagrant leaves off swinging, one of the other players on the balcony asks the DM if she can use the same effect on the rope that he has just let go of. She's trying to be clever: a rope, obviously, won't notice anything amiss or feel itself being scryed on. However, she seems to be missing the obvious, so before the DM has a chance to respond, I scoff jokingly, "You can't 'sense alignment' on a rope!"

      Note: I'm interested in the way dreams can take on aspects of other forms of representation. Mine are often heavily influenced by structural elements from films, video games, and even tabletop gaming, the first and last of which were strongly present here.

      NLD, second sleep: The fabric of the dream was very thin and immediately frayed upon waking because I did not keep still enough. There was an elaborate plot that I wasn't able to piece back together. However, I was with a group of people that were playing costumed characters, acting out scenes that were somewhere between a play and a LARP.

      Afterwards, an actor who is a dwarf (of the genetic, not the fantasy variety), comments to me about his disinterest in playing out live-action versions of stories he has already filmed or done on stage. "Kid, we want to see it, or we want to hear about it. We don't want to live it. We've already done that."

      Note: This dream appears to have been incubated by the thoughts I wrote down after the last dream about the various representational formats that have been an influence on my dreaming. Dream would like to remind me that I left out plays and LARPs. Thanks, Dream, I guess my dreaming is also influenced by plays and LARPs (even if I haven't engaged in either since the '90s). Anything else?

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    7. Trying to Fly to Actor's House

      by , 04-16-2014 at 07:44 AM
      I was at my cousins' house, which is just up the road from where I live. I guess I must have gotten bored, 'cause I started flying off a cliff, concomitantly realising it was not real, and thought of my plan to, next time I became lucid, take my friend to LA to find her favourite actor. So I called her down from the top of the cliff and she flew down and I told her my plan, and she agreed and we were trying to decide whether to teleport, fly, or take an aeroplane. Okay, decided to take the plane; we'd at least know we'd end up at the right place and wouldn't get tired of flying and fall into the sea or something, so we flew to the airport, on the way going through the school where I flew under a bench where a girl we knew happened to be lying, and then I flew under another bench upon which the girl's twin sister was sitting (she does have a twin sister). Then someone said "They might as well not be brothers-in-law." (I think she meant twins, but whatever.) And then my friend started laughing because she found what I was doing funny.

      At the airport we hadn't any luggage to put in the luggage place so I said "Let's imagine what luggage we'd like to take," and my friend said, "I want to take my MP3 player!" I said "No, I mean imagine your whole luggage and it should appear here." Then it did, and then my old maths teacher came by and said something nasty about a bag we had that was ugly and smelt bad or something, and I said "That isn't ours! That was already here!" and then I realised it was ours - my friend's - but we laughed and said "Shh!" Not like we would tell HER that; not any of her business.

      And then we tried to teleport onto the plane, but it didn't really work. So then we flew somewhere else, to the edge of the land I guess, where it had this cage with a mini island inside it and then ocean, and we flew over the top and all this random stuff happened, with a random baby thing that two of my brothers were awed by because it was like an almost-complete replica, the way it acted anyway, of a baby from some game or something. And then we tried to teleport to the actor's house from there but we had to hide a balloon from my parents and my piano teacher, and we weren't sure whether to tell my brothers to tell Mum and Dad that we had gone and blah-blah-blah, or to just GO. So we ended up not even getting there.
    8. First lucid dream: The Actor in the Shower

      by , 07-26-2011 at 05:08 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was staying in a dormitory. It is unfamiliar. I saw a local actor in our country (L.M.) downstairs, across the... uh, side-lawn?? He's on the way to the showers. He was with another person, who is unfamiliar to me.

      I went to the showers to take a bath. All are taken, or some are not working. LM is still there, so I instead went to take a bath with him. I noticed the walls and realized I was in a dream. LM became J.A. But then everything became hazy and white. I then commanded "Clarity." Didn't work. I tried again. No go.

      Then I tried moving around, but then I heard someone say that whatever I do in the dream, I will also do with my body. I "woke up," and noticed I was in a different room, with some friends, some of them are girls. I recall some trees outside the window.



      I did around 5 or more reality checking, but they were not that phenomenal. I guess I just got used to it. I also listened to reality checking and MILD mp3 on my way to sleep, but it's in shuffle mode with other mp3, music and motivational sounds.

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    9. Depp and Matsumoto Battles, Late For the Job, and the Singalong

      by , 07-24-2011 at 04:07 AM
      DATE: July 22, 2011
      LUCIDITY: 1/5

      The whole dream was set in an unfamiliar building somewhere next to an old highway or railway, with many other people present.

      At some point in the dream, Johnny Depp and his supposed rival had to fight against each other for supremacy, by repeatedly running and colliding with each other. A couple other rival actor pairs were doing this, one of which involved Matsumoto Jun, I think.

      Then I was a police officer and I was a few seconds late for duty. I tore out of the building and down the short pathway to where I was supposed to be stationed at the edge of the highway, but my boss was crazy about punctuality and I was punished for being several seconds late. There was some kind of emergency or chaotic event going on in the area, so they had desperately needed all officers' help and that would explain why they were pissed off about my lateness, even if it wasn't that bad.

      In another part of the dream, a guy sitting across from me tried to initiate a singalong, and for the first few seconds my voice was weak and shaky and I sounded far worse than usual. I don't remember what song we were trying to sing. There were a few others singing it with us.

      I think in part of the dream I was fighting with some friends, but my memory of that part is too hazy to form into words. Darn my laziness, it's so much harder to recall the details with so little recent practice : <
    10. Meeting my Father

      by , 06-15-2011 at 05:31 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      I've hired a private investigator to find my father. She finds him quite quickly, which surprises me. I meet her in some sort of empty grey nondescript kind of room, we sit at a table. She lays out all these papers in front of me, and tells me that he has been going by the name of Joe, which is not his birth name. Some of these papers are pictures, and I am shocked to be looking at the image of the man that is supposed to be my Father. The man looks nothing like I thought he would look like. I've never seen the face of my father though, not clearly, so I suppose there is no reason for this feeling. One of the pictures is strange, it looks a bit like an animated .gif image that cycles through a few head shots of him. The investigator tells me that there isn't very much family resemblance, which doesn't surprise me. I've always looked like my Mom.

      She tells me that Joe is working as an actor on a British Soap Opera/Comedy kind of production, it reminds me a bit like "Fools & Horses", and that he's actually doing quite well for himself. I am surprised at this, as from what I've heard of my father, he wasn't the type for such an extroverted profession.

      Flash forward to the meeting. I don't know where we are, in a trailer of some sort maybe. It seems dimly lit and there are wood panels and brown carpet. We're talking, but not about anything in particular. I can tell he's uncomfortable and doesn't want to talk about any issues or hard questions. He talks about his work mostly, then finds an excuse to leave the room and I am left with his girlfriend.

      His girlfriend seems fairly nice. She's an attractive blond that is much younger than him. She is dressed kind of boho chic I guess. We make polite conversation. She tells me a few things about him, including why some of his ear is missing (I don't remember the reason) and that leads us to talking about plastic surgery, which she seems really interested in. She asks me to get us some ice cream from the freezer. It's a crazy complicated and extensive compartmentalized freezer with at least 10 different slots for ice cream. The slots are all filled up with all kinds of novelty ice creams, much like you would see on an ice cream truck. I don't know which to pick. My father isn't much help, telling me to just pick whatever.
    11. Lucid Dream 175: Warranted Revenge....

      by , 02-04-2011 at 08:31 AM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      February 3, 2011
      Lucid Dream 175: Warranted Revenge
      Series: Star Power, Episode 1
      around 6:30pm

      I had a few uninteresting normal dreams last night. I decided to attempt a WILD during a nap and this is what happened...

      I began to feel the body buzz and soon SP fully set in. There were flashes of a beach and ice cream and some other random stuff I can no longer remember. A dream scene started to slowly come into focus. It was blurry, but I could see a man hovering over me. A narrator began to speak as the man started raining hay-makers, rocking my head against the ground in the process. Narrator, "Everyone has those moments...where they feel like all is lost...like their down and out...your life flashes before your eyes and you think about all the choices you have made to this point...wondering where you went wrong...many accept defeat...killing themselves from the inside out...me...I do things differently..." The dream had seemed to have stabilized.

      Since I was absolutely getting my ass kicked the entire time the narrator was speaking, I thought it would be silly to just stand up like nothing was wrong. I slowly rolled up to one knee and the guy (who appeared to be a gang member) kicked me in the face, knocking me flat one my back. I spit out a mouth full of blood and rolled over to my side. I spotted a good size shard of glass laying on the ground next to me. I stealthily snatched it and began to laugh at my attacker. He up beside me, hovered over my face and said, "What the f*** is so funny b*tch? You haven't had enough?" I immediately spit in his face and sank the glass shard into the back of his foot. I then ripped it through his achilles tendon, causing him to topple over in agony. I scrambled to my feet and scanned the area. I pulled a nearby road sign out of the concrete and beat the guys head to mush. I took his gun and began performing some stabilization techniques. Everything seemed very clear and vivid. My friend Ryano came running up to me and asked if I was ok. I told him that the guy had pistol whipped me before I could get any information from him. Ryano looked at the dead guy and muttered, "Damn!" I then took off down the street and soon the dream scene changed.

      I was in a building with white walls that were lined with a zebra-like black stripe pattern. I came upon a section of the building that had many mirrors set up. I heard someone approaching, so I ducked down behind a structure and located the person using the mirrors. It was Ryano. He was talking on a radio to someone. Ryano, "Russell couldn't get the job done...No, he is dead...I don't know, his brains are splattered along the f***ing sidewalk...Don't worry I handle it myself..."
      Somewhere around here I lost lucidity. I snuck around behind Ryano and put a gun to the back of his head. I whispered in his ear, "Traitors burn in hell." I then pulled the trigger before he could get a word out. He dropped dead, face first. There wasn't any actual gunfire, noise, or a wound, but he was dead. I grabbed his pistol and took off running toward the front of the building. 5 well dressed agents closed in on my position and we engaged in an intense gunfight. Again, no actually shots were fired, but people dropped whenever I hit them. After taking care of the agents I hauled ass toward the front of the building. I suddenly fell fast first, because I had been shot in the back of the leg. As I hit the ground, I turned a shot the agent who had popped me. I scrambled to my feet and began limp/running to the front of the building where I heard, "Aaaannnndddd CUT!" There was a film crew and the front and we all had been acting out a movie the entire time. The director spoke for a few moments, but I don't remember what it was about.

      The next thing I remember, I am at a very fancy movie theater. I'm with Cort who was wearing a white dress, white gloves, a diamond necklace, and a diamond tiara. She looked absolutely stunning. I was wearing a suit. We were watching a movie scene that contained myself, Denzel Washington, and Ian Mckellen. We were in a office that looked like it belonged to a very wealthy man. Mckellen was sitting behind a desk, me and Denzel were standing in front of the desk. My character was watching the door and Denzel began to speak. (I don't remember all of the dialogue, but here is some of it)...Denzel looked pissed as he spoke, "Did you really think you could just ship me off and the past would never catch up to you?" Mckellen replied, "It was to protect you. We..." Denzel interrupted with an angered voice, "Protect me from what? You weren't protecting me. You were protecting yourself!" Mckellen was now raising his voice. He slammed his fist on the table and stood up, "We raised you like you were our own. Gave you everything you could ever want! Loved you like any parent would!" Denzel smiled and replied, "What about Teressa...Jermaine...little Michael? You left them to die. Never even mentioned they were my family." Mckellen sighed and calmly said, "It couldn't be helped." Denzel then pulled his gun and pointed it at Mckellen's face. Mckellen gave a faint smile and spoke, "Are you going to shoot your own father?" "You aren't my father." replied Denzel as he pulled the trigger. Mckellen fell face down onto the desk. My character spoke, "We need to go...NOW!" There were some action scenes next with some gunfights and whatnot. The movie abruptly stopped during the action scenes.

      Some people in the theater began screaming and pointing at the ceiling. There was a massive crack in the roof and it was slowly growing. We exited the theater immediately, and I met up with Chris R, Sardaddy, and Just H. We took a smoke break and talked about the movie (which was the premier of my first big supporting role). The movie was called "Warranted Revenge." I awoke during the conversation.

      Series Details
      "I thought I told ya...I'm a STAR...you see that ice...you see them cars...." In the dream series, "Star Power," I take on some of the most glorified positions in the world. Living the life of the rich & the famous. A movie star, nfl star, rock star...you never know what I will be next,so stay tuned for more entries to the series!

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    12. Let's start out with my Second LD.

      by , 09-04-2010 at 03:04 PM (This is my Dream journal!)
      Well i was sleeping..... Then....POOF "Where am i?"....Then.... I'm in a dream.... Lets have some fun. I ran around and then someone i dont know....I walk up to him/her (I forget which gender.) *Point* "dissapear" POOF! They're gone. So... "I wanna be an actor!" *Poof* I am now in a Leather jacket and shades with long hair....Again with the Then i made a mistake..... *Wake up* me:NOOO!!! Thats what happened!
      Tags: actor, cool, dream, fun, sad
    13. The Shaggy Dreamer

      by , 08-12-2005 at 10:14 AM
      Morning of August 12, 2005. Friday.

      They are remaking the Disney movie “The Shaggy D.A.” and I am to hold the starring role. It seems like a genuine moneymaking endeavor at first.

      Instead, it becomes a session in experiencing loss. In my role as a dog in the studio and various takes, I seemingly become more isolated and out of touch with who I was meant to be (relative to my waking life, though I am not lucid). My wife is present but I still feel I am not where I should be since I must be “perfect” in my role for the movie and not be myself at all. She stands with her hands together and is not part of the filming scenario. Pretending to be a dog (and sometimes actually seeming to be a dog) in my role is amusing at first and I even pretend to be a disobedient dog and wreck some of the sets and require a larger number of takes to get a scene right. I also get annoyed with having to hold a large piece of white wool carpeting over my head at times, which cuts down on my ability to maneuver and sometimes blocks my vision.

      The producers become frustrated with me yet I am not fired. When I discover someone else plays me as a human, I become myself again and punch them in the face numerous times. I do not think the movie will be completed…