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    1. 25 May: Private cinema and actress in a film

      by , 05-25-2019 at 10:35 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      In Victorian times, I am spending some time at some kind of resort in the mountains. They have a kind of cinema complex but it is actually several small rooms, very cozy, with sofas, for very private screenings of only a half a dozen people. There is a table with tea and coffee for self-serving. Oh, and I am famous. I just had to run away with my friends to reach the room (nr 10) that we had booked, while being chased by curious fans.

      At the set of a movie. Something historic. Being filmed in a big building where the story actually happened in RL. It is the first day of shootings and the actors and dozens of extras are getting into their places for a rehearsal. But I have no clue about my character. I got an envelope with papers with that info but there is no time to read it. I go from room to room asking people to help me out, but the team of directors and other professionals are so busy they don't even care. I find a room which seems like a courtroom with people seated and decide to sit in the back and read the papers. They say my main character is Caribbean and my name is N'iogo Kagada. That makes no sense at all and I talk to someone in front of me who also finds it absurd. Then I read further and it says my actual name given by my parents is Karen Vans, but I adopted a new name and nationality later on. Still doesn't make much sense. I also don't have the script and don't know where to stand and what are my lines.
    2. 19 Dec: Want to adopt a Tibetan girl, Hollywood and food craving

      by , 12-19-2018 at 07:40 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I find out there is an exhibition about the tibetan people and they have a campaign to promote the adoption of Tibetan orphan children. I read about it and tell Riverstone we should adopt a child. He isn't so convinced and tries to change my mind. I insist we should go and we go.
      They have a tent with a few booths where one can see slides with pics and the story of each child. Bit I already know which girl I want to adopt, I have her image in my mind since I read about the campaign. She just popped up. The problem is I don't know her name and have to check all the kids to find her.

      I go check a street market and just take some bucks with me. I eat something at a stall and think about the movie "a star is born", because a lady by my side looks like lady gaga.

      Meet some friend and we accidentally meet some Hollywood actress, I think maybe Leslie Mann, and she invites us to her house. I pick a bag of clothes from home, as we stay a few days there.

      Later I am walking around a studio, there is an open space office and many parallel rooms with mirrored windows for meetings, etc. I go to the toilet to change clothes. My top is very hard to zip on the back so I get outside the bathroom to have some room to move and end up in front of one of those mirrored offices fighting with my top and accidentally showing my boobs to whomever is inside and it's full of dudes. I can hear them commenting and enjoying it. I run away embarrassed and leave my bag there on the ground. I meet my friend again and beg her to go there and get it for me. She forces me to tell what happened in front of another office full of people. I feel so down that I need to be alone and I want to binge eat. There's only a McDonald's in the building. I hate it, but they have some new biscuit cake and are offering test samples, or so I think. I decide to take a bite. An employee comes to tell me it was just being shown but wasn't a sample to eat. They say it comes with a sundae and I have to buy one now.
    3. "Big Brother Dorm Edition" & In the wrong business

      by , 07-03-2016 at 06:25 PM
      D1: Nice vivid non-lucid- My aunt Jill, (who is 17 days older than me in real life) are living in this dorm like setting participating in a "Big Brother Dorm Edition" so there were camera's everywhere. Apparently I had missed a season on the show like it was a 4 part season but I had missed the last one for some reason & she wasn't happy w/ me about it but I'm not sure why I missed it. We were arguing about this right before a live competition while we were watching the first team go. They were in this Derby looking car & were being twisted & turned at a fast speed along electrical lines which looked really sketchy & being flung around with jerky motion. Someone got hurt somehow but it wasn't clear how or why... (Became lucid) I was still arguing with Jill about treating me like shit & she was defensive. I walked away & started practicing with Derrick Levasseur who was the winner of "Big Brother 16". Meesha woke me up while I was back arguing w/ Jill which sucked because I was lucid by this time trying to talk to her about real life issues. I woke up feeling like I wanted to talk to her but decided against it cuz it's a lost cause due to the fact that my grandmother "Crazy Daisy" lives w/ her which I don't like & Jill acted like a bitch the last time she was at my house about 10 yrs ago. At the time there was nothing wrong with my house but it was just modestly small. She took her baby outside in her van to change it like my bed wasn't good enough for her. It was so boldly rude. My house was clean & there was absolutely no reason for this. It makes my blood boil when ppl are like that, let alone family. In my opinion she can just go fuck herself.

      D2: I was at some audition like I was some aspiring actress. Everything was funny about this. It was running lines & acting certain ways. Like some really fucked up version of "I Love Lucy" because it wasn't wholesome & the people were represented as intelligent but comedic. I was lying my ass off about my credentials & this woman there new it so she pulled me aside & told me I was going places but not as actress. She said she thought I could easily be a script writer. I was beginning to become lucid when Meesha woke me up but it was just too late.

      Side Notes-Purple
      Astral Projection/AP-Brown