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    1. 19 Dec: My parents foster a nordic kid when I am a teenager

      by , 12-19-2021 at 07:54 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      I am my current self but in my teenage body living at my parents house. They have adopted or at least are fosterimg some nordic teenager boy and I only know about it when he comes in to stay. He is supposedly a bit of a trouble, but I am very nice to him and he seems to respond well to that. He also has a black cat exactly like my cat Cuscus and they get on immediately, going around the house together and I think that's a good sign. I have to give the boy a tour. I show him my bathroom, that now is our shared bathroom and I find some adult man in there. My parents say it's ok, he is supposedly the father or tutor of the kid, which makes no sense to me. I thought the kid was an orphan. My parents say the man will be staying with us for a while too, until the kid is adapted. I tell him this bathroom is the kid's bathroom and the big one is for the adults and he says he likes this one better and ask if we can leave cause he is using it. I immediately dislike him and want him gone from my house. Then he tells me I should go help his son making breakfast. The kid goes in the kitchen and he is a bit lost. He is looking for the food and utensils and I kindly ask him what he needs and what he wants to eat. So far he is always humble, kind and thoutghtful when dealing with me. I believe we will be very good friends and I tell him that. Then his dad comes on and joins in eating bread with our margarine and immediately mocks it, saying he will bring real butter imstead of this crap. I tell him I am vegan and although my parents aren't, they are ok eating the stuff I buy without a problem. He shows disdain and I just want him gone again.
    2. 3 of 3 - May 10th, 2011

      by , 05-10-2011 at 11:27 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am in some sort of alternate universe where technologies are mainly the same but humans live in feudal societies and tame and ride dragons rather than drive cars. I am secretly a princess of a lost dynasty and the last of my family's bloodline. I have long black hair, pale skin and blood red eyes, which are traits of my royal family's genetics, though most people do not realize this. I have been rasied as a commoner by an adoptive family in a place called Moon City but civil war breaks out and we are forced to flee.

      My adoptive mother, brothers and I go to the main city of the continent to stay with some family and friends. Politics is tumoltuous in this city and it is ruled by an authoritorian leader who controls every aspect of the citizen's lives. Every night there is a curfew at sunset and people caught outside after it is implemented are arrested or killed by the security force loyal to the iron fisted leader. It is not as bad as it sounds though and as long as people obey the rules and don't openly oppose the leader then they can live their lives otherwise normally.

      The house we go to is at the end of an alley and only has three bedrooms for almost 10 people to stay in. I get stuck sharing a bed with my brothers and one of my friends. All of the older people are up all night talking about the war in Moon City and I cannot sleep because I am in a strange place and the talk of the older folk worries me so. In the morning my mother, grandmother and aunts go shopping and I wander the neighbourhood to orient myself with my new home. I find a vast, white sand beach and happily dig my bare feet in the sand and dip my toes in the cool water. In the distance I see a handsome young man watching me enjoy the beach. He is sitting on a large black and purple dragon and gazes on me with a withering smile. I do notice him but I pretend not to and ignore him.

      Afterwards I am walking along a marketplace and find a used bookstore. I spend a long time browsing the books and I am so happy and content that I kind of get carried away and forget about the time. I finally buy a book and start reading it on the way home. I am walking slowly and so intrigued with my book that I do not notice the sun beginning to set and the streets becoming empty. I finally snap out of my reverie when I am at the far end of the alleyway where my grandma's house is and though I am kind of scared I know that I do not have very far to go. I begin walking briskly but I do not notice the four or five patrol officers appear behind me riding thier massive green and black dragons.

      One of them yells at me and when I turn around they all jump off their dragons and force my back up against a wall. They begin shoving me and demanding to see identification and when I produce my passport they throw it on the ground and begin harassing me for not being a native citizen. They ignore my fearful protests and two of them grab me, turn me around so that my back is facing them and pin me to the wall. Another of the guards starts frisking me roughly and inappropriately by putting his hand under my skirt and rubbing between my legs. I try to scream but one of the guards covers my mouth with a gloved hand and they all start laughing and cajolling me as the assault continues.

      Suddenly a voice shouts down the alleyway and the offending guards snap to attention and let me go. The young man who had been watching me on the beach approaches, riding his mighty purple and black dragon, and demands to know if the soldiers have anything better to do than harass young girls. One of the soldiers starts to stammer and answer but the young muscular man shouts at them that this kind of thing is not what his father is paying them for and he screams at them to beat it, which they do with much haste.

      He gets off his dragon, picks up my passport from the ground and asks me if I am all right. I kind of glare at him with anger and indignation. How the hell does he think I feel after being sexually assaulted? The young man can see they I am distraught, laughs at himself and conceeds that it was a stupid question. He introduces as Mordred and tells me that he is the son of the man who rules this city. He looks over my passport and then seems to inspect me withis sharp and intense gaze before handing my id back. He asks me a few questions about why I left Moon City and I answer as I can.

      He offers to escort me home but I am suspicious and worried that he will take advantage of me too. I am able to tell him that my grandmother's place is just down the street and we walks with me there, his dragon following closely behind. The young man gives me a cell phone and tells me that I can call him on it at any time if anyone else gives me trouble while I am in his city. After he sees be home and bids me goodnight I watch him ride his dragon away through one of the few windows in the house.

      I do not tell my family what happened and the next day I stick very close to my mom and aunts as they travel to a large multi-storey mall for some shopping. I don't know why but it soon seems that I am there by myself and wander past the shops slowly and with much disinterest. I come across a food gallery of sorts but the dream distorts somewhat and while I can see the kind of food being served, I cannot read the menus and names of the food stores for some reason. Near one store that looks like a Taco Bell, I find a glass display case with many little ancient egyptian crafts and I spend some time admiring a little statue of a seated goddess Sekhmet.

      A voice suddenly announces over the intercome that sunset will happen in about an hour and everyone is advised to go home. I am on the second floor of the mall and head towards an elevator, trying to avoid the man people scrambling around as if in a panic. I come across one elevator and there is a stroller nearby with a baby in it, but no adults in sight. I don't know what to do so I just get on the elevator but I am confused by the buttons on it. There are many buttons but none are labelled or clear and I cannot tell which button to press to go down. I make a guess and push one but instead of going to another floor the elevator starts moving along a track from one side of the mall to another.

      I get out on the otherside in frustration and come across another adandoned baby in a stroller. People are running around ignore it so I do to. I am starting to panic because I don't know how I am going to get to the main floor to exit the mall before sunset, let alone make it all the way home before it gets dark completely. I try another elevator (and pass many more abadoned babies in strollers - I think I counted five in total this time) and luckily I find one where there is a woman with two children waiting to get on. I am hoping that the woman will know how to use it and slip in first, but she pushes her children in and then allows the door to close, apparently content to adandon her childred as well.

      I am panicking and don't know what to do because the elevator is not moving and I don't know how to open the door electronically. I pull the doors apart physically but watch in horror as the two children slip between the space from the elevator to the floor and fall down the shaft. Suddenly the elevator starts moving and goes down to the main floor. When I get out of it I find the woman from upstairs holding one of her children as if nothing had happened.

      It is almost dark outside and I am approaching the front doors of the mall when an army of masked soldiers in blue riot gear pushes their way in. The leader of the group points to me and says "There she is - that's the princess." The other soldiers pull out their guns and start shooting in my direction. I run as fast as I can and through a door into a dark room. I pull out the cell phone that Mordred gave me and call the number that is on speed dial. When I hear his voice I break down and start crying and tell him that people are trying to kill me. He tells me to stay where I am and that he will be there soon.

      I don't know why the soldiers in blue do not located me, but I can hear them searching through the mall and shooting any straggler shoppers they find, since it is now dark outside. I am very scared and can only hope that my adoptive family made it home a long time ago. I am also confused as to how these soldiers know that a I secretly a princess.

      A vent opens on the otherside of the dark room I am in and Mordred appears and tells me to follow him. Down the shaft and into the basement we go and we get on a service elevator that goes down deep underneath the mall and to a long forgotten underground street. His dragon is there and we get on and follow the tunnel to where it comes back above ground on the other side of the city. Along the way Mordred tells me that his father's spies have figured out that I am the long lost princess and has ordered my exection because he does not want anything to threaten his hold of power over this part of the land.

      I cannot remember the end of the dream but I think Mordred and I run away together and away from the city.

      (A lot of Dragon Booster influences in this dream.)
    3. 29 January 2011

      by , 01-30-2011 at 03:29 AM
      I had found out that my mom was my adoptive mom and my real mom was black. My "adoptive" mom and I were in the car. We were drying through a back street to my old middle school. I was starting to ask why she had adopted me, but she interrupted me, pointing out the sunset behind the high white fence in front of us. I said it was pretty and that it reminded me of the movie Lilo & Stitch. I asked her if she remembered seeing it and she said no. I took a printed picture out of my pocket of Stitch giving Lilo a flower and showed it to her.

      I was at my friend Amber's house. She was having a pool party at her house and everyone we knew was there. The only things I really remember are that her whole backyard was a pool and that she tried to push me into the pool with my phone in hand.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment