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    1. #173 - Carny / Black Leech / Tripppyyy / Herion

      by , 12-05-2015 at 10:43 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Carny (02:00)
      There's a park and forest, a few snippets of a carny that I walked past (it resembled one I had seen a couple days ago). I also remember there being something about a dinosaur fossil in the ground, reminded me of a t-rex (probably due to going to the museum recently).

      Dream experience: 0 (meh)
      Dream awareness: 0 (meh)

      Dream 2 - Black Leech (04:04)
      I remember a meandering river flowing in a flood plain near some mountains. The flood plains were lightly forested and the river had some large rounded oval pebbles in the river bed.
      Later I was in a neighbourhood where I live (not in RL), I remember thinking that some creepy guy might end up attacking me with a black leech/slug (it was about the length of a persons hand and quite thick). I looked out of my window to the neighbours house and saw that there was a black slug doing a little sideways scuttle up the inside of their window (it looked like it was trying to 'walk'). Poor thing, it's retarded, and it's struggling at the corner. I wake up (FA) and reach around to my back (with a pseudo arm) and touch the tip of what I imagined was the head of the slug. Ugh, I might die :/ damn. Though I'm not too panicked for some reason, like I know that nothing bad will happen. My reasoning is also that it's only halfway up my back so I can pull it off before it reaches the place it's supposed to bite to kill me. I think that creepy guy must have ordered it from the deep web. I kind of realize that all this is going on in my head and wake up properly.

      Dream experience: 5 (pretty vivid, the leech was pretty interesting)
      Dream awareness: 2 (a little more and I may have been lucid)

      Dream 3 - Tripppyyy (05:33)
      I woke up and tried recalling my dream, doing a mediocre job at it. I don't think I actually moved, and ended up doing an unintentional DEILD (does this mean I win Emnition? ). I was thinking about another lucid I have had in the past about Adventure Time (never happened). We were in a cart being pulled along and I was Finn, next to me was Jake the Dog (in full cartoon mode too). From the get go I was semi-lucid, knowing it was a dream without really properly thinking about it though. Things were a little.. trippy. Hmm, I want to be me though. I change perspective and become Jake now. Still not what I wanted, I look at Finn now and see a little mini Jake jumping around slowly, his colour looks darker than it should be, and I know that he isn't Jake because I'm Jake right now. I want to try be me again, so I slowly will my own body to be formed, I separate from Jake and move in between Finn and Jake, sitting between them on the moving cart. It's a weird thing to describe because I felt a bit.. formless, and things around me were still a bit trippy, I guess I should elaborate on the 'trippy' thing. Basically everything had a liquidness to it, seeming to have slightly shifting forms, unstable. Ugh, everything kind of intensifies slightly in that trippy state, to my right I look at Finn, hmmm? His chest now has... Boobs. They're growing and shrinking and moving around in slow-mo (not at all like a boob should). It reminds me of a slime monster or something. Both Finn and Jake are asleep on either side of me.. Things become way more lucid and I know I'm dreaming for sure but I have no way of taming the intense instability and liquidness of the dream. I reach out and grab Finns boobie. I feel it slightly but my sense of touch is a bit dim. I involuntarily float forward and turn towards him so we're more or less facing each other, but he dissolves into a new image. The whole world is changing around me like crazy. Colours and spiraling stuff.. It reforms into me looking at the side of a red car, just at where the petrol goes into. The cover over the petrol tank has a flat red face on it and it's smiling at me (same red as the car). What the? I give it a little slap/pat on its face and it keeps smiling at me. This is so weird. I try to properly stabilize the dream now, 'Stabilize!' I shout, I clap my hands, but did I? I feel like I'm clapping them in RL. Am I waking up? I open my eyes. Hmm.. That was, something? I decide not to move and keep my eyes closed, not because I wanted to re-enter the dream but because I wanted to listen to it fade away and feel the other sensations.
      "tzzzzzzzzzzzz" a static fills the air and there's black and white tv-like shimmying lights in front of my eyes. Did I just DEILD again? Lots of faces start forming in the static, just black and white outlines. This scares me quite a bit and I feel like my heart sped up. "Calm down, something bad will happen if you think it will" I manage to quell some of the rising tension about my current state. The faces kind of dissole and the black and white static merges to a dark background. In the middle is the statue of a pharaoh looking at me, unmoving. It begins floating off to the side now, out of my line of sight. In front of me the dream world forms once more and I see a wrist resting on a table. The wrist has a watch on it, and I think it might possibly be my wrist. It must be late at night since the background is still quite dark. On the watch there are glowing numbers since it's digital, the number '7' sticks out to me. There are other things on it but it changes a bit too much so I don't bother with it. I think I tried getting up and moving a bit but I can't remember anything else and I think I woke up shortly after. It was still a bit unstable but not nearly as trippy as the last.

      Dream experience: 8 (Wow so trippy, I think I've had trippy dreams before but this one takes the cake)
      Dream awareness: 4-5 (I was completely aware I was lucid, I could control things but I couldn't stabilize or actually do things properly)

      Dream fragments
      - I remember there being a really long rope suspended like 100m in the air which a whole bunch of people (including me) were standing on, there was another rope above it which you could also hold onto. I remember seeing a video a while ago about a woman in a gym straightening her legs on a weight machine which caused her leg to uhh.. bend the wrong way? And pretty much snapped. It really grossed me out, why do people post that stuff on FB :/. Basically in the dream there was a guy who had a similar thing happen to him, he stood underneath the top rope and straightened his legs pushing it up, but the rope was too strong and pushed down.. It broke his legs and they bent the wrong way and he fell off and died. I remember thinking that he was an idiot though

      -Something about alien civilization which has been buried, they had the ability to teleport.

      Dream 4 - Heroin (07:38)
      I remember thinking that the Nazis had one big regret during their time of power, I turn my head and look at a bunch of high school kids bustling to get into a big auditorium. Some had been locked out, but everyone was organised from tallest to smallest so the really short people were at the back (this meant mostly girls were at the back). I'm now a part of the school, and for some reason I had an idea to flirt around with those chicks who got locked out. I approach and the idea is gone and I'm now thinking of a way to get inside and decide to just teleport. I teleport in and open the door for everyone else. I think I'm a little annoyed with everything, and plan to hit the fire alarm and then make a run for it... There's cameras around though. I manage to find a way, I smash an alarm in then bolt out a door on the side of the auditorium just before the teacher could turn and see who did it. "Phew" I think, now I just need to avoid the cameras. I run around and skirt the edges of the auditorium to avoid the cameras, but they're the black orb type and I have the feeling that they can see everything around them. I rejoin the masses evacuating from the main entrance and follow them. But I see some students getting told off for doing their Maori dance hobby. "what the hell? Why can't they do it?" I wonder, I walk over to a white roguish character who seems to be in charge, and he tells me the story (which occurs in a flashback with me present). The teacher tells them they can't do it it for some lame reason like "it's because it's not official you can't do it as a playtime hobby" or something. I was annoyed, since I thought it was impressive for these guys to group together and form a dance group without any supervision. I can't remember what happens next.. But I think I'm talking to the white guy leader of the group, he's gotten into heroin now since they can't do the dance group. I try and smack some sense into him, he's going through withdrawal and wants another fix but I stop him. "Do you even know how much pain you'll be in when you're going through withdrawal? The spasms haven't even started yet. This is why people don't even let themselves do it once, because they get F*cked up" (I said something along those lines...). I also remember thinking of analogies, like how people say to try everything once, but I told the guy he shouldn't do heroin even once. I used the analogy of me falling off a cliff and how it can effect you for the rest of your life. Then I make heroin sound worse since it causes neural injuries rather than physical ones. There's another skin head dude hanging around who keeps squeezing heroin out of needles and shooting them like water pistols at me. What a dick. I think I end up doing heroin but I'm not sure why? When I wake up he's hovering over me and I get the feeling like he may have stabbed me with a dirty needle while I was passed out. This guy really is scary looking O_O.

      Dream experience: 6 (felt pretty emotional during this, passionate about the dancers and trying to help them, it was quite vivid)
      Dream awareness: 2 (only a little bit more and I may have been lucid)

      I think my awareness rating is 0-2 = non-lucid and 3+ is lucid.
    2. Finn's Future Nightmare, Rocket ships growing from foam cutouts, old bullies try to take my computer

      by , 10-31-2014 at 09:53 PM (Lucid Time!)
      This was a very strange one. I was in what felt like a Wendy’s or McDonalds, save for the place was deserted, and it felt like it was closed. I was sitting in the corner along with a dream character who I did not recognize, but was a male.
      [Dream Logic] They showed me a box full of these cutouts that were made out these really tough foam. They were cut into radial snowflake like patterns and he told me about how they were ‘Grow your own spaceships’. All you had to do was add water and they would turn into a spaceship. [/Dream Logic]
      To be honest, the DC might have been Marcus, but I can’t remember. The dream was so blurry. This seems crazy even for something he would come up with.
      So I took two of them out of the box. We had a cup of water and we used these little eyedroppers to get them started. The foam starts to puff up, and sure enough metal paneling begins to emerge and build. Watching this thing self-assemble is strange. It is fascinating to watch. The assemble seems something like a transformer, and I eventually see a rocket engine assemble in the center.
      “Ya see that? That’s the kind of engine that will get you to Mars!”
      The dream carried on for a long time as the spaceship continued to grow, transform and change. For some reason my spaceship turned into a large dark green suitcase with rocket motors on the bottom, and lights on the inside. The DC told me that the foam cutout was faulty and that I would try with another one. I lost the dream around there.

      Something to do with being in a rather small room with a pool and a hot tub. For some reason all of the tiles are a rich forest green and there are high, narrow windows running along the top of the wall.

      I am with S. We are in my room together and there is a large wall-mounted flatscreen TV on the wall where the dresser should be. We are sitting on the end of my bed, wrapped in blankets and eating popcorn out of a huge bowl. S wants to watch an adventure time episode called 'Finn's Future Nightmare'
      The episode is supposed to center around Finn's future son who in the episode is this nightmarish monstrosity. There are a couple of blurry indistinguishable scenes that go on for a minute or two, then one of his shadow. It pans up to show a silhouette of the character. He is huge and brawny and has sword blades in the place of his hands.
      There are then some scenes of him terrorizing innocent candy people. For some reason they are in this really realistic setting. This is followed by a scene of adult Finn rushing at him with the Grass Sword and Jake who has morphed into a shield. Supposedly in this future of adventure time, Jake can change not only the shape of his body but the composition; so his shield transformation actually looks like a shield.
      His son steps out of the shadow. He looks like a little bit like the basic Finn (Save for muscles and sword hands) with the same outfit, and he has five or six of these pinwheel devices running up his shirt like buttons. They open and expand and fire energy out in different colors. Finn blocks them with the sword and he charges into melee range.
      Finn wakes up from his nightmare, and Jake asks him what he dreamed about. He says he doesn't want to talk about it.

      I am casually strolling along in the industrial park that is a few blocks from my house. The area has become a swamp and the factories are abandoned and flooded. It was some kind of post-apocalyptic future where my town had been destroyed and flooded, and the boardwalk had been built as a means for the new generation to walk around and explore what past towns and cities looked like.
      Also, for some reason in this dream, I was like 14 or 15 years old. (I was walking around in the body that I had when I was 14 or 15. Something to do with cloning me.)
      I had my computer with me. I approached a sitting area on the boardwalk and opened it up. I began typing up (in a word document) my dreams from earlier in the night when I was approached by a group of maybe six people. Some of them had vague resemblances to kids who used to bully me in middle school. One of them tried to grab at my computer, but I closed it.
      I then remembered that it was when I turned fifteen that I started taking self defense classes. I wondered if my skills were any good. I saw one of the bullies try to do a mock kick to make fun of that fact, but he fell over backwards.
      Another bully tried to grab my computer from my arms but I backed away. I leaped into the air and kicked him in the face. He fell over and I landed. A guy charged at me from the right and swung at me. I ducked. He then tried to uppercut me. I leaned back. Another guy came at me from the left. I kicked him in the gut and he fell over. The guy on my left swiped at me, and two more guys were coming in. I threw my computer up over me and caught it behind my back. I thought to myself how I should be careful doing stunts because I don't want my laptop to be broken or stolen.
      Even though I was holding my own in this fight, for some reason I decided to try to get these guys off of me.
      I yelled: "Police Officer!" and pointed behind them. All of the bullies looked where I pointed.
      There was nobody there.
      One of the bullies yelled "Oh, Sh*t!", and they all started running as if they were actually in trouble.
      Dream characters don't get much more stupid than that.
      But if that wasn't strange enough, I started running too. I can't remember why. I guess I figured that they might realize that there actually was no police officer and would try to chase me down. As I was running, I noticed that I was barefoot, and I seemed to be pushing off the ground with just my toes.
      I then noticed that the frequency of my steps was very low. I was taking one step every ten feet and the way I was bounding off the ground; I almost seemed to be floating.

      I became partially lucid, dropped my computer and started flying when the dream ended.
    3. Interdimensional Travel with DG, Krista and Adventure Time

      by , 10-09-2014 at 01:12 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am OOB, and remained out of body for the entire dream. I was watching myself like I was just another character. Everything is 'tooned. Myself, Manei, Marcus, Krista (Yes, Kristanicole07, a long time reader of my DJ) and Finn and Jake from Adventure Time are preparing to go through a transportation pad that will send us to another world.
      Marcus is an inventor and a scientist and he explains the inter-dimensional transportation machine in the most scientific way possible.
      "It breaks down your particles and then shoots them into space at a million trillion bajillion miles per hour! And then you wind up somewhere else!"
      I false awaken. I get up and go on DV and start reading Krista's DJ. She has written this really long entry and by the looks of it there is a big chunk of lucidity near the end. Somehow or other, the DJ entry she wrote is actually the continuation of the dream. I begin reading it and the dream sucks me back in.
      So we step on the transport pad and this white ray shoots off. We then see that we are materializing on another planet. We are in a tunnel constructed out of these black metallic bricks with blue glowing cement in-between them, like something out of Tron.
      Krista explains that this was a dream world that she created where humans and animals are in conflict with machines. The world was supposedly created for a novel that she was writing where humans had stopped polluting the earth, but machines that couldn't be harmed or bothered by the pollution kept on building and advancing without them. Humans had returned to their natural roots and teamed up with the animals to try and stop them, but were losing.
      This location was one of the machines' bases. It didn't take long for some evil machines to show up. The machines said something about stealing oil. Apparently humans often came here to steal oil or disconnect the oil supplies of the machines because they were reliant on fossil fuels.
      The Orgasm of Lucidity.-matrix-sentinel.jpg
      Finn and Jake want to stand and fight. Me and Krista decide to run. We begin running through the Tron tunnels until we got to a subway station.
      Krista explained that the machines perfectly maintained human cities because they wanted humans to return to their old way of life. We get on the subway. I look back to see if Finn and Jake are coming. They are not.
      The subway starts moving and I notice that inside everything is painted white. Krista then explains that the 'master' machine is like GLaDOS from Portal. She then says something about cake, and chocolate cakes manifest in every seat on the subway. I go to try and eat one when they phase away. Apparently they were just holograms.

      ...The cake is a lie. ._.

      I wake up.

      Edit: This DJ entry has just inspired me to make a new DJ cover and a new title!

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    4. 9-21-14 Don't tickle the lemon monster

      by , 09-23-2014 at 09:19 PM
      There was a boarding house in Paris, France. It was a very cute apartment and was very nicely decorated. And it was like right next to the Eiffel Tower. My mother was the owner of the boarding house, and I was part of the housekeeping team. My job was to go into all the different rooms and spray some chemical on the beds. Then in my spare time I went out and took photos of the Eiffel Tower.

      I was cleaning the beds one day when I went into a room and found my mother talking to this young french lady. As I sprayed the bed, I listened in on their conversation. The french girl was telling my mother about a new exercise technique that she had invented. It involved taking the fat on your belly between two fingers and pinching it really hard for about half an hour. My mother was quite taken with this technique, and said she would give it a try. Then the girl told my mother that she had once had a record high of 520 dreams in a single night. Obviously my mind was blown and I thought to myself, "Wow, she must be an amazingly talented lucid dreamer! I wish I could do that!" I failed to do a reality check.

      Then there was something about Jake the dog from Adventure Time going to an antique store. I was also for sale in the antique store, standing behind glass. This girl I like was looking at me, and coming up really close to the glass. Then I saw this huge monster walking around the store. It looked like an enormous hairy lemon with legs. These little girls thought it was funny, and ran around between his legs. Their hair tickled his underside and it angered him, so he grew these twig-like, flaky hairs out of the top of his head. They curved around over his body, and punctured his underside and grew back into his skin. So he was surrounded by this thick, woody shield that leaved only his two legs exposed. The girls couldn't tickle him anymore.

      Then I was Oliver Twist, and I was being chased by Fagin through London. He eventually got worn out and laid down on a park bench and fell asleep. I went up slowly to him. He had a pet monkey that was sitting on his shoulder. I fed it some bubble gum.

      Then I got back to my house. It was very late. My mother came up to me and said, "Hey, I let Fagin into the house". And I was obviously utterly shocked and outraged. But she assured me he wouldn't do anything, and that he was fast asleep. Then I asked my mom, "Why aren't you in bed?" And she said, "What? Good grief, I never sleep. I thought you knew that."

      I saw myself in a mirror. My face looked basically the same, but the skin of my face was really really dry and peelly, and the skin of my face was flaking off and blowing away.
    5. First Lucid Dream Ever!

      by , 12-21-2013 at 10:14 PM
      Okay, so every night I try to have a wild, but I fail. But tonight,I didn't try to have one, and I did! So my dream was, I was Jake, and Finn was at the other side of a large plain. I realized I was lucid, so instead of running, I tried to stretch. It was not as easy as the show makes it seem. The most I could make was a few feet, but when I got there, Finn and I explored the woods and found an intricate dam system made of dirt. While the man who lived there was yammering on about how it worked, I poked holes in the dam where the guy slept. After that, my dream changed, and I lost lucidity.
      lucid , memorable
    6. The Weird One Returns

      by , 10-08-2012 at 11:35 PM (The Weird One Returns)
      October 8th 2012

      3:00 AM to 9:00 PM; 9:10ish AM to 10:00 ish = ~6 hours and 50

      I found my old DJ format... Took me forever to work how to salvage it. Let's get the dreams rolling!

      The moment I really opened my eyes and took a look around... a man in an old samurai kimono stood before me. The sky was a blazing azure... and the ground before me nothing more than sparse clouds groomed into notable pathways.

      From the moment he spoke, the
      timbre of his voice sent me lucid.

      "Do you know how to fly?" He smiled at me.

      It was getting chilly, windy... Before I could answer I gave it thought. In theory I knew how to do everything. Noticing this he sighed, "then let's give you wings."

      With that the segment I stood upon vanished and I plummeted. I was ecstatic. I remembered briefly someone who used to say that dream entities could teach us things.

      I took control of the wind before, falling too far down into the endless blue, only to wake up as I hit the level of flight he wanted me to.

      Alarm went off...

      Adventure Time
      The world had taken a very strange turn. Essentially the world had taken a Steampunk-Adventure Time-Revolution feel to it. I was apart of the rebel group alongside my best friends, Jake, Fin, and a few other people.

      The government patriarch was against me. The others fled ahead to a safe house that had a very Eastern-Western fusion to it.

      Night had fallen and I had finally gotten a pack of men off my tail. I had a sword on me as I slid into the trap door of the house.

      Nothing had been very interesting, but for some reason my Wfiey had been edging me to talk to Jake... because he was supposedly very handsome and interested in me. Rule one about me--don't try to force me into things. I retaliate.

      Rather than approach him and at least be a good comrade--since we were on the same side afterall--I blatantly ignore him as I catch up with Fin and everyone else on what we should do next since I had unfortunately not left unnoticed. The government wanted me caught and brought to their leader.

      There then cuts to a random part where I'm tackling my old roommate to the ground and we're friends again. Rolling around, laughing and playing. All was well until we were sitting there calming down from laughing and I knew that this wasn't real... that there would never be a day where she would stop hating my guts and we'd be civil, maybe even friendly again...could we? I get up and walk away... a bit confounded by things.

      Eventually I was forced to interact with Jake, he knew a thing or two about guns and propulsion designs. We actually got along really well, and up until the soldiers came in and made the night a blood bath, all was at ease.

      Heavily influenced by my day... Lots of details unfortunately forgotten though. Didn't have my notebook on me. And my writing is stiff... ick

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    7. (Nap)-Adventure Time with Deus Ex, The Trip to Japan and The Avatar-

      by , 07-26-2012 at 01:56 AM (The Realm of the Child)
      -Adventure Time with Deus Ex-

      Don't ask me how the two mix, but they do. It started off with me playing the futuristic cyberpunk game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. More like just watching it, really. I watched the main character, Adam Jensen, simply talk random jibber about things in an orange-skied oceanic place with buildings in the background. Every now and then though, I'd go to a scene that fit well with the whole theme of the Cartoon Network show, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. I played the role of the human character Finn, even dressing like him, and Jake the dog was following me around. He, too, was like he was in the show, save for the magician hat he wore on his head. Nonetheless, we walked through a dark, realistic looking woodland area, talking and not seeming to have any particular goal or anything. We came across a large house, possible a mansion that seemingly glowed in the darkness of the dark area. We decided to go near it, only to encounter three women walking our way. We followed them, and to a sort of outdoor restaurant of sorts, where they sat down, and I began to suave them into something. I don't quite remember what I said, but it seemed to be working well on the girls, particularly one who wore a red swimsuit and had tan skin with blonde hair. She was pretty, kinda middle-aged, but good looking regardless. She then started crying. I don't know why, something about not wanting to be with her boyfriend and wanting to be with me instead. I brushed it off, thinking it was my fault for causing such caine. I decided to walk into the mansion, for reasons unknown to me. We looked around, and the girls entered. This was their house, apparently, and they wanted me to get out, and so I obliged and left, somewhat sad. Me and Jake went to a restroom, not to go though, but looking for something or someone. We were in the women's restroom, strangely, though from the men's room we could hear flogging and crying. We rushed out and into the correct men's room. From there, we saw a rabbit and a feline-esque, humanistic characters on the floor, crying their eyes out. We went outside, only to find two men, dressed in old-timey soldier uniforms with the red shirts and white pants and the big black hats. We beat them up, took their outfits and their guns, and went on our way. Somehow, I had to reason that the two were together, Deus Ex and Adventure Time.

      -The Trip to Japan-

      Me, my brother, my mom and my racist as all hell Vietnam veteran of a step-dad were in Japan, though we spent most of our time in out small hotel room, laxing or doing nothing. There was all this talk that the avatar had returned, like from Nickelodeon's Avatar series. Still, me and my brother were much kinder to each other, unlike in real life. I guess I was somehow associated to the avatar for one reason or another, but I was dressed in Japanese RPG-game attire, and felt fine with a blue cape, a blue vest and baggy white pants with boots, and messy red hair. Anyways, I was planned to fly back home to meet the avatar.

      -The Avatar-

      I flew back home, though the flight felt amazing. I was strapped into a chair as if I was on a roller coaster, and the sides of the plane would open up to bare the dark night sky next to me as we flew back. I felt the wind brush by my body, and the plane even acted as a roller coaster. We went through turns and loopty-loops, though we reached my home town eventually. From there, I suddenly had a few people accompanying me, not sure who and I don't remember what they looked like, but the Avatar was one of them. She was a child, merely. With a cute belly and a cute face, though strangely large breasts. Though she was scantly dressed in only a wrap for her breasts and a loincloth for her waist, it seemed strange. I wasn't sure if she was a child or not anymore, or merely just someone with a tanned child-like appearance. Sooner or later, all of her clothes came off. She was exposed and her body was quite the sight, and her breasts kept coming up into my vision, without me having to look at them. They were just there. We went to cross a street, and everyone kept driving by in cartoon ways of showing their affection towards the nude girl. I recommended putting something on so that we could cross the street, and she did... though it was simply only a pink top of a bikini with the nipple portion cut out. We got across the street, trying fast to get to somewhere, though never really getting there.

      -Japan Re-Visited-

      I was suddenly back in Japan, I think. Me and my brother were fooling around in a store, and something strange happened, like I got caught in some sticky material while my brother (who looked nothing like my brother) got hit by something outside. The news and ambulances came, and once we were freed, we were put into things to keep us steady for something. Everyone was so happy that we were saved, though I never saw the danger of such things in the first place. Anyways, we were sent back on the plane, only to go to japan again. This time, we went through a city like area, a crooked tower standing near my side at one point, though this one was more relaxed, and I was able to enjoy the ride, and we eventually got down to a chapperal sort of area near a dam, and landed. That was how my dream ended.
    8. Adventure time

      by , 05-12-2012 at 10:09 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Damnit I wish I had better recall with this dream....

      Anyways I remember fight death and Fin was there. I can't remember what he was fighting, but we had a bunch of bystanders there as well. At the time I had his sword and he had mine and we were both getting pwned. Death had me in a hold from behind I remember getting weak and tossing my Fin's sword to him and he did the same with mine. They nearly touched eachother in the arc they traveled and bursted with a white light when they got close. My energy was restored when I recieved my sword.


      I called my sword Frostmourn in the dream but it was a little different. It didn't have all those skulls on it, and there were three purple jewels (amythests maybe) down the face of the blade.

      Anyways, I went to work on death. I almost chopped her head off, but I couldn't kill her for obvious reasons, but she gave up. Some kind of way she ended up giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, but her lips touched the corner of mine. I asked her if I was going to die, and she said maybe when I see her again, or maybe when she dies.
    9. Unsafe Rollercoasters and Delivering Cakes to Rappers

      by , 01-16-2012 at 05:08 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Ok so my dream last night was pretty much all over the place, and I'm sure the following structure is artificial due to my mind's desire to make the story more followable, but you get the picture this way at least.
      As far as I can remember, the dream starts with my family having just come into some money to take us out of our life-long debt (which we do not have IRL), of which my dad wastes on something extravagant [in some sort of Family Guy manner]. Angry with him, we all get into a rusty old car and set off.

      Our journey takes us to a rollercoaster-shaped path - throwing us up into the air over every hill. The car disappears without us noticing, and I realise the small cart I'm sitting on (now detached from the rest of my family) is rather unstable! I put all my effort into keeping it stable, but I'm more concerned about my more less-well-balanced family, particularly at the speeds we're all going.

      We all make it safely to a platform in the water (apart from my mum, who had to swim the last bit) which features a set of bungee ropes and two body straps. In my mind I know I've done this before, and that it catapults you across the body of water to another rollercoaster, yet there if you don't strap yourself in fast enough, you risk serious injury. I barely save my sister as she slowly attempts to go first. The ropes snap off violently into the distance and we wait for the next set to arrive.

      The rollercoasters then appear to be a video game, and we're all back in my front room back home, with the addition of my cousins and aunt. I get a brief glimpse that this is an Adventure Time video game, seeing Finn and Jake, while also finding out the aim is to deliver an extremely sugary cake to a group of rappers (given to me by P Diddy himself -
      I don't even like his music). My sister and spoilt cousin try the game but do not even reach the rollercoaster level, so I offer to try. My aunt gets stressed and says my cousin has another go (rather unfairly, yet I go along with it as the elder) before she breaks down into tears, claiming she doesn't want another go! A tense family feud ensues, and I unfortunately never get the chance to deliver the cake to those disappointed rappers

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